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I will add additional electro-safe sanctuaries and potential sanctuaries to this list as I come across them.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the places listed below  are not yet built or open. Others may not be as free from signal as they need to be, or as they once were. This list is simply a starting point for you in your search for safe haven. Most electrosensitive people are finding there is no safe haven anywhere that is ready and waiting to take them. Rather, people need to go out and find or create a safe haven for themselves. 

Facebook now has two groups devoted to bringing people together to locate and create EMF-Free Sanctuaries:

B.C. and Canadian Wireless-Free Zones (Closed Group – you must join to read messages and post):

Wireless-Free Living Communities (Open Group – you can read messages without joining):

And here is a website for people seeking to find (or to advertise) EMF-safe living locations worldwide:

If you know of additional EHS sanctuaries to be added to the list below, you can share them with me by email ( or by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.


BRITISH COLUMBIA: Cedar Rock: Oasis for Quiet Living near Osoyoos, BCA 320-acre property located 50 km east of Osoyoos, BC, on Hwy 3. This sanctuary has not yet been built. It is in the planning stage, and the vision is quite large and impressive. See website for details. Cedar Rock is intended to be a “regenerative community” primarily for people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). But it will also meet the needs of EHS people. There will be no wireless technology permitted anywhere on the acreage. (March 2017: Not yet operational)

NOVA SCOTIA: Forest Hill Retreat – 150 acres of privately owned forested land on Grassy Lake in Forest Hill, Nova Scotia. The owners say the property is suitable for people with Electrosensitivity (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). They are hoping to rent pieces of land to people, who will then set up their own dwellings on it. What the owners say: “An important criteria for our plans is that everybody can afford a life in Forest Hill, regardless of their budget. That’s why we have chosen a form of living that is often chosen in Canada and the US for trailer parks. Everyone who wants to be part of our retreat can rent a piece of land and put their own mobile home, trailer, tent, camper or whatever you need or want on the land. Each lot has access to water, power, the sewer and a road. The lots are spacious and allow the future inhabitants to choose the style of their future home and to create a nice yard according to their desires.” Visit the website for more information and to request a free brochure. 


WEST VIRGINIA: Green Bank, West Virginia (General Information) – Not a formal EHS sanctuary, but a small community that is located within the U.S. National Radio Quiet Zone, established in 1958 to shield the radio astronomy telescopes there from radio interference. Read the BBC News article: “Wi-fi refugees shelter in West Virginia mountains”. Read the article: “Refugees of the Modern World”. See next entry for a specific Green Bank rental property available to EHS people. Visit this Facebook Group before visiting or moving to Green Bank, so you will know how to prepare, and what is available there: “Radio Quiet Zone, Green Bank.”

WEST VIRGINIA: Green Bank EMF-Safe Rentals Jim Reese and his wife live on 5.5 acres of land just one mile from the radio telescope within Green Bank, WV. Jim says: ” Our rentals are on our land. The best place to be for EMF safety in Green Bank is anywhere within two miles of the telescope which is where these rentals are. There is pristine clean air, clean well water, EMF-safe living, organic foods and peace and quiet. Our land is surrounded by many acres of open land.” Here is the website that tells all about what is available and more. Please go to this website before contacting them. Contact Jim by email at: or by phone at: 304-456-4525.

CALIFORNIA: Silent Dome Spa in Grass Valley, California – This “EMF silent house” may soon be complete and taking bookings. Contact the owner via the website for details about availability. The house is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, ten miles south of Grass Valley and more than two miles from any phone masts. All power to the house is filtered. The house has a combination of DC powered LED lights and low EMF emission appliances, with EMF-silent computers. According to the owner: “This home is intended to give EMF sensitives a place to detox from symptoms, to get EM testing, and to meet other sensitives. The long-term goal is to publicize the techniques to cope with this condition, particularly nutrition, clothing, and other healing modalities. When six people occupy the 3-bedroom house, per night cost is competitive with Motel 6.”

COLORADO: EM Sensitivity Research Institute in Rockvale, Colorado – This facility is still in the planning stages. According to the website: “The Institute would be located on a campus of 59 acres of presently undeveloped land in Rockvale, Colorado where the ambient fields are relatively low. Sensitives would travel to the Institute and live in specially built cabins. These cabins will operate on 24 VDC and perhaps 380 VDC, but no 60 Hz alternating electricity. Cell phones and WiFi would not be allowed on campus.” Consult the website for further information, updates, and to contact the planners directly.

ARIZONA: Snowflake MCS/EHS Community in Snowflake, Arizona – According to the website: “A rural area outside Snowflake, Arizona has become a haven for people with severe MCS and electrical sensitivity.  Over thirty people with environmental illness live in specially built or modified homes on large lots.  Thirteen homes are built adjacent to each other, while the rest are scattered over a larger area. The zoning in most areas requires a minimum of 20 acres (8 hectares) for each home, ensuring that the area stays rural.  Land is inexpensive, making such large lots economical. Most of the MCS/EHS homes are connected to the electrical grid, while a few are fully powered by the sun for ultra-low EMF living.”

WISCONSIN: Lynn Knapp has purchased a low-EMF acreage in Southwest Wisconsin and wants to create an electro-safe community for other EMF refugees. Lynn Knapp says: “I have dealt with EMF for 10 years and finally purchased 22 acres in SW Wisconsin that is a safe zone. Feels wonderful there! Looking to create a small community with like folks that are dealing with EMF.” For more information, phone Lynn at 608-794-2619 or email her at .


Beacon Bank Farm in Staffordshire, England – This is a rural B&B in a 250-year-old brick farmhouse with several Yurts located in a nearby wood for an even more rustic living experience. There is no Wi-Fi, and guests are requested to keep their mobile phones off. The owners serve vegetarian meals and are very health conscious. They advertise Beacon Bank farm as a “No Wi-Fi Zone, Low EMF, Low Tech.” Lodging is available for short recuperative holidays from EMR/RF. This is not a permanent living option.


FRANCE: EHS Refuge (White Zone, Next-Up) – Located in the French province of Drôme in southeastern France. The nearest town of any size is Valence. Visit this link for many images of this refuge and specific details on the shielding of the caravans and other living quarters. Watch the BBC News documentary on this EHS Refuge Zone here. As with the following EHS refuge in Italy, everything here is free. (April 2017: Still operating but no longer accepting unknown EHS people due to disruptions in community life and serenity. For information: .)

FRANCE: Pailharès – This tiny village in southeastern France, with a population of just 280, may be the last remaining ‘White Zone’ in France – meaning a community where there is minimal mobile phone coverage and wireless radiation. Electrosensitive people have been moving there in recent years. However, that could change if the local government activates the mobile phone mast recently built on a hill outside the village. EHS residents are currently embroiled in a legal battle with local government.

ITALY: Parc de Carnè – This is Italy’s first EHS refuge. It is located within the Vena del Gesso Regional Park near the town of Brisighella in the province of Ravenna. It opened in 2010, and according to the fact sheet, everything within the zone is free, including the Bed & Breakfast. (April 2017: As with the Next-Up EHS Refuge in France, this Italian refuge may also no longer be accepting unknown EHS people.)

