Ethna Monks

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Ethna MonksEthna Monks is an electro-sensitive artist in Ireland, and a member of the Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network (IERVN). She is preparing to write her PhD thesis on Technology, Anarchy, and Art. 

Artist’s Statement:

“My electro-sensitivity began as I was commencing the honours year of my art degree. Having received high marks and a merit in my standard degree my honours year saw me struggle, as I practically became disabled. The symptoms were severe sleep deprivation, headaches, nausea, poor concentration, memory loss and a continuous sound/vibration/resonance in the environment. I was living close to a radio mast, but this environmental impairment was triggered by the doubling of the voltage of electricity in the village for new street lighting. Not aware of what was happening to me, I became a nomad, scouring the area through the night for the source of the resonance. In an attempt to get some sleep, I moved into my garden shed, slept in my car, and ended up staying with friends. Later, I was to get cancer from the problem, and felt that I needed to move or die. 

“My treatment for cancer has been successful and I moved into the nearest town. Here, there were no problems for eighteen months until the installation of wireless water meters. My problem returned. Since then I have become aware of twenty-seven other sufferers in Ireland, although I am sure that there are many more. I have also discovered that the vibrations relate to the Microwave Auditory Effect. This means that radiofrequency sound vibrates the soft tissue of the brain and travels to the acoustic channels, making it seem like a sound. Another woman in my area suffers with similar symptoms, and she has been living a nomadic life for twenty years. 

“Now I spend my time using my skills as an artist, and linking practice and theory, e.g. contemporary theories in relation to the pedagogical turn in art and art as living form.” ~Ethna Monks

Switched On © Ethna Monks

Switched On © Ethna Monks

Like a Fried Egg © Ethna Monks

Like a Fried Egg © Ethna Monks

Electro Evidence © Ethna Monks

Electro Evidence © Ethna Monks

"Faraday Transformer" © Ethna Monks Street theatre is all part of being an artist, says Ethna, who made this Faraday suit from sunscreens for car windshields.

Faraday Transformer © Ethna Monks
Street theatre is all part of being an artist, says Ethna, who made this Faraday suit from sunscreens for car windshields.

3 thoughts on “Ethna Monks

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  2. Awake+Fried

    Thank you, Ethna! I can totally relate to your “Fried Egg” art! Perfect!

    And thank you for elaborating re the vibrations in your Artist’s Statement. Oddly, most comments I’ve read so far re “The Hum” do not even mention the vibrations which, to me, are the more-pronounced & worst part of it! The “Drone Hum” is miserable, of course, but it’s the vibrations aspect that is, to me, the concentration & sleep killer!

  3. Mary flanagan

    Hi ethna,
    Mary flanagan here, we met on the acw masters course in ncad. I often wonder how you are doing, and would love to hear from you if you have the time. My emil is, mob is 0871332818. Hope you doctoral thesis is going great, and all else as well. Mary


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