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BC Human Rights Tribunal Rejects Class Action Against Smart Meters

September 19, 2014

Smart meters - 4 reasons t say NOThis just in from Sharon Noble of the British Columbia organization Coalition To Stop Smart Meters. It pertains to a human rights complaint filed in 2012  by Citizens for Safe Technology against BC Hydro, on behalf of electrosensitive people. The BC Human Right Tribunal dismissed the complaint yesterday, September 18, 2014. 

Editorial Note:
EHS = Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
RF = Radio Frequency Radiation
$$meters = wireless “smart” meters
BCUC = BC Utilities Commission

“Sad news. Our Human Rights case was dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal. This was a class action on behalf of people with EHS and whose doctors said that they should avoid RF and not have $$meters. Even though EHS is a recognized by the Human Rights Commission in Canada, the Americans with Disabilities in the US, and as a disability in other countries, the Tribunal chose not to accept evidence but rather to base its decision in large part on the evidence the BCUC accepted in the Fortis application.

“Fortis BC paid a company (Exponent) to defend the $meter. Exponent is a “product defense company” and has defended some of the most dangerous products in the world – pesticides, Agent Orange, asbestos, etc and now microwave radiation. They buy scientists who will produce reports saying anything is safe. One of their people said that our bodies emit more radiation that does a smart meter and the BCUC accepted that while rejecting testimony from world-renowned experts like Dr. Martin Blank, Dr. Isaac Jamieson and Dr. Meg Sears.

“It’s a sad day when the government is allowed, by the Human Rights Tribunal, to come between a patient and his physician, but this is what has happened. Here is the decision for you to read. This makes it more urgent for us to fight this re: fires, fee discrimination, and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

The text of the Tribunal’s reasons for decision is here.

The other class action lawsuit against BC Hydro over smart meters is still ongoing. That one represents all customers of BC Hydro (residential and business) who are unhappy about any aspect of the smart meter program (i.e., getting one if you didn’t want it, getting one and later deciding you don’t want it, being harassed and bullied for refusing to get one), whether or not you currently have a smart meter. 

There is no cost and no financial risk to join the ongoing class action lawsuit against BC Hydro. Go here to join: http://bcsmartmeterlawsuit.ca

PHOTOS: Anti-Smart Meter Rally in Nanaimo

By Kim Goldberg

June 15, 2014

© Kim GoldbergMore than 75 people turned out for Nanaimo’s rally against smart meters yesterday, on the sidewalk in front of MLA Leonard Krog’s office downtown. The event was part of a multi-city Day of Action Against Smart Meters occurring across British Columbia and Quebec.

Speakers described the risks of fire, surveillance, and illness associated with wireless smart meters. And some described their own personal health ordeal triggered by the installation of a smart meter on their home—from headaches, to heart arrhythmia, to loss of vision.

Attendees and passers-by on the busy street corner were encouraged to join the class action lawsuit currently underway against BC Hydro over the risks associated with smart meters.

Story and images © Kim Goldberg

Norm Abbey (© Kim Goldberg)

Jim Stachow dons his 'tinfoil hat' to take the stage. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

Jim Stachow dons his ‘tinfoil hat’ to take the stage. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)








© Kim Goldberg

© Kim Goldberg

June 14, 2014 Anti-Smart Meter rally in Nanaimo. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

© Kim Goldberg

Solar: The Only Smart Grid (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

Save the Bees, Foil your Smart Meter (photo © Kim Goldberg)

Save the Bees, Foil your Smart Meter (photo © Kim Goldberg)

FILM: Take Back Your Power, Coming to Nanaimo

By Kim Goldberg 

October 22, 2013 

Take Back Your PowerThree Vancouver Island screenings of the phenomenal new documentary film about smart meters, Take Back Your Power, are coming up next month: 

Nov. 5 (Tuesday) – NANAIMO: John Barsby Secondary School at 7th & Bruce, 7:00-9:00 pm. in the Multipurpose Room. Admission by donation (suggested: $5) 

Nov. 14 (Thursday) – LADYSMITH: Eagles Hall, First Avenue, 1:30-3:30 pm. Admission by donation (suggested: $5)

Nov 17 (Sunday) – NANAIMO: Harbourfront Library, 90 Commercial Street, 1:00-3:00 pm.