PORTUGAL: Shangri-La is an organic farm and natural retreat in The Algarve of southern Portugal. No wireless devices are permitted or used on the farm, and there is no wireless coverage on the farm. “We have both bed & breakfast and self-catering stays available at the farm,” says Stefan Novellino. Contact Stefano at More information:

SPAIN: Olvera Located in the province of Cadiz, the town of Olvera (population 8,500) became Spain’s first municipality to declare itself “electromagnetic pollution–free” in 2012 by unanimous approval of its city council. NOTE: I do not know if Olvera has actually achieved its goal and removed all cell towers and illegal antennas or is simply working toward it. Elsewhere I have read that there are so many cell towers and antennas throughout Olvera that it doesn’t mean much that they “went wireless”. I would welcome more information about current conditions in Olvera.

SWITZERLAND: Zurich An apartment block has been built in Zurich for people with Electrosensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The long list of rules for occupants and visitors includes: no smoking, perfumes, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, or other sources of chemical and electro-pollution. Allowable cleaning products are displayed in the lobby. The building, which opened in December 2013 and is believed to be the first of its kind in Europe, is shielded against electromagnetic radiation. 


Mid West Radio Quiet Zone, 200 km East of Meekatharra – Like Greenbank, West Virginia in the US, this is not a formal EHS sanctuary but rather a designated Radio Quiet Zone (since 2005) to shield radio astronomy telescopes from interference. According to the website, “The area has very low levels of radio frequency energy because of its low population and remote location.” So it would presumably be good habitat for electro-sensitive people. However, I have been told by one Australian that this area is a “no go” zone. If anyone has more information, please leave a comment.

Tasmania – Practically the entire island state of Tasmania, located 150 miles south of the Australian continent,  is an unofficial ‘white zone’ since there is very little Wi-Fi or mobile phone coverage outside of Hobart and Launceston. Even power transmission lines are few and far between. Tasmania is famed for its vast and largely unspoiled natural environment. The only relief George Parker has ever known from electrosensitivity in the last 45 years that he has suffered from it was during the three years he and his wife lived in Tasmania and his symptoms disappeared.  

King Valley EHS Refuge, near Wangaratta, Victoria – Bruce Evans would like to establish an EHS refuge on a large tract of rural land in southeastern Australia owned by his family. In September 2014, he issued a call for EHS people (like himself) to come join him on the land. People would initially live in whatever vans, tents or caravans they come with. But long-term stays and the creation of a sustainable community are all possible and part of Bruce’s vision. People can build their own cottages and stay long-term in exchange for helping out on the farm.  (Update: This sanctuary is “on hold” for now. You can contact Bruce directly at or visit his website:


Ricky’s Drift, Western Cape, South Africa – A beautiful organic, non-toxic farm in the Klein Karoo, established by someone who has Electrosensitivity, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Lyme’s Disease. They offer accommodation for others who need to escape the toxins of modern society. Many photos and all information is available on the website:

228 thoughts on “Sanctuaries

  1. rustic23

    I admire the work you’re doing, Kim – – – It takes what many people lack – – – TRUE GRITS/GUTS.- – Putting your ‘money’ where your mouth is.- – – Please don’t ever lose it. .

  2. Stephanie Dickerson

    Kim, I’m trying to help someone find a spot to be just a few days to get some respite in either GA or the Carolina’s- If anyone has a spot- please let Kim or anyone here know!!! It is so difficult to find somewhere that is not near so many towers.

      1. M. Plant

        This is amazing! Thank you for your research and hard work, Kim! I have been thinking about, praying for this all day…and here it is! Exactly what we EHS need; a safe community and a place to escape to when the going gets rough, as in my last week of inescapable 24/7 brainpain from neighbours with new toys and upgrades and a new cell antennae covertly installed on a Hydro pole on my street when I got back from Saanich, Vancouver Island (terrible WiFi hotspot in Sidney BTW…riding my bike on the Lochside trail was like riding through a windstorm of painfully strong signals from Smart Meter, WiFi, cellphones and celltowers galore!). Thank you so much, Kim and others for your hard efforts, foresight, and compassion!

    1. chemtrailssuck

      These don’t appear, but here goes,
      If you are looking for a place in Pennsylvania, we have one here:
      New Freeport, Pennsylvania
      We have 60 acres of forested land with rolling hills and natural springs. Our property is right along the PA/WV border. We do not have any fracking wells on our property, nor do our neighbors in the vicinity. We have not sprayed any insecticides or herbicides anywhere on our acreage no do we plan to do so in the future. We can work with you regarding your individual situation and health. We know every situation is unique and everyone has their own desires about living space. If you would like to find out more or for any questions, please call (our land line, we don’t use cordless phones anymore after we bought an EMF meter!) 724-447-2726 or email mersiepoodle (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  3. keira O

    I am looking for contacts concerning projects, communities, in Europe first of all (but also elsewhere) without wifi, and without any mobile coverage. I might be interested in starting something together with others, buying a piece of land etc…
    Please contact me:

    1. rustic23

      Keira – It seems that practically every inch of livable land has cell phone towers erected nearby, homes with smart meters and people constantly on cell phones, etc. etc. ad nauseum. Where are you thinking of looking?

  4. Mita

    Sign India up for boiling the frog. Not slowly either You would think that in a country with so many economically and culturally different people and areas one could find somewhere to escape to. I am still looking and boiling. City, village, highway, the towers, bad wiring, bad electrical appliances, good people doing bad bad bad acts with respect to at least criminally negligent use of tecjnology. Rather than just writing let me show you what I mean.
    Recorded in a Kolkata home: My old home

    My new homeKolkata kaikhali chiriamore:

    Hope the links work.

  5. luda

    We live in an ecovillage; Sidhartha’s Garden in Vancouver Island 50 km from Nanaimo. We have established an EHS refuge sanctuary free of wifi and air pollution around on a large tract of rural land in Errington B.C. Canada. We issued a call for EHS people to come join us on the land. People would initially live in whatever vans, tents or caravans also we have hostel for weekly and monthly rate 12 CAN per night. Long-term stays and the creation of a sustainable community are all possible and part of our vision.

    We are Yogis who maintain a chemical-free environment for happy living. We can facilitate workshops and support you in your practice. Knowledgeable in Nutrition, Diet, Yoga, Reflexology, Massage, Nature Utilization, and a clear Feng-Sui loving space for your Meditation and Needs!

    our contact 250-937-72-63 nathan

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thank you for sharing this information. That’s great that you have created an EHS sanctuary on Vancouver Island! I will add this information to my Sanctuaries list when I get a chance.

    2. M. Plant

      I am interested in your Gardens in Errington. Probably a one-week stay with yoga and meditation, but could be longer. I am severely EHS, so no cordless or cellphones please. What facilities do you have available at 12 dollars/night? Can you post photo to my email? I can’t be anywhere near anyone carrying a cellphone…this is imperative! (Brainblasting electrocution and trauma, similar to concussion, to the head!)

