Welcome to Refugium

Kim GoldbergI’m Kim Goldberg. And this website is the online home for some of the personal stories, news items, videos and other information I am gathering for my latest research project: Refugium: Wi-Fi Exiles & The Coming Electroplague.

Where do you go when an invisible matrix spanning the globe is making you sick?

mushroomIn Refugium, I will explore that question through a series of profiles of people who are living with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, or EHS. Interwoven between these stories will be my own journey through the research as an investigative writer and a biologist, along with my commentary about the larger forces driving the proliferation of wireless technology.

These Wi-Fi exiles, and the special sanctuaries cropping up around the world to keep them safe, may indeed be harbingers of a future we are all hurtling toward.

Kim Goldberg