George Parker: Military Exposure to Wireless Radiation

By Kim Goldberg

March 26, 2014 

George Parker was healthy and physically fit when he arrived for his 12-month tour of duty in South Vietnam in 1968-1969, where he was a Troop Sergeant of a Signals Communications troop in the Australian Army.

George Parker was healthy and physically fit when he arrived for his 12-month tour of duty in South Vietnam in 1968-1969, where he was a Troop Sergeant of a Signals Communications troop in the Australian Army.

George Parker served in the Australian Army for 21 years, from 1959-1980, working in worldwide communications within the Corps of Signals. But it was his one-year tour of duty in South Vietnam 45 years ago that changed his life forever. During that tour, George received much greater and more constant exposure to radio frequency microwaves from the various radio transmitters and receivers he was living and working with.

As a result of his Army exposure, George developed significant and lifelong electrosensitivity. But until the year 2000, he had no name for his disabling condition, and no insight into the cause of his torment. He just termed it his “silent illness”.

George outside of his quarters, South Vietnam, 1969

George outside of his quarters, South Vietnam, 1969

“I arrived in South Vietnam in December 1968,” George tells me. “After a month or so, I began to feel ill, strange and suffering from nausea. There was a 1,000-watt transmitting antenna that was radiating continuously over our base camp, for rear communications back to Australia. When not on operations, we were camped at our base camp. It was possible to boil water in front of the bed-frame antenna system. I lived and worked in close proximity to all of this equipment, and slept 100 meters away. That was just part and parcel of the life of a communicator,” George explains.

As his tour in Vietnam progressed, George’s symptoms worsened. “I was weak and tired, I was fatiguing easily and experiencing, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, joint pain, confusion, anxiety, and even bouts of crying,” he recounts in his diaries, which he generously gave me access to for writing up his story.

George, who had been a very physically fit soldier prior to his Vietnam tour, returned home to Australia in December of 1969 where his symptoms expanded further.

The George Parker who returned home to Australia after a year's exposure to RF radiation was tormented by his "silent illness" of electrosensitivity

The George Parker who returned home to Australia after a year’s exposure to RF radiation was haunted and tormented by his “silent illness” of electrosensitivity

“I suffered continually with chronic flu-like illness, aching glands, aches and pains in all joints and muscles, cold sweats, always feeling sluggish and extremely sleepy, and I had difficulty with memory and concentration,” George recalls. “The symptoms waxed and waned, interfering with my family, Army, and sporting life,” he adds.

George had adopted a rigorous fitness program and became actively involved in marathon kayak racing—all as part of his bid to conquer his mysterious affliction. But his recovery time after each grueling kayak race grew longer and longer until he finally had to give up the sport he loved in 1983.

Despite numerous visits to doctors over the ensuing years, none of them could accurately diagnose George’s malady. Instead, doctors scratched their heads, gave George a pat on the back, and sent him out the door with antibiotics, anti-depressants, and a variety of other pills.

“My Army mates nicknamed me Pills Parker,” George remembers.

George had long suspected that his time in South Vietnam was at the root of his ongoing health problems, which all seemed to start there.

“I began to believe that my respiratory disorder was due to inhaling Agent Orange, insecticides, other chemicals, gas, and dust [while in Vietnam],” he says. And indeed such toxins may have played a part in George’s baffling health problems.

“I felt as though I had ants crawling all over me”

So potent was the RF radiation near the bed-frame antenna system of the TRC-24 that it was possible to boil water in front of it. Shown here, the antenna is mounted on a mast beside the shelter while on operations north of Saigon, 1969.

So potent was the RF radiation near the bed-frame antenna system of the TRC-24 that it was possible to boil water in front of it. Shown here, the antenna is mounted on a mast beside the shelter while on operations north of Saigon (Long Binh Ops) 1969.

“By 1984, I was beginning to experience persistent lack of concentration, memory lapses, dizziness to the point of nearly fainting, severe headaches, migraines, numbness and tingling all over my arms, legs, and scalp. At times I felt as though I had ants crawling all over me,” George recalls. He became chronically drowsy. But when he fell asleep, he had “terrible strange dreams.”

It would take another 16 years before George would gain some real insight into the primary cause of his problems.

In 1997, George and his wife moved to Tasmania, an island state located 150 miles south of the Australian continent. Tasmania is famed for its large and comparatively unspoiled natural environment. The couple lived in a part of Tasmania with no mobile phone coverage, and the nearest power transmission lines were miles away.