      1. Kim Goldberg Post author

        Hi Maria. I think you need to reply to the Errington EHS Sanctuary people directly, via the phone number they included in their posting: 250-937-72-63 nathan. I am not sure they are checking my website for comments to their posting. Good luck! 🙂

    3. oregoneditor

      Hi Nathan, I would love to visit your refuge. It sounds like everything I’ve dreamed of. But I live in Oregon and I’m not rich, so I don’t think the Canadian authorities would allow me to stay long. Blessings! Jessica

  6. Hugh Conway

    I understand that most of Wales in U.K. is without wireless as well. We have friends living there, no cell phones or “smartmeters”

    1. V

      Unfortunately this is simply not true regarding wales. Wales is smothered in masts, tetra, wifi masts, weather manipulation masts, rural broadband and many others, just like all other places in the UK. There is currently less high speed broadband in Wales but I am sure that will change soon. Wales is used as a bit of an experimental playground for certain wireless systems. UK is generally not good for EHS (myself being one and desperate to get out of here) – we are so packed in and so is the technology. Perhaps the furthest western reaches of north scotland but even on small scottish isles many of them now have masts and also signals are beamed down the lochs etc. I continue to search online for where to go.

      1. Marie

        I don’t know how true this is, but there are many people across the U.S. and Europe who swear this is true. They say that something called Orgonite/Orgone energy helps protect us from the microwaves from the cell towers and wifi. It is just about everywhere. Orgone energy was discovered in the early 1940’s by Wilhelm Reich. It is basically metal, resin, and crystals. Many people are building a CB/Cloud buster to eliminate the chemtrails in the sky. They say it works. If you have one on your land it is supposed to reach a few miles wide. It uses copper or steel (cheaper) pipes, crystals, resin and shredded metal. It is about ten ft high and 6 pipes point up at the sky. For people who are sensitive to the microwave radiation/energy pendants/jewelry are made and worn around the neck. They also make TB’s which are called Tower Busters and they place them near the cell towers to diminish the harmful radiation. It’s just something i read. There is more on Youtube on Orgone and how to make it. Not expensive. Shielding the house or one room helps. Some people line their walls with metal cloth. A cheaper way is tinfoil or mylar or even that foam insulation board which has metal on one side. I will be doing that when wifi comes near me. Either outside the house or inside or just one room for easy sleeping. 5G tranmitters are going to go up by 2020 across the U.S. I saw a photo of them on video. They are also going to bury them in the ground. They have to be 500 ft or so apart as the microwave of 5G does not reach far. Trees and rain absorb the frequencies so don’t cut down trees.The trees will protect your house especially fir trees, but i see a lot of them are dying now probably from the aluminum nano particles in the chemtrails. 5G is the absolute worst! It is a weaponized frequency from the military! They can turn UP the power to burn your skin or to heat/melt your internal organs. It is the Death frequency. The worst thing of all is there are many companies now who are planning on putting 5G microwave wifi in outer space using small satilites 750 miles above the earth. It will reach every single area of earth! I’ve been reading abt this. I don’t know what one can do abt this except line the walls AND ceiling with tin foil or other foil. But when we go outside we will be exposed. I suggest wearing a big chunk of orgonite around the neck or carry a chunk in the pocket close to the body. On the net sells for $25 and up. I make a bunch for myself and family and friends. Easy to make. Not expensive. The worse thing of all will be the 5G. So prepare for it. I have a cell tower 1/3 of a mile across from my house and i live in the country. I have a very hard time sleeping. I sleep only 2 hrs and wake up, back to sleep and awake again in 2 hrs. The body needs at minimum 4 hrs of deep sleep in order to repair itself and build up the immunity. The frequencies are preventing that. Oh, the 5G frequency uses the same frequency that our bodies oxygen molecule uses – which means that we will get LESS oxygen to our body when exposed to 5G!! Many people will be getting sicker and getting cancer, but we can’t prove that it’s the frequencies doing it. It is very insidious. And about the chemtrails in the sky – for those who don’t believe it, go outside at night in the darkest part of your yard and shine a strong flashlite up…Look a couple inches or more at the shining light and you will see thousands of tiny particles
        swirling about in the air like in a snow storm. These are aluminum nano particles which we are breathing IN every time we are outside. And if you have a fan in the window you are blowing this poison INside the house too. AC is supposed to be ok as it just circulates the house air BUT i have looked inside my house in the dark with the flashlite and i see these things in the house too! Not as many as outside, but still there, and in the car too. I have been wearing a vog or ompurair mask out in my yard and breathing into my hanky when walking to stores. Very good videos are from Deborah Tavares….on Youtube. It will make your hair stand on end, but we need to know this information and try to take steps to protect ourselves. 5G will also harm the animals in the wild and our pets too!!

      2. Marie

        Now i think i understand what is meant in the Bible when it talks about there being no place to hide in the end times.

  7. Sofia

    Rural Wales might be the case, but Cardiff and the areas bordering England are definitely not EMF free. Sadly some of the most idyllic, rural parts of England (like the Cotswolds) are the worst as the frequencies seems to concentrate in the Five Valleys. Perhaps there are many rural places all over and until more people move in those spots, towers are unlikely. However, once we go there, mobile phone companies believe there will be the demand…so the towers go up. What we really need is localized areas of local Government that are willing to resist Corporate pressure and money. That will require all of us EHS’ers to choose a spot and be in the local government to ensure such resistance can occur. It will also require people being willing enough to help locally educate the children of others in the community outside of the current system to prevent them from being harmed as well. That is the only way the future will really change; for if all the children are being exposed, they will, in turn, not be able to resist in the future as it changes the patterns of the brain. That means we must work on our interpersonal relationships and build a new culture of cooperation that is more selfless than what we are accustomed to. For me, that is our greatest beautiful opportunity, but also our greatest obstacle.

    1. Marie

      The children in school are having their lower organs irradiated when using the laptops sitting on their laps. It is the PLAN so the radiation will sterilize them to have no children or less healthy children. They use these laptops for hours every day in school. I forget the companies name, but their symbol is an upside down uterus which is showing us they plan to make us sterile with these microwaves. For information on how to make cheap orgonite/orgone see For more information on the chemtrails see Sofia you are correct that the microwaves DO change the pattern of the brain. 5G will also disrupt/damage our DNA and tear it apart! If you wonder why more people are not concerned about microwaves it is becuz their brains have already been changed so that they don’t even care. They are not capable. Each time they stare at their cell phones their brains are being RE wired. I read about that.

  8. Sam

    I am in Britain, I find in rural areas where there may be less mobile phone and wifi radiation, I still get EMS symptoms from overhead power lines.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Sam. I have certainly heard of others who are quite affected by overhead powerlines. Very hard to escape all human-created sources of electromagnetic radiation.

    2. Marie

      Maybe this would help you when you sleep. I’m going to try it. They sell cloth that is very fine, see through and able to breathe thro. It has fine metal threads thro it and is supposed to block the frequencies. I’m thinking of making something like a bag with a drawstring tie to put around my head and tie at my neck when i sleep. Hopefully it will block the radiation and help me sleep. Not too expensive. I think $25 or so. I think the company is called or .com. Something like that. Can find in a search.

