Cat Leonard

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Cat LeonardCat Leonard is a South Australian artist, painter, portrait artist and visual poet. Her work has been exhibited in both Australia and Europe. She is currently represented by three South Australian galleries, Milan Rouge Contemporary gallery in Stirling, the Murray Bridge regional gallery and the Urban Cow Studio in Adelaide. Cat teaches workshops as a guest artist in schools, studios and galleries and has won several awards for her work. 



Artist’s Statement:

“Every moment of every day our bodies are bombarded with electromagnetic radiation and pollution. We can’t see it and we don’t feel it, but we wallow in unmeasurable amounts of the stuff, consumed by our obsession to be ‘plugged in’ as we are, to our virtual/mobile/cyber selves, warm in our clever, comfortable houses, fast in our flashy cars and über shopping experiences, satisfied with ‘too quick’ foods. My painting shows misguided praise of a technology that is both brilliant and sinister, a way forward in intelligence and a regression of the physical—our health suffers but our minds accomplish more than ever. And what will inevitably evolve from this paradox is devolution.” ~Cat Leonard


Thankyou © Cat Leonard

Thankyou © Cat Leonard


4 thoughts on “Cat Leonard

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  2. jinglepots

    People literally do worship this technology…and miss so much, while rapid aging (Dr. Magda Havas’ definition of health effects), ravages our bodies.

  3. Awake+Fried

    Ah ha! I totally missed the interpretation of “misguided praise of a technology that is both brilliant and sinister…” ~Cat Leonard

    I took the picture to be the opposite of praise, but rather that of DESPERATION, like a POW (prisoner of war) pleading with his tormentors for mercy!


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