“After a month in Tasmania, for no apparent reason, my health began to improve,” George recalls. “Eventually most of my symptoms disappeared, and I was experiencing good health for the first time since 1969.”

In 2000, George and his wife returned to the Australian mainland, and all of George’s symptoms quickly returned. The full picture finally emerged for George after he and his wife embarked on a caravan lifestyle, touring around Australia. When his wife activated her mobile phone, George felt burning and tingling in his limbs. Each time they would leave the road and enter a caravan park where he was exposed to much higher densities of microwave radiation from other caravans with mobile phones, as well as the low frequency electromagnetic radiation from the site’s power system, George’s symptoms would worsen.

“I began to realize that I was suffering from electrosensitivity,” George says. “Within twelve months, all my symptoms had returned with a vengeance.”  

The E513 was a 1,000-watt high-frequency transmitter, and was one of the components irradiating Geroge for 12 months in South Vietnam.

The E513 was a 1,000-watt high-frequency transmitter, and was one of the components irradiating George for his 12-month tour in South Vietnam in the 1960s.

Then in 2004, George came across some articles on microwave illness. “These articles confirmed that what I suffered in Vietnam was due to the high microwave radiation of the wireless equipment I worked with and maintained,” George tells me. “My symptoms, which began in South Vietnam, were the same symptoms of microwave and radio sickness, and they were further aggravated by my continuation of Army service in high power and microwave radiation areas at military establishments [after Vietnam].”

In fact, it was back in the 1950s that Russian researchers identified what they termed “microwave sickness” in soldiers and workers who received daily occupational exposure to radio frequency (RF) and microwave equipment. Clinics were established in Moscow, Leningrad and other cities in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to treat thousands of people afflicted with the same condition George was suffering from, due to his own military exposure to this radiation.

The AN-GRC 106 was a 200-watt high frequency receiver/transmitter used by George and his troop for for back-up communications

The AN-GRC 106 was a 200-watt high frequency receiver/transmitter used by George and his troop for  back-up communications.

In 1971, the US Naval Medical Research Institute compiled a 116-page report consisting of a comprehensive bibliography of all known “Reported Biological Phenomena and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation.” That report, now declassified, contains a staggering amount data that is decades old. The list of known and suspected health maladies arising from exposure to this type of communications and radar-related radiation is pages long and spans everything from myocardial necrosis, convulsions, and liver enlargement, to blood and bone changes, scalp sensations, and irritability. This Navy report leaves no doubt whatsoever on the questions of: “What did the US military (and government) know, and when did they know it?” They knew it all in 1971 at the latest. And possibly much sooner, if they had access to the Russian research back in the 1950s.

After George was discharged from the Australian Army in 1980, he and his wife moved into populated suburban areas where high power transmission lines were never more than 50-100 meters from their home.

“This was another reason why my symptoms worsened,” George says. “Once I moved away from that environment [to Tasmania] from 1997-2000, my health improved.”

Now active in online support groups

George Parkerr today, at age 76.

George Parker today, at age 76.

Today at age 76, George is focusing on living the best life he can within the constraints of his retirement village in Gold Coast, Queensland, where neighbors populate their homes with the typical assortment of wireless devices.

He has become an active participant and contributor on several electrosensitivity support groups on Facebook. His decades of surviving with EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity)—and even keeping a sense of humor about it—have made him a bit of a legend in these online support groups.

“Wireless technology is no different than asbestos and passive cigarette smoking, which have finally been banned in most countries, but only after decades of fighting for our rights,” George reminds his fellow sufferers in a posting.

Elsewhere in cyberspace, he tells an electrosensitive woman who is having a difficult day: “I have always believed that the reason some suffer EHS so extremely and so much worse than other people is because they have a sensitive spirit.”

© Kim Goldberg 2014. All rights reserved.

(George Parker’s story will be included in Kim Goldberg’s forthcoming book REFUGIUM: Wi-Fi Exiles and the Coming Electroplague. Read more people’s stories here.)

28 thoughts on “George Parker: Military Exposure to Wireless Radiation

  1. Samantha Clement

    Thank you so much for sharing your story George – you have definitely been a great help and inspiration to a lot of us who suffer the same illness. I will always be grateful for the suppport, advice, and info you give us as we all continue to fight the battle of surviving with ES.