  9. Sam

    A friend of mine who has EHS and Fibromyalgia finds visiting the Dartmoor National Park (England) helpful – overhead power is forbidden in the national park and most areas have no mobile phone signal.

  10. Bruce

    In rural areas with WYE power distribution (neutral wire, with smaller or no insulator), secondary distribution lines are often heavily loaded, and often only one or two phases so that “balancing” the neutral is impossible. This means higher magnetic fields from neutral current to the earth and aquifer. The code required grounding (via non transformer isolated neutral of the Wye system) of rural well pumps adds greatly to the current in aquifers, which results in low level magnetic fields over very large areas. This problem is not changed by the lines being buried; that really only reduces high frequency radiation from the power lines. Rural power lines are also not monitored or patrolled by the power company for high frequency EMI, often caused by loose and dirty structural metalic hardware on wood poles.

    In suburban communities things to look and ask for are:
    Delta power distribution
    Separate transformer per home
    water and gas provided by plastic pipes.

    Underground wires are both helpful and not. They make locating arcing sources difficult, but they tend to have less local sources due to the lack of wood and supporting hardware. (Wood shrinks with age and then metal fasteners near the lines may develop high induced voltages and spark,) Underground wires don’t radiate EMI as well as overhead lines, but this is not as helpful as it would seem since the home has so much unshielded, connected wiring that you are always much closer to.

    Best Wishes,

  11. Joy

    Hi…would you know if there are any safe zones in The Caribbean islands, such as Jamaica, any help would be appreciated,
    thank you

  12. Chris Young

    Hi Kim, Enjoyed your site and your fine work very much, thank you! For your growing list of EMF-Free Communities please add ,… Pueblo EMF Quieto (EMF Quiet Village) in Arizona USA. This extensive acreage is designed to enable relatively easy relocation for EHS restorative stays, offering wilderness camping or short and longer term tiny-house rental, with adjacent pristine land for private building also available for sale, in beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. See more description at – or watch this YouTube invitation:

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thanks Chris. I will definitely add Pueblo EMF Quieto as soon as I have time to do some work on my website. 🙂 I have been reading about it on Facebook.

    2. Markus Bayer

      Chris, do you have an update on this project? It’s been two years 🙂 There’s no news posted on the website, but lots of unanswered comments from people asking if this is happening. I signed up for the email list, but only received a copy and paste email back saying there’s been red tape and delays.

      That’s totally understandable. The legal difficulties and obstacles must be enormous. I’d just like to know if there is still a chance that this may be happening.

  13. Aiko Aiyana

    What are the qualifications for an EMFor EHS free zone? I am wired for internet, cell signals here are very sketchy to no service and there are many trees here in Hawaii. How do I know if I qualify?

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Aiko. I don’t believe there is any formal definition of an EMF-Free Zone, since most safe places people find probably do have some signal (it is hard to escape it entirely) – they just have far far less than most other areas. From what you have described (minimal to no cell service and wired internet, not wifi), it sounds like you have a pretty safe haven.

      If you have a place other people can stay short-term or long-term, you are welcome to post that information here in a more detailed comment, including website link if you have one. Or email it to me at and I will add it to my list when I next get around to updating it. (May be a while.)

    2. Marie

      Lucky you if you live where trees are around your house as they absorb a lot of the microwave radiation. I read that in the cities they are starting to cut down trees becuz they block/absorb the microwaves from 5G.

  14. August Kleiner

    This video (!As9vBMPC-kjmb_Fatuw5aB0dtIs) is recoded in Olvera 31/1/2017. The town is surrounded with 2 antennas on nearest mountain tops letting out over 1 mW/m2. But there are chance of worse hazard than microwave bursts. The streets go steep up and down on the mountain in thin air, which make all people catch their breathe, and in the morning cars cold start everywhere spitting out toxic stuff in the air.

  15. Kelly Strickland

    hello I am currently offering emf refugees temporary relief and time to heal from emf pollutants during the summer months on a wildlife camping retreat. during the months of april-september in the toyiabe national forest located an hour out of las vegas nevada. people will be provided a guide, transportation, tent, and meals. people would only need to bring thier clothes to this beautiful terrain that is virtually emf free. there is no wifi or cell service at all. it is a little rugged but our guides are very knowlegeable and experienced campers in the area. very affordable, starting at 200$ , without all the work of setting up camp etc, private or groups setting, focused on natural healing and getting better while back to the basics. email or call/text 7755379125
    i am also interestesdin creating a community that is free of: emf, gmo, flouride, pesticide, antibiotic free/ grass fed livestock where people can live off the grid but everyone contributes thier time/education/specialty/gift to make the community work. and a pharmascist that uses FOOD as medicine. we would need farmers cooks seamstress carpenters and probably more than i can list here. if you are interested in starting this type of community living please contact me kelly at or call or text 775 537 9125 i am in nevada usa.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thanks very much Kelly for visiting my Refugium site and posting this information! Re: the $200 starting price for the guides who will set up camps and cook meals for people… What period of time would the $200 cover? A day? A week? Just trying to get a rough ballpark on what the costs are since many EHS people are financially destitute due to the way this has affected their lives. Sounds like you have some great plans in mind! I hope people will get in touch with you! 🙂

  16. John Landers

    Some EMF protective clothing actually amplifies the radiation!!!
    I am EMF sensitive and easily get headaches near cellphone in use, which I have also measured with a cornet smog meter to be up to 70mW/m2.
    I then read about a woman with extreme sensitivity to devices at distance and she was using protective clothing, so?
    Take a look at the principle of a satellite dish:
    It works the same way as making fire by focusing light, which is electromagnetic rays. That’s why I myself would never wear and hood( ( or hat( as EMF protection. Even a hat is bad, because for example on Las Palmas, Spain on near mountains I used a hf35c emf meter and directed it towards earth and somehow every 8 second there was a about 8mW/m2 outburst.

    So what do I do? I have suffered extreme headaches for long periods during more than 10 years and eaten tons of pills…
    Take a look at this map about coverage: and check anywhere to live near resources (supermarket, etc.)
    Then compare it with this map: about celltowers in proximity.
    If they cover then they will also be people with dangerous cellphones around.
    Take also a look at map of shielding vegetation:
    There isn’t a single spot on the whole globe that aren’t covered! So there is no where to hide… So while suffering it seems best to try not to get upset.

  17. Bruce

    I’m a EE with severe MCS and ES for the last 29 years. In order to survive, I’ve had to become a serious student of EMC, the electrical engineering field which pretty much defines everything you’d need to know about actual shielding, filtering and measurement of the entire spectrum of EMFs. I live in a way off the grid home with 120VDC power ala Edison’s early power, with a PV/AC charger/regulation system I designed and build myself.

