Media Refuse to Publish Mayor’s Critique of Smart Meters

April 23, 2014

The following guest editorial about smart meters was written by John Ranns, the longtime Mayor of the District of Metchosin on southern Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Mayor Ranns wrote this guest editorial in November 2013 and submitted it for publication to the Victoria Times-Colonist and subsequently to other major newspapers in British Columbia. When his secretary followed up with the Victoria Times-Colonist about the status of his submission, the newspaper said it would not be publishing the piece because the piece was not topical. Mayor Ranns received no other replies from major media, and ultimately no major media outlets published his piece.

Read for yourself the opinion that British Columbia’s news outlets saw unfit to print.

Guest Editorial on Smart Meters

by John Ranns, November 2013

Mayor John Ranns, District of Metchosin on Southern Vancouver Island

Mayor John Ranns, District of Metchosin on Southern Vancouver Island

What I find most disturbing about BC Hydro’s forced imposition of smart meters is how readily politicians of all parties have abandoned fundamental principles of a free society in order to accommodate bureaucratic expediency. Individual freedom demands that government has boundaries. As far back as the 1600s the concept that individuals need sanctuary from government was established in British Common Law (still applicable in British Columbia), clearly stating that your home is your castle and the sovereign will not cross your threshold without following due process. Except now they have. In one stroke, the Province is saying that lawful citizens no longer have a choice in what enters or leaves their homes.

Although debate has been carefully steered to encompass technical arguments and ignore principle, there are two facts about smart meters that cannot be denied: They emit radiation into your house. And, when Hydro chooses, they will gather and disseminate personal information, which previously would have required a court order. 

Whether the radiation is harmful or ultimately proves to be safe is not the point. What is critical to the issue is that many people believe it to be harmful, and now their sanctuary, along with their peace of mind, is denied them. Nor does it matter how little you may care what government, corporations, and hackers know about what you do in your home. What matters is that the safeguards protecting others who do care must remain in place.

And forget the argument that people are free to go somewhere else. In our current economy most people in this province who have a job and a mortgage have no choice but to stay where they are and do what BC Hydro dictates. For populated areas, supplied electricity has become more essential to life than supplied water. Urban regulations will not permit alternative sources. And those who could legally go off-the grid can rarely afford the expense. BC Hydro is a government-established monopoly, so there are no competitors to turn to for service provision. Under these circumstances the only protection an individual has are our elected representatives. Except in this case, regardless of party, they have determined that what is good for business is more important than long established individual rights.

Recently, politicians of all description prominently displayed poppies and paid homage to the sacrifices made by previous generations who understood that to maintain a free system over time it is necessary for certain principles to be inviolate. Government must conform to the principle rather than change the principle to accommodate the wishes of whoever happens to be in power. It is why we have Constitutions. Unfortunately many politicians these days don’t seem to think that way. They do not recognize that our jobs are not only to represent our electorate, majority and minority, but also to serve as guardians of the free system. Sadly we seem all too willing to thoughtlessly forfeit our freedom for the latest of fleeting conveniences that our runaway technology may provide.

John Ranns

Mayor, District of Metchosin

10 thoughts on “Media Refuse to Publish Mayor’s Critique of Smart Meters

  1. rustic23

    How comforting it would be if all politicians took their hands out of their pockets and worked for the good of their constituents like this Mayor. Thank you kind sir.

  2. Beverly Allen

    Thank you for educating us all; and I appreciate you advising us of the suppression of the smart meter/cell tower truths, etc. Ii should be our right to choose whether we want to have cancer jammed at us from all areas in and outside our homes; we pay taxes for the government/BCUC to protect us; and they are killing us for the money! We need to all vote on this issue or get a new government that will give us choices; what is the opposition and green party doing?

  3. Ingmar Lee

    Dear Refugium, I have written to TC letter’s page editor Dave Obee, asking him to publish Mayor Rann’s excellent piece. Cheers, Ingmar
    Hello Dave, I think TC readership will very much appreciate hearing Mayor Ranns opinions re: BC Hydro’s forced ‘smart’ meters. Surely the TC can publish this excellent, reasonable piece! Cheers, Ingmar @ Bella Bella

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  5. Paul Vonharnish

    To Mayor John Ranns and readers: It is a disgrace to our society thet we allow public media in this country to stone wall citizens as well as elected mayors who represent the will of the public they were sworn to serve. These media outlets need to be picketed and put on notice that their staff are no longer needed for our common social agendas and goals. They need to be fired.

    To John Ranns: Here’s a document that might be good amunition for another go at it with your State or Federal government officials. >

    Please see this massive compendium of arguments against Smart Meters, as assembled by Liz Barris of California. This 257 page document will be submitted to FCC and Federal authorities for examination.

    “Constitutional and Human Rights Violations of Smart Grid and Smart Meters”

    Click to access Legal-Constitutional-and-Human-Rights-Violations-of-Smart-Grid-and-Smart-Meters1.pdf

    In the final analysis, the smart technology programs being illegally funded through corporate influence on public officials, are wholly criminal and should be prosecuted as racketeering, terrorism, and extortion. Human rights to privacy and safety as specified in many Constitutions around the world, must be defended by whatever means available.

    If the present generation fails to uphold and defend our social and political obligations; as defined in Constitutional documents signed by our predecessors, how can we expect future generations to honor or respect us at all?

    1. Paul Vonharnish

      Hello Kim and readers. The link in my last post will take you to an error page, but not to worry. Just click on the “Home” page for and click on the title:
      “Constitutional and Human Rights Violations of Smart Grid and Smart Meters”
      This is a very well prepared document, and will go to Washington sometime in June.


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