Floren de Cabo

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Floren de CaboFloren de Cabo is a multimedia designer in Spain. He has worked on Information Technology (IT) projects for more than twelve years. Although Floren has begun to experience symptoms of electrosensitivity, he continues to actively work in his multimedia profession. His art depicts the stark reality of exactly where our addiction to cellular phones and other such devices will ultimately lead. He runs the Spanish-language Facebook community Sin-Electrosmog

“I am in favor of ecological progress but against electromagnetic pollution,” says Floren. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sinelectrosmog

Website: http://dsigna2.com/sin-electrosmog/


Cutting Edge Technology © Floren de Cabo

Cutting Edge Technology © Floren de Cabo

WiFi User © Floren de Cabo

WiFi User © Floren de Cabo

1 thought on “Floren de Cabo

  1. Awake+Fried

    Thank you Floren de Cabo! In the spirit of truth…

    Photo #1: “Thus they [greedy corporations] provoked him to anger with their inventions: and the [natural result was that Electro-] Plague brake in upon them.”
    –Psalm 106:29.

    (Why can’t they invent a hand-held non-radiating internet device with a dongle to plug into a safe, shielded-wired ethernet cable? I’m still waiting… years…!)

    Photo #2: “Surely [RF/MW Radiating] oppression maketh a wise [wo]man mad…”
    –Ecclesiastes 7:7.


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