    I agree that in most cases, shielding clothing is ineffective. But this is because of cracks and gaps in the shielding, leaving exposed peripheral nerves. In order for it to be effective, you must have a COMPLETE surround, without cracks or gaps. This means a type of bee keeper suit.
    For many who may or may not be aware of their MCS, the shielding fabrics are often chemically intolerable, just as any new fabric is. Even organic cotton threads are now routinely coated with acrylic to avoid breakage in high speed looms, and it is near impossible to find fabrics made on very old looms, where only vegetable starch may be used.

    So if you put on shielding fabric, and feel bad, it is extremely likely that you are just reacting to the fabric.

    There is a huge misconception about reflected waves being concentrated. It is based more on phobia than reality. Our biological response to EMFs is logarithmic, so like light, we can barely notice a rather large change. My practical experience is that a 30dB reduction ( voltage or half that in power) of an immediately problematic frequency source is JUST BARELY noticeable. 60 dB reduction is felt as significantly improved. Over 90dB reduction and it is gone. The levels of signal change for a distant signal, with reflective surfaces and/or clothing is NOT going to reach a noticeable level.

    Likewise, you can do the typically lousy job of shielding your home, and if you do not tolerate the result, it will most certainly be due to and MCS type reaction to the shielding materials and NOT from “magical” amplification of signals by your leaky shield room. I encourage everyone to do materials toleration testing before doing large and expensive shielding projects.

    My own shielded home :
    has a single shielded door facing the direction of a cell tower 5.5 miles away. If the magical reflection theory was true, you would expect the radio/micrwave peak readings to be higher inside than outside when the door was open. It is not, it is in fact lower. When I have tested with an intentional omnidirectional (whip style) transmitter/antenna at 2.4 GHz inside the house, I do not get “hot spots”, instead I see levels as if I was about 10 feet from the transmitter, everywhere in the house, uniform to within 3-4dBm. This is caused by the foil lamimated walls reflecting not a single straight line source from a distance, but rather, reflecting the energy radiated in all directions by the omnidirectional whip antenna. When the steel door to that room is closed, the levels drop by 40dB, as if I had moved 100 feet from the transmitter in open space outside. This does point out that shielding a room or home, while using a transmitter inside it is idiotic and not appropriate for someone with ES.

    Non technical, magical reflection and resonance phobia has long been part of spiel of many “taught” by the Baubiology $800 certification mill. People seem to forget that Architects are ART majors and have no engineering training. Now they have an EMRS certification mill program for $3000, still absurd, since you can’t teach EMC in a two week class to non-EEs; they don’t have the technical background to understand it. Even EE’s would hardly be competent to do expert consulting after taking a 2 week seminar. In many states, your hair dresser or barber has more stringent certification requirements. It is a sorry state of affairs.

    In almost all cases, except for that of the transmitter inside your shielded area, you can utterly ignore reflections. When you don’t like reflective material, it is most likely a chemical or metal ion intolerance. Metal ions can be very bothersome, so even well cleaned and degreased metals can have an odor. This has been a common problem for those with MCS; I myself am badly affected by new, shiny aluminum alloys, copper, silver, and galvanized (zinc) steel. Fortunately, oxidization of the surface greatly reduces ions, and virtually any coating including acrylic, clay or milk paints also stops the metal ions.

    Resonance is another area where charlatans make absurd claims that you can put aside as irrelevant. If you do build a shield room or a shield for a piece of bothersome equipment, due to discontinuities of the shield, there will be resonances for some frequencies. Good grounding and bonding of the shield pieces will greatly reduce this. But please understand that even in the worst case, a resonance can only cause the absence of shielding at that particular frequency. IT WILL NOT AMPLIFY THE SIGNAL! An audible example is the tuning fork. When held near another tuning fork of the same note, it will softly vibrate that note at a lower amplitude. It does not get louder than the exciting source!

    I hope this helps but often am incapable of explaining engineering concepts to lay people, despite my best efforts.

    Bruce M

    1. John Landers

      According to EMF clothes salesman: “all tested – the face will absorb the signal before it hits the brain. Then consider if you turn away from the signal you will be shielded. …”

      By the way: When police check luggage in airports or trainstations they do not find cellphones dangerous. But hey they are tamed watchdogs …

  18. Bruce

    You face is covered in nerve endings, and you eyes and nose have direct nerve connections deep into the brain. Without a complete surround of the whole body, including the face, shielding clothing is as utterly worthless as the various magical jewelry, pendants, crystals, quantum malarkey, harmonizers, etc. These devices all work by placebo effect alone. Those with real ES are being preyed on by charlatans, and it is a booming field.

    1. John Landers

      “Those with real ES are being preyed on ..” is not realistic! You can try to comprehend it that way, but it ends like an angry blame.

      In the whole history about the american slavery and civil war over equal rights, did you even once find anything stating, that truly black and white aren’t equal, because black people can better sustain radiation from the sun in southern Africa, while white with red hair people statistically originating from western Europe are different, so nature is racist! Laws of government, religion or other games are misinformation! So what’s the trouble?

      In the TV show “Treasure quest snake island” in one episode the diver gladly jumps into hazardous water to get some “piece” of treasure, while a lurking crocodile close by suddenly also slips down there. Isn’t the greatest treasure really a good lifelong health?

      As EHS sufferer you may realize, that no you are not cut out to live like this, even if there are protecting clothes, you just want to get out of the impossible troubled zones. While others realizing that there are dangers, and there are sufferers, imagine, “what if we move around in “tanks”, we might make it in the war? And we will help others to with what, we believe is best!” Why can this be imagined? Because technology is fascinating!

      Can you imagine people talking in a mobilephone with their boss or just about serious problems, thinking that they boss or those problems are giving them a headache, while it is really EMF from the fantastic device? If you are schooled to behave – given characters for examplanary work -, if you are tamed, you’ll take pills for headache, put on lipstick and a smile and blame nature for being racist.

      In the TV show “Gold Rush Alaska” first season the team starts out with a mechanic James Harness, who is actually very ill by the mechanical work he does, though Todd (the boss) calls him a technologic wizard! And you’ll hear during the show James talking about ignoring pain not to let the other guys down. And he goes down dying that way. Tons of people actually believe nature is bad, and that for example technologic hospitals are there to fix them. And many die with cancer that way.

    1. John Landers

      I finally found an apartment sligtly down and behind a hill towards the only close mobilantennas in town. So I paid for entrance and moved in and told others on an EHS union website about the other available apartment on top of “mine”. Some of different race and with two children came to look at it, and I went around telling them about the really low EMF measurements that to surprise suddenly jumped repeatedly on the smog meter everywhere. It turned out that they were actually carrying mobile phone, and they were not the ones from the EHS union, and besides very much using fascinating electronics, they also decided to move in above! So wonder how to shield the ceiling?

      But then I also heard, that a smart meter was going to be installed!

      And after visiting the local water supply station, the local officer said, that they were planning to install everywhere this meter – which he showed – automatically registering and communicating wireless …

      But I don´t need that kind of game for entertainment! It is more important to figure out the healthy cycles of the body also by really growing some vegetables instead of doing it in a computer game. Because it is necessary to figure out good and bad in life!