DVDs of the film will be available for purchase for $20 at each of these screenings. 

I recently had the opportunity to view Take Back Your Power. It is a chilling but essential look at the true risks and consequences of wireless “smart meters” that measure household electrical consumption—devices that have been forcibly installed on homes and business across BC and beyond. 

Produced and directed by Vancouver filmmaker Josh del Sol, this 90-minute film is fast-paced, smartly edited and truly riveting. It goes well beyond the conventional (if snoozy) cinematic terrain of “talking heads.” 

Vancouver filmmaker Josh del Sol

Vancouver filmmaker Josh del Sol

Del Sol travels the continent and even the globe in search of the ominous truth about the worldwide push for smart meters and the global smart grid they are creating. And what he finds in the wake of smart meter installation are soaring hydro bills, house fires, violations of privacy and property, civil liberty infractions, and even national security threats arising from the supreme hackability of a ‘smarted’ national infrastructure. 

The film concludes with copious evidence of the profound health risks associated with pulsed wireless radiation, which these meters are constantly emitting. 

It is hard to imagine how any impartial person (that is, anyone not under the spell of industry or misguided faux-green thinking) could view this film and not instantly want to go home and rip their wireless smart meter off the side of their home and replace it with an “old-fashioned” and safe analogue meter—or, failing that, go off-grid altogether. 

Visit Take Back Your Power on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TakeBackYourPower 

And on the web: http://www.takebackyourpower.net

BC Hydro Breaks Down Barricade to Install Smart Meter in Nanaimo

By Kim Goldberg

August 14, 2013 

Jurgen Goering has one more smart meter today than he had yesterday - and not by choice. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

Jurgen Goering has one more smart meter today than he had yesterday – and not by choice. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

NANAIMO, BC—One month after BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett announced that smart meters are no longer mandatory for citizens who do not want one, a Nanaimo man had a smart meter forcibly installed, and his property vandalized in the process, by an individual who appears to have been a BC Hydro employee. 

Jurgen Goering has one more smart meter on his home today than he did yesterday. And not by choice. 

Jurgen shows me the plywood barricade he had  placed over his three remianing analogue meters, with holes cut for meter-reading. BC Hydro broke the locks off the plywood to force a smart meter on him. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

Jurgen shows me the plywood barricade he had placed over his three remaining analogue meters, with holes cut for meter-reading. BC Hydro broke the locks off the plywood to force a smart meter on him. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

I visited Goering at his downtown Nanaimo home this afternoon. He told me that an unidentified man driving a BC Hydro van and wearing civilian clothes entered his backyard yesterday around 2:00 pm, broke through his padlocked plywood barricade guarding his three remaining analogue meters, and exchanged one of them for a wireless smart meter while Goering stood there telling him to leave. 

“This really shakes my faith in the political system and in BC Hydro,” Goering told me. 

“What [Energy Minister] Bill Bennett did when he announced the opt-out last month was to send a message that the war in the backyards is over. So why did this happen?” Goering asks. 

Goering says he confronted the installer on the spot yesterday and told him he was trespassing. 

“I also told him I was the homeowner and I was not granting permission,” says Goering.

BC Hydro ripped the woodscrews out of the plywood barricade to get past the padlock just one month after BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett said no one would be forced to have a smart meter against their will. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

BC Hydro ripped the woodscrews out of Jurgen Goering’s plywood barricade to get a smart meter on his Nanaimo home one month after BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett said no one would be forced to have a smart meter against their will. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

The installer, who had already ripped out the woodscrews holding the padlock on the plywood barricade, continued installing the smart meter beside a posted sign forbidding it and then left, Goering told me. 

Goering’s home has four hydro meters on it – one for each separate residence. And he owns the entire building. One of the four meters had been replaced with a smart meter a year earlier, when a tenant moved out and contacted BC Hydro to close the account. Goering was using plywood and padlocks to protect the other three analogue meters on his home from a similar fate. 

RCMP Non-responsive

Goering says he also phoned the police while the unauthorized installation was in progress. But the police told him to phone BC Hydro instead, leaving Goering dumbfounded.  

“Someone’s invading the privacy of your home and premises, and you can’t get them off your land?” Goering asks. 

Last month, on July 11, BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett announced that the province will now offer citizens alternatives to the once mandatory smart meter program. 

