8 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Marjorie Salmeron

    Hi there. I’m writing in regards to the video about mold & mycotoxin production in relation to EMF exposure. I am myself a mold patient with EMF sensitivities, & I was wondering if you could give me more information about the person who made the video & the experiment that was done? In particular, if you, s/he has any studies regarding this subject?

    Thank you so much for your time & sharing the video! It was very interesting and correlates well with what I’ve been experiencing…


    Marjorie Salmeron

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Marjorie. I am afraid I don’t know any more info at this stage about the scientist in Switzerland who actually performed this mold experiment discussed in the video I posted (“Mold Toxins Skyrocket with EMR Exposure” – However the person narrating it is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who has done a great deal of work treating and helping electrosensitive people. Perhaps he would have more info about the actual experiment itself.

  2. Katie Pollock

    I am looking for a chemical free place to stay for two nights in or near Zürich October 24 and 25th. My daughter and I are traveling together. I have MCS and really need a place with no fragrance chemicals.

  3. Jessica Bryan

    Kim, Do you know of anywhere in the U.S. without smart meters and limited cell towers? Smart meters are coming to Southern Oregon very soon and I need to move somewhere, other than Green Bank (too far away) and Snowflake (too high in elevation). I hear lots of talk about refuges, but most of it seems to be wishful thinking. Note radiation is mostly about Australia.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Jessica. I agree most of the talk of refuges and sanctuaries is in the preliminary planning stages. That is the problem for everyone. I don’t actually know of existing communities besides Green Bank and Snowflake. I wonder about eastern Oregon for no smart meters? Some very rural low-population communities in parts of eastern Oregon. (I am from Oregon originally.)


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