      What is good and bad in a war? That is impossible, because the human body is not created to function in war – so participating in EHS rights is to me self-destructive! And EHS also seems like an incorrect definition to me, the correct must be “disharmonic electromagnetic technology”.
      But what is good and bad in life? Well when the body excretes feces in a toilet, it can smell bad, and perhaps embarrassing if any one takes notice it may trigger deniability. But understanding how feces actually are used as fertilizer for vegetables growth, and that then bad has become something good, it should not be embarrassing anymore. And the reason it smelled bad was because of a bodily reaction telling you not to put it in mouth!
      To understand health is not phrasing, for example when the body reacts tired and it is time to sleep, then the correct answer to good and bad becomes that it doesn´t matter now!

      To understand health and satisfaction you need access codes! For example yes, I get it about time and sleep and the autonomy of consciousness and abilities, which are told to be unknown at current scientific level, but it doesn´t make rationel sense to me if this life only gave meaning after “programming” every one else. Somehow there has to be a way in this life even if every one else decides to war. Actually I believe back in groundschool among all the other students I knew, I was the only one at the finish who voluntarily threw out all grade-books required for higher education and work to see, how society would treat me now without that crap! And even after more than 7 years without money on the streets and as a runaway from psychiatric, this is totally the correct way for me! Hey, most of the human body is just water, so I´m not really here, and there´s no way I´m going to waste my time in war over property in a world that only exists to eyes for demonstration!

      But about the mystery of sleep I guess it would appropriate here to explain, since that actually lead me to knowledge of disharmonic EMF radiation: Of course knowledge is not really something you have, because then where do you put it? You just get it in a fraction, and when you come by on a different thought pattern in relation, the relevance might attract a “memory” without actually revealing what! But what is sleep for?
      Experience grows, but “scientific level” that is pure nonsense! For example the purpose of war can be concluded as impossible even without experience by being a human not designed for it! So it is actually possible to know something even without experience!
      So if I lived back before the institution of hospitals, would life be impossible to make sense? And being ill then is it sensible to cut open the body for examination? The only possible conclusion is, that you must work in thoughts and psyche to find cure, and when you do understand the health issue, then nature – which made you ill – also has to cure you again! And what confirms this, is the requirement for sleep to regenerate! Because it is the only possible purpose with nature to really imprison us with gently illness and also cure us again after recognition and understanding! Actually the institution of prisons are only a fake nature! And how I came to get disharmonic EMF was by proving the need for relaxation in darkness during regeneration at sleep!

      The world and the nature in compare, time, the keys to treasures on the map of good health, about the rest …, dude, you need the access codes …

      1. Marie

        You can line the ceiling with tin foil. Cheaper. Elmers glue mixed in some water will
        work. Or wallpaper paste. They sell a screen cover to put over the Smart meter.
        Mine cost $100, but you can make one dirt cheap. See Youtube on how to make a
        Smart meter cover.

  19. Carrie S

    Did you post somewhere something about a place in Scotland? Perhaps that you thought was happening? Does this sound familiar?


    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Carrie. Yes, I am trying to track down information on two sanctuaries/retreats in Scotland that may be available and safe for EHS people. I hope to have the information soon and will add it to this list when I do.

  20. Sam

    There are two places in Scotland which have advertised respite for those with EHS in Scotland. I do not currently find either of them to be radioquiet myself. However there is a narrow strip of the border, just on the English side, between Kershopehead and Keilder Water with no signal whatsoever, and I have felt very well there. There is a mountain bothy run by the MBA where you can stay, and a radiosilent marked trail – Cross Border Trail – suitable for hiking or mountian biking. I understand there are parts of Dumfries and Galloway with little mobile phone signal, there is a campsite in one of them I will post a separate like to, its by Wigtown, near Stranraer.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      HI Sam. The 2 places in Scotland I am trying to get further info on are Pishwanton Wood Project and a 22-bed respite care centre that ES-UK is involved in. I have emailed both places for more information. Am waiting to hear back,. Are these the 2 you are thinking of? Or do you know of additional places in Scotland offering low-EMF respite/accommodation for EHS people?

  21. Sam

    Yes, Pishwanton is not currently a radio quiet location, due to increased rural coverage. The ES UK centre I have visited, it is near Dumfries; I get EHS symptoms from their electrical wiring, and there are overhead power lines in their valley which I also react to. It is also quite expensive to stay there. Both these places are strongly linked to Anthroposophy and operate from that particular religious / philosophical ethos. The other place I mentioned is also easier to reach if using public transport.

  22. Sam

    In the UK, Anthroposophy seems to have jumped on the bandwagon of EHS to raise money for its cause. Anthroposophical facilities may assist those with EHS, as it considers the use of electricity to be incorrect / inadvisable; however those with EHS may or may not want to have anthroposophy’s ethos pushed upon them when they are already feeling unwell and in difficult circumstances. I consider this type of ‘missionary’ activity quite exploitative of those who are sick and often financially disadvantaged due to thier health problems. ES UK itself is mainly organised by anthroposophists. I would consider it preferable if facilities to improve health or have respite were not religious.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thanks again for this information, Sam. I was not familiar with the phrase/movement “Anthroposophy” until you mentioned it here. (Although I was aware of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Schools.) Have just been reading about it on Wikipedia ( Fascinating to me. But I see your point about the potential problem of a certain philosophical/spiritual view being pushed on ill people who go somewhere because they are in desperate need of sanctuary. I suppose it depends on whether these sanctuaries/retreats are actively “pushing” their belief system on EHS residents who come for respite, or whether the people operating these sanctuaries are simply doing so because that work (maintaining and provinding safe/natural spaces for humans to exist in) is a practical extension of their belief system.

  23. Sam

    Regarding Pishwanton, much of East Lothian where it is situated, which is a hilly region, used to have limited mobile phone signal but coverage has been extended in many rural parts of Scotland recently. I consider the western side of the Borders region to be a better source of respite now; there are a number of no signal / low signal spots; some of them have modest accomodation, and wild camping is permitted providing no damamge or nuisance is created. There are helpful coverage maps on the websites of EE and BT.

    The UK now has 97% coverage with 4G :(. ‘White zones’ are mainly quite small spots eg under an overhanging cliff; in a steep sided valley; if two cells don’t quite match up

  24. Carrie S

    I’m a little confused about one of the links: The place listed in Africa- Ricky’s Drift says wifi is available at the cottages. I wouldn’t want wifi at my safe place. Do you know more about this?

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Carrie. I noticed that too originally, and I asked Ricky about Wifi and any other types of wireless transmission on property at Ricky’s Drift. This was Ricky’s reply: “You are quite right re the wifi. We have taken it off the website and also out of the top cottage. It was there if someone needed it. It does not give a signal in my house when on. But still it should not be there. If anyone wants to connect to internet, they can go to the farm office and plug into a cable. Re: cell phones on the compound itself, there is no reception. Sometimes one bar further away from the house. We ask people to turn their phones off. Cordless phones are out. We don’t have any. I know they are the worst. And no smart metres on farm. For me I cant speak on a phone or listen to music or watch tv as the frequency hits me, so i am pretty mindful of this and realize how it can affect us sensitive people .”

