N. Ireland parent attempting to protect his children from Wi-Fi forcibly given psychotic drugs — #freeStephenClarke

This is an outrageous situation in which a father in Belfast, objecting to the compulsory irradiation of his children at school, has been incarcerated and forcibly drugged in a psychiatric hospital for 11 weeks so far. Please share! Please write letters and emails to the addresses shown below. #freeStephenClarke

Smart Meter Harm

International experts are increasingly warning about the impacts of wireless radiation exposure to all of us, especially children.

Stephen Clarke protested Wi-Fi in his children’s school in Northern Ireland. It was a peaceful protest to raise awareness to this issue.

For doing that, he was incarcerated at a psychiatric hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is being forcibly medicated. He has been held there for over 11 weeks.

This is in complete violation of his civil rights and is a frightening suppression of peaceful protest and free speech by British authorities.

Please contact authorities at the addresses below and demand his release. Please post this to websites and distribute to your contacts, particularly regarding this denial of basic civil rights.

Stephen is being held at

Mater Hospital
45-54 Crumlin Road
Belfast BT14 6AB
Great Britain

Send cards and letters to him there, as well as letters of protest regarding his incarceration and forced…

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10 thoughts on “N. Ireland parent attempting to protect his children from Wi-Fi forcibly given psychotic drugs — #freeStephenClarke

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      In the full article, Ann, there is a mailing address for the psych hospital where he is being held against his will. You can write to him personally there, or write a letter of complaint to the hospital. The original article also gives a phone, fax and email for the Human Rights Commission of North Ireland. So send letters and/or emails would be very useful right now. Follow the link to the original article…

  1. Veronica Zrnchik

    I’m in the process of possibly losing custody of my three beautiful children because my narcisistic husband is using my EHS and MCS to say that I am mental. He has convinced the courts that I need a psyc eval. He was allowed to pick the doctor and that doctor–surprise–said that I have somatoform and paranoid tendancies. Funny–until I got overexposed to RF’s from all the utility meters and cell towers by my new home–I didn’t have any physical or mental problems. That is exactly what the industry is usingto have our compalints dismissed. They are using this tactic to say that we are eiteh mentally ill or afraid of technology therby rendering our issues as nonexistant. They won’t have to deal with this issue for years and years because we have been summarily demeaned in the eyes of the government and the public. What a wonderful tactic–most effective. This is happening with greater frequency as they see how well the tactic works. I’d like for my story to get out ther in the publics eye so otehr can see what is happening to those of us who dare to be affected by microwave readiation and speak up about it in an effort to save our own lives and to protect our children. Veronica

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      It’s awful, Veronica! I know of and have interviewed so many EHS people who have been sent to a psych ward and/or drugged, when their problem is physiological not psychological – namely exposure to the bio-toxin of wireless radiation. And in the story of the Belfast father Stephen Clarke, I don’t think he is even EHS. He simply wants to protect his kids from the compulsory irradiation the school system is attempting to subject them to through Wi-Fi in classrooms. So even resisting irradiation is now sufficient grounds it seems to strip someone of their civil rights by incarcerating them and drugging them.

    2. Marius

      It wont be too long until EHS will become a major health issue ! Reason is because these devices act on our body the same as if you plug your fingers into a power outlet but only at lower power scale but it happens long term everyone will get ill ! The reason is because of loss of negative electrons. Our body becoms the ground for these higher power devices. This means that we loose energy. Our body is electric and depends on having a balance between protons and electrons for it to function. As more wireless increase, so will power therefore more energy loss. This is why everyone, especially the ones using these systems chronically will get very ill. When many will get ill, especially the ones that are promoting these killing systems, changes will come !

  2. Paul Vonharnish

    Nothing new here. I was misdiagnosed in 1998 with “bipolar disorder” and left to flap in the wind. Any attempts to inform the medical “profession” of my true status as an EM poisoned individual, has been met with derision and insulting behavior. No State or Federal agency will assist with a proper living solution. Friends and family have written me off as delusional or as a hypochondriac.

    I’ve lost any safe access to places of work, as every business in America is foul with electromagnetic emissions. I’ve lost any ability to produce income – lost my home, my health, and can no longer participate in normal social activities due to the prevalence of EM producing devices in most homes.

    I am now in significant physical decline due to autoimmune disorders, muscle spasms, seizures, and general debilitation. I am imprisoned in a lightless, foil-lined, section 8 hell-hole, wherein I am expected to live out my days with no future resolution in sight. Common idiots believe I should put up with their ignorance, because they have been brain washed into believing wi-fi and portable phones are high tech convenience toys. These are assault weapons you jerks. I hope you all die soon.

    I read about this gentleman some months ago. He’s just one of hundreds of thousands who have no representation in our mutual societal catastrophe. Sorry, Autism rates are not confined to children. My belief is that Autistic spectrum disorders have become a normalized condition in society. It is obvious most persons are unable to focus or concentrate on complex tasks. Many are totally unable to communicate complex ideas via the written word. Most are completely ignorant of their environment as a whole, and will continue to rape the planet into extinction.

    My condolences to this gentleman, as his life will never be the same. His children (and their progeny) are most likely being destroyed by EM radiation as I write this post. Hooray for corporate/mafia capitalism, and the industrial ghetto/prison we once called planet Earth…

  3. K Anderson

    Veronica/Paul – hi, is anyone still posting on here? Your post dates were long ago. I’m going through the same/similar situation. Looking to touch base with others dealing with this. Please reply/comment. Thanks.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Every now and then someone does post. I have not been able to update my Refugium website for a while due to other things going on in my life. But I hope to soon.


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