“People who want to opt out can,” Bennett stated. “They will not be forced to have a smart meter, but they are going to have to pay the costs… We don’t want to force people to have a smart meter if they really don’t want one,” Bennett told the public. “It’s not our intention to offend people or bully people.” 

Either someone forgot to inform BC Hydro of the Minister’s new policy, or else the government’s promise of an opt-out option for customers was never genuine to begin with. 

Jurgen Goering tends is tomatoes in his lush organic food garden in has backyard, and mulls the Orwellian implications of BC Hydro's forced installation of a smart meter on his home. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

Jurgen Goering tends his tomatoes in his lush organic food garden in his backyard and mulls the Orwellian implications of BC Hydro’s forced installation of a smart meter on his home. (Photo © Kim Goldberg)

“It’s like living in George Orwell’s 1984,” says Goering. “It’s double-speak and double-think. They say one thing and do the opposite.” 

Last month two BC organizations, Citizens for Safe Technology and Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, filed a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro to force the corporation to adopt a genuine opt-out option in which customers will be allowed to keep or revert to their analogue meters, and pay no additional costs for their choice. 

More information about the lawsuit is here

Kim Goldberg is an award-winning journalist and author in Nanaimo, BC. Her next book, REFUGIUM: Wi-Fi Exiles and the Coming Electroplague, is due out in 2014. 
Text and images copyright © Kim Goldberg, 2013. 

Class Action Lawsuit Launched Against BC Hydro

This press release just came across my desk from Citizens for Safe Technology and the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters:

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release – April 29, 2013 TO ALL MEDIA



BC Hydro has taken the draconian step of cutting off power to a customer who refused to accept a wireless smart meter.

Last May, a Hydro customer had a wireless smart meter installed on her home despite her refusal. This person suffers from electro-sensitivity and, as a consequence of the radiofrequency radiation emitted by the wireless smart meter, her health began to deteriorate.

Despite pleading for months with Hydro to remove the wireless meter and to re-install the analog meter; they refused. Finally, with her health in jeopardy, she ordered a non- radiating analog meter from a company in the US that provides calibrated, tested meters to utility companies. With the supervision of a certified electrician the analog was installed, and the wireless smart meter was returned to Hydro.

When Hydro advised that the analog was not approved by Canadian agencies, the customer located a Canadian analog meter that met all the requirements and then asked Hydro to install it. Hydro refused, ignored her health condition and insisted that she must accept a wireless smart meter or they would cut her power.

On April 17, 2013, Hydro followed through with its threats and cut off its supply of power to her home.

Hydro’s conduct constitutes a violation of our autonomy and our right to determine what potentially harmful emissions do or do not occur from within our own domestic environment; our right to be free from physical intrusion by the state.

Due to Hydro’s actions over the last 2 years, culminating with its cessation of service to a customer for refusing to allow the installation of a wireless smart meter, the Citizens for Safe Technology Society and the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters are filing a class action lawsuit.

We invite participation in the action, subject to Court approval. Further information on the class action and criteria to join can be found at:

www.citizensforsafetechnology.org and www.stopsmartmetersbc.ca 

BC Hydro Cuts Power to Smart Meter Refuser

And so it begins… This is the first case I have heard about of BC Hydro cutting someone’s power for refusing a smart meter – in this case a woman with EHS (electrohypersensitivity) whose health would have been compromised if she hadn’t switched her meter back to analogue. Beyond Orwellian.

Refusal to accept smart meter leads to Peachland power cut

By Wade Paterson – Kelowna Capital News

Published: April 17, 2013; Updated: April 18, 2013

BC Hydro has turned off power to a Peachland residence after the homeowners replaced a smart meter with an uncertified analog meter.

Deborah Stutters told Capital News a BC Hydro truck with three to five employees showed up at her Princeton Avenue home Wednesday around 1 p.m. to cut the power to her house.

Last May a representative of BC Hydro came to Stutters’ house and said her analog meter was malfunctioning and they’d need to replace it.

Stutters indicated she didn’t want a smart meter and said she was assured the meter would be replaced with another analog meter.

“Within hours somebody snuck on this property and switched out our analog for a smart meter,” said Stutters.

Stutters has electromagnetic field sensitivity and had declined getting the smart meter for health reasons…