      1. Carrie S

        Thank you for following up. It is still on the website however, and is confusing. But I’m not running off there, but was looking at the links here and noticed. Thanks for the info. Naturally, I would speak extensively to a place before embarking on a visit. thanks!

      2. Kim Goldberg Post author

        Yes, I think that is the key thing in any search for sanctuary – to do a lot of direct and detailed communication with property owner before going. I am not sure why they are still listing wifi in one cabin. Good luck with your search! 🙂

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Spike. It’s all about finding ways to reduce signal and chemical exposure in your life. For many people that involves moving to a different location. But removing all offending sources of electromagnetic radiation and chemicals and mold from your current home is a start. If you are on Facebook, the Electrosensitivity Forum is a good place to start networking with others who are working to solve the same problem in their lives:

  25. Nathalie van Wees

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you so much for your work and for this website, and your listing of the ‘sanctuaries’ that are so precious for people dealing with this sensitivity.
    While checking out the place in England, I saw their website had ‘changed’ a bit, it shows a very different content, I thought you should know 🙂


    Fantastic work Kim. I wish I could afford to go to the Dome in Green Valley. I need that trip right now. God bless.

  27. Jim Reese

    Hello Kim
    I am sending you this link to amend my earlier offer. Things did not work out trying to do it the way I originally wanted to do. Mostly because of finances and regulation I now have a way to help some people with a safe place to live in Green Bank. Take a look at this and you will see.

    1. Carrie S

      Hi Jim, the link you provided went to just a godaddy page…. are you in Green Bank yourself? Are there safe places for folks. I know of people who’ve gone but it sounds like there’s not much housing available, and so many need very cheap. Thanks for your input!

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Helen. No, I don’t have more info about Olvera Spain, but I fear the town’s decision to be free of electromagnetic pollution-free may be more of a symbolic gesture than actual fact. Would love it is someone could confirm or clarify.

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  29. David Benjamin

    Hi Kim, thanks for making this site. Very helpful! Do you know any updates of places for a refugee from EMF that are currently accepting short term stays in North America or Europe?
    Also, besides my own sensitivity, I am an entrepreneur that wants to help in financing new startup EMF refuge communities and I know experts like Eric Billitier and others in Europe that can help to put together safe and healthy quality retreat design and business plans. Let me know.
    My experience is as an Architect, registered in Norway, Sivilarkitekt MNAL.
    Thanks, David Benjamin

    1. Unmani Groves

      Hello David,
      I was reading your response to Kim Goldberg on the sanctuaries refugium website. I would like to know if you have designed or found an “Ordinance” for Radiation-Free zones. We could be using these. Please send if you know of any.

  30. patriciaormsby

    I have a new one to add to Australia. Out in Shark Bay, a World Heritage site, there is a resort called Nanga Bay Resort. It is a bit run down and not many people go there. No wi-fi and phone service does not reach any closer than about 4 km away on the main road, they say. Some tourists have tantrums when they find no wi-fi, but the people running it have no intention of bringing it in and think it will never happen there. It was one of the cheapest places we saw for tenting or renting a chalet. They have a shop and restaurant. There is a public phone booth, hot bath, cool pool, good fishing, and a friendly dugong in the bay.

      1. patriciaormsby

        Thank you, Kim! I just looked into the Midwest Radio Quiet Zone and it appears to be almost directly east of Shark Bay out in the desert. I could find no information to suggest it is a no-go zone as someone mentioned to you. West Australia has the infamous town of Wittenoom, abandoned due to asbestos contamination, but that is way up at least 500 km north of Meekatharra. There is a sheep ranching station there that might (or might not) be willing to offer a place to stay, but otherwise it seems to be just the radio facility and some miners snooping around. The area had serious flooding in 2010, and I happened to be passing through Carnarvon then–almost had to detour through Meekatharra, it was really impressive. From the sounds of things, we may have been out of luck trying to go through Meekatharra too. Very very flat land, so the flood waters are everywhere, slowly making their way to the sea. It looked like they were getting hit again about a week ago, with a cyclone. Nanga Bay is really pleasant, and they had signs up saying they wanted volunteer help from nomads, which could probably be bargained for a place to stay.

      2. patriciaormsby

        As of May 2021, they appear still to be Wi-Fi and cellphone-free. Yesterday, I heard about Denis Island in the Seychelles, which advertises itself as Wi-Fi free. It is quite upscale and expensive, however, and getting there these days would be impossible for too many of us. Also, Musk seems determined to ensure such places do not exist on Earth.

  31. Rika Stelcelinski

    Has anyone heard of a safe zone in Poland? I read previously that there is a telescope similar to one in Green Bank in Central PL but not sure if they ban cell towers, etc..?

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      This list is just suggestions, R Campbell, not guarantees of anything. I’m sure Tasmania is getting worse all the time as is everyplace on the globe. Tasmania is listed here because of personal testimonials from people who went there to survive and found it far superior/safer/quieter than the areas they were fleeing from.

  32. peachpie9

    Greetings Kim and EHSers! I’m in Vermont, feeling better here, and will be needing housemates beginning this summer. Here’s my official listing, with pictures and videos, and with a big thank you to Bruce Evans for hosting this listing:

    2 bedrooms in rural Vermont, US, radio frequency quiet area + cabins, tent/RV camping

    We will have two bedrooms for rent as a house share (each bedroom is in the $475 – $550 range, with the possibility for work/trade to reduce rent) opening up this summer on the 2nd floor of our house in rural Marshfield, Vermont (I live in an addition off the 1st floor). The mountains shield the house from cell towers and there is no smart meter (an analog meter is used). We use a landline phone and ethernet cables for internet access.
    Radio frequency levels are zero throughout most of the house, according to our TES 593 meter. We use a wood stove for heat + propane for backup heat and cooking, so the house is not recommended for those with severe MCS.
    There are also 2 small very simple cabins available in mild weather, and, safer for MCSers, space for tent or RV camping (there’s a hose + composting toilet, but no hookups)(please inquire for rates).
    A large open field is available for gardening and/or raising small livestock, and there are other ways to generate income here. We are currently raising chickens, rabbits, and goats, and growing vegetables and herbs in the summer.

    Thank you so much, Kim!


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  34. Tom Phillips

    I am searching online on behalf of a friend with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. When I found your site I thought that I’d hit the jackpot. My friend lives in the UK but lived for most of her life in South Africa; she asked me to look for a Wi-Fi free holiday location in South Africa. Your site gave me the link to Ricky’s Drift. Imagine my dismay when I accessed the site and found that each abode advertised WiFi access – the exact opposite of what your site is about.
    Regards, Tom Phillips

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      I talked to them about that at one point. The owner said wifi wasn’t everywhere or it could be turned off at guest’s request for certain accommmodations. I have found a number of places like that – where the owner is happy to shut-off wifi if a guest requests it. Not all places will do that. You should pursue that question with Ricky’s Drift if you are still interested in going there. It’s possible they found they had no interest from EHS people and so decided to provide what the majority of guests want. But it’s also possible that they can disable wifi in a cottage upon request.