  2. rustic23

    Hats off to you, George, for your story!! the more people like you who are open about this insidious EMS/MCS the more others will be alerted to the cause of their symptoms and the hi tech companies will be educated and soon be controlled by rules to protect people. It’s like any other allergy in that one needs to educate oneself so to protect yourself from further deterioration for the rest of your life. Good luck to you and please continue to educate all others.

  3. Frank Lee

    Thank you for posting this excellent article. The cellular phone system needs to be BANNED world-wide, and all wireless communications halted. Electromagnetic pollution is the most wide-spread and hazardous technology in the history of mankind. We are destroying all biological life on the planet, because we’ve been progammed to think technology is the answer to our problems. The problems are the insanities of economic goals that are destructive to life.
    We need to learn to grow good food. Then make sure everyone has some of it to eat…
    Throw your cell phone trash, wi-fi junk devices, wireless DECT phones, and other EM producing devices away. Your planet is dying.

    1. rustic23

      Frank – BOY DID YOU JUST GO FOR THE JUGLAR WHICH IS WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS!! YUP, WE’RE BEING KILLED OFF BY TRYING TO MAKE LIVING “easier” – a pathetic,insidious joke. I hope you continue to get your great message out there for everyone to see (tho wish the “right people” who are enabled by all of us to make decisions would LISTEN!!). Thanks, Frank

      1. Frank Lee

        Thank for the note Rustic23. I’ve been trying to wake people up for over thirty years. Lost many a friend, business associate, family and grand kids to the techno-insanity. Now disabled from the EM, and watching my planet gasping for air. My actual name is Paul Vonharnish, and I’m all over this on the web.
        Hope you’re in a safer zone than me, and your health is good.

    2. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Right on, Paul! That’s exactly what’s needed. Toss all wireless devices in the trash, and start growing and eating healthy clean food with non-GMO seed and no chemicals. Rebuilding the planet one garden at a time…

    3. Stephanie D

      Thank you, Frank/Paul, for saying this in such a powerful way. We are killing the planet slowly. I know this because of how my body freaks out around any rf signal.

  4. rustic23

    Paul – thanks for your supportive reply; it seems i’m in the same position as yourself at present. hope we can post our emails here as would like to talk with you about a limbic, brain healing program that improved my condition about 95% from severe EMS just 21/2 years ago. I’m @: – please contact me if possible. where are you located? i want to know what paths you’ve taken to alert people/etc. etc. Ann Gillett/Brevard/North Carolina,U,.S.

  5. jinglepots

    Wow! What a an endurance test! Thank-you for sharing your story, George. It is so valuable to all of us who suffer from EHS. Hopefully, as more folks hear about our plight it will be better understood by the majority, and more precautions will be taken to protect us. It is definitely valuable to have a sense of humor in this life. All the best from Nanaimo, Canada!

  6. June Salmon

    Thank you. I also had to leave my job when they put Wifi throughout the building and a cell mast on the Roof. All in you head. No the WHO now recognise it thank goodness..

  7. aabbcc1122

    Hi Everyone who commented. I thank your for your response. It’s been a long, long battle and being fobbed off by the medical fraternity with CFS, FMS but a severe case of delusion and paranoia. Were I live, I must the be the only one in a 1.5 million people who is suffering. I’ve tried for media time, closed door—I sent a letter to the environmental minister, an answer but all of my concerns are handled by the janitor—I sent a letter to other government officials—no reply—-I sent a letter to local councillor whose library is like a military communications area—don’t want to know. Ignored any comment about the Wi Fi being removed from all Paris Libraries because of the staff health problems. Then after much research into most people who I have contacted, I discovered many had shares in wireless companies. So, I guess they won’t bite the hands that feed them. I do give up, but I am always prepared to help people and give the encouragement to keep going and keep fighting. Thanks Kim and all who have read the article.

    1. jinglepots

      Keep on keepin’ on George:) Thanks for your strength:) You are assisting many of us with your knowledge and desire to help. Have a good day mate:)

    2. Sherri

      George, and everyone. Thank you for being available. I’m starting the limbic system retraining and happy to hear some got 95% improvement. I’ve also come across a Dr Igor Smirnov who invented some tools to neutralize the penetration if radiation before it enters our body. I’ve followed the trail and he has patented and developed the technology and has franchise in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Company goes by name of GIA Wellness. I’ve talked to
      People who have personally had good results from this technology. Please Let me know if you have known of others who have used it. I will receive and start my own experience with these products this week. I’m available at if anybody has input, questions, or experience with this.

