Trish Garcia

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Trish Garcia-1Trish Garcia is an electrosensitive artist and Reiki practitioner in Melbourne, Australia. She is currently home-schooling her daughter, who began to suffer the ill effects of classroom exposure to Wi-Fi and iPads. Trish actively works to raise awareness about the perils of wireless radiation and electropollution through her life and art. She is also a photographer and birdwatcher. Trish is currently seeking to start a homeschool for other children who don’t want exposure to wireless radiation.



Technology Refugees © Trish Garcia

Technology Refugees © Trish Garcia

5 thoughts on “Trish Garcia

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  2. jinglepots

    Just wonderful expressions in these works of art as to the need to get away from the permeation of microwave radiation and damaging EMF’s.

  3. Awake+Fried

    Love the DETAILS in this picture! The “army” of humans walking lock-step while all yakking on cells; & the lower left corner “hospital/mortuary” I at first thought was a TANNING SALON! (radiation emits from ends of fluorescent tubes in [early/still?] tanning beds, not to mention the bright white [actually blue] lights can fry your pineal gland between the eyes, halting melatonin production > no sleep > increase cancer risk). See for research about that.


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