    2. Sam Seal

      I have found a wifi free location in the UK, if that’s any help – in Derbyshire. Complete with a 3-star hotel, a former castle, in contrast with the usual camping and roughing it options to escape EMF.
      I also have a South African friend who is EHS but not as sensitive as I am, who I think knows of EMF-free locations there. I will get in touch and then post again here.

    3. patriciaormsby

      Kim’s right, Tom. Have a talk to Ricky. Accommodations come under such intense pressure to provide wi-fi from a large number of guests, that they feel they must. The place I visited in Western Australia that was so remote wi-fi was impossible regularly saw people coming through who would have a full blown tantrum when they couldn’t get their wi-fi fix. We stayed at a hostel in Perth that advertized wi-fi during the day but not at night, apparently shutting it off for the sake of helping certain clients overcome other addictions. The owner was a very caring person and treated the guests like family. One night some gal came in at about 2 a.m. and called in the manager and chewed him out royally over not being able to access wi-fi. She stayed up all night watching TV.
      Governments also tend to see wi-fi access as a priority. Viewed from the outside of the phenomenon, it is easy to spot a very powerful addiction, but from the inside, there are a thousand and one ways of rationalizing it.
      I’ve stayed at places in Indonesia that did not advertize wi-fi, but they had it anyway, not even realizing that it was wi-fi, because someone in the family wanted it. I got the owner’s permission to turn it off at night. It was beaming straight in through our window. But someone would come along and turn it right back on. Worse, the house next door had a signal that was strong enough to be a problem for me, and there was nothing we could do about it.
      There was a place in Thailand that advertized wi-fi, but it was in the owner’s house and patio area and not strong enough to cause me problems. Our room, the furthest from the house, had such a low signal I thought my Guassmeter must be broken. The wife was dealing with depression, so they did not want many guests. During the New Year’s holiday, they took in guests, and inevitably fielded loud complaints when they couldn’t get a signal in their room. They were nice people, but even when I learned enough Thai to explain that it was the radio waves and that they caused me severe distress such as arrhythmia, it was so new to them they couldn’t grok it. (Their daughter persisted in using her smartphone in the car.)
      These are my happiest experiences travelling in recent years. My point is if Ricky knows what wi-fi is, understands that some people cannot tolerate it and can provide a room without a signal he is a REAL resource, a friend in a storm, and it is great that he is adverizing wi-fi, because that is what everyone needs to do these days just to stay in business.
      Incidentally, even airlines that do not advertize wi-fi have it now. After a terrible experience on Thai Airways, I purchased shielding cloth and stitched up a thin cotton sleeping bag that I can quickly pull over my head and torso, with a zipper so I can accept drinks now and then. sells something similar. (Mine has a higher shielding rating.) I also recommend a window seat as far back as possible and that she goes with someone who understands her condition so that she is not seated next to an addict.

  35. D Moore

    Anyone ever FIND your place only to have a powerful cell phone tower go up the week of your move in?
    That happened to me with Ryder Lake, Fraser Valley, BC. Been living in complete flux for 18 months now with nowhere to live. I am also super sensitive to freight train vibrations since they became extremely heavy here in 2014. It’s extremely tough to find a place to live. I don’t need it completely free of EMf, but very reduced RF at least.
    I wonder how the bats that haven’t been decimated already, find somewhere to sleep?

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      That’s terrible – finding a safe place to live and then having a cell tower go up right after you move in. It’s an all-too-common story. I hope you find something else!

    2. patriciaormsby

      It wasn’t the week they moved in, but that kind of thing happened to a family in Japan, in which the whole family was electrosensitive. They had moved way out in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture, The only other people coming through were hikers, but Docomo had to live up to its name, which means “everywhere.” Now they even have towers beamed expressly at mountaintops, if those aren’t crowned with a bevy already. When looking for safe spots, I check out spots with towers already present and see if the levels of EMFs are reasonable. The addition of 4G has made it much harder–shockingly high levels even at 500 meters, but even 100 yards laterally can make a difference.
      Yasuko Kato, who advocates for EHS in Japan, says realistically, have no choice but to shield your living quarters. I think with 5G, the amount of infrastructure investment will be so enormous that staying out of central business districts will be enough initially, and the further out you are the better, but if they do show up, you’ll need to shield, and we really don’t know what will be needed to be sufficient.
      Many years ago, my relatives had a hostel very far out on Powell Lake and up a road unto a valley from there. Arthur Firstenberg checked it out, but it had the disadvantage of a paper mill in the nearest town, which would be unacceptable to chemically sensitive people, he said, though the wind rarely carried the smell that far. The person who bought it, unfortunately, wanted a quick profit, and sold it piecemeal to logging interests, who devastated it.
      Sometimes you have to go with what is possible, even if it isn’t perfect.

      1. Kim Goldberg Post author

        That really is the key – going with what’s possible instead of holding out for perfection. Because we aren’t going to find perfection on this planet in terms of a truly safe living environment. It’s about doing the best we can with what’s available. Improving it where we can. Protecting ourselves as best we can.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Wow! Sounds great Stefano! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love Portugal. One of the most beautiful and peaceful countries I have ever spent time in.

  36. isobel turner

    I am looking for somewhere in England or south wales where i can put my mobile home on the land but not be near too much wifi…i will still need ethernet and somewhere the neighbours won’t be using lots of chemicals because i am very chemically sensitive…i was wondering if there was anywhere like this?

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      hi Isobel. thank you for stopping by the Refugium site and leaving this query. I unfortunately don’t have any suggestions, but I am hoping some UK people reading this might.

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  39. Iona Jelf

    Hi Kim, i’m so glad to have found your site, thankyou! I’m wanting to live in a yurt but wondering how possible it would be to protect it from external EMF’s? I’m in NZ and in a fairly isolated place but with all the satelites going up i think everywhere is going to be irradiated. Do you have any suggestions for EMF proofing a yurt? Or would i be better off being in a tiny house which i guess would act more like a faraday cage…?

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      That’s a very interesting question Iona. I don’t know right off the bat. I think it might be possible to turn entire yurt into Faraday cage, conceivably with metal bugscreen (which can be bought in 4-ft-wide rolls and is nearly transparent so wouldn’t block your windows). And then be sure it is well grounded, which shouldn’t be hard with a yurt, since it is sitting right on the ground. It would be worth asking a Building Biologist. But that is how I would go about it.

      1. Alison Price

        You probably won’t get this, Kim, since you blocked my email, but I made a new friend the other day, gave her my email and your website came up right next to my email address. So therefore, I guess it IS best to keep my story hidden. I am still dealing with this stalker guy and it’s gotten way, way worse. He’s trying to cause me serious accidents at least once per wk and more.

        hope you’re getting better….feeling well.


  40. Miaaimmia Madsen

    when was this written? In regards to Tasmania being safe 5G is being installed everywhere, so wilderness where less reievers are active is better, but thanks to Elon Musk and the military industrial complex we are doomed

  41. Pingback: Relocating to EMF-Free Zones in Canada: Places for 'EMF Refugees'

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