  8. Brian Clemmer

    Sounds like me and what I’m going through. I moved to Loveland Colorado and got a break from the torment for a year but unfortunately had to return to Oregon. There are Smart Meter free towns, far n’ few between but if you’re like me and seeking a break from the torment, you just have to look into it there are ‘safe zone’ areas in this country. Look for dry areas, high elevations (it seems to settle down into valleys and low elevations), and low populated areas, and anywhere you suspect there won’t be a high demand for wireless devices. Right now I’m working on getting out of the Willamette Valley (Portland, OR), it’s the worst city to be in if you have EHS because the clouds, rain, and humidity seem to amplify it. As well as the low elevation, do not come to Portland if you have EHS! Thank you for sharing your story George, it’s nice to hear from others suffering the same illness.


  9. Alison Price

    why does he not move back where this is no signal? I was just told that same thing 2 mornings ago by an artist type..that she thought ‘sensitive’s like she and I feel the energies more. I don’t know. was told in a “channeled reading” over phone yrs ago (by the archangles/masters supposedly ..though it did feel “right on” on several pts) that I was born sensitive and that there was nothing I could do about it except to raise my frequency level. That comes in a state of love..a hard place to be/find in while experiencing what I am–extreme physical pain + love are hard to come hand in hand.. I read the Russian research in around 92 in central fl. do you know that they banned microwave ovens for 25 yrs in USSR due to their findings? Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2014 03:28:11 +0000 To:

  10. Frank Lee

    Take the time to watch these three videos. If this is what EM radiation does to human DNA, how about other living creatures? UNDERSTAND that EM emissions are destroying ALL life on the planet. This is not about how you “feel”. Get rid of these devices. Get rid of technology that enslaves your minds and destroys your planet.

    A very clear explanation of induced responses within biological cells due to electromagnetic radiation

    Blake Levitt – notice she refers to EM emissions as an environmental pollutant.

    Also Magda Havas is well educated and many presentations before live audiences. >
    Magda Havas Regarding Live Blood & Electrosmog

  11. Frank Lee

    Not sure what happened to links in my last post, but these can be found on YouTube or on pages devoted to the above mentioned authors.

    For those who might think I’m flapping on the wind regarding environmental damage from these technologies. >

    Click to access AspenStudy.pdf

    Evidence of specie decline due to electromagnetic emissions is conclusive. We can either make sober decisions to BAN all forms of wireless technology, or circumstances will dictate the final solution for us…

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Your previous message with some links was posted in its entirety, Paul. I am not altering anything in anyone’s message – just approving them. Thanks for supplying people with all of these links. 🙂

      1. Frank Lee

        Hi Kim,

        No problem on the link. I’ve seen this happen before when I post multiple YouTube links. Seems one of the links always grabs the show. Anyway, Magda Havas has her own excellent EM/health related web site. Her research is quite robust yet accessible. Also see videos by Camilla Rees.
        I felt bad reading George Parker’s history, because I know the Department of Defense was aware of microwave induced “radar illness” years before he was commissioned. For more on this, read Zorry Glaser’s summery report to the Naval Medical Research Institute dated October 4, 1971. Radio and radar induced effects were noted as far back as 1933. Here are some notes of interest. >
        Operational Procedure for Project Pandora Microwave
        by E.V. Byron
        -October 1966-

        Click to access Project_PANDORA.pdf

        What the Military Kept from the Public on Microwave Radiation Part 1

        Warnings regarding Tetra frequencies

        Say thanks to George Parker for me. I was born EM sensitive. No one ever figured it out. My father was an electricians mate in the Navy back in WWII. Lots of radar and radio detail. The other children in my family were born lucky. Professor Olle Johansson also has solid data linking electromagnetic DNA damage to future generations. There are a number of interviews with Mr. Johansson available on the web.

  12. rustic23

    paul – i continue to be impressed by your EMS knowledge as everyone else is i’m sure. I’m trying to help someone with shielding mag. rad. in her – do you feel is an appropriate source for EMS products? What do you know of their giron/use in floor of car to reduce alternator’s magnetic effects and do you have suggestions for the steering wheel (grounding alum. foil or something better?). Am trying to help a few novice EMF people survive a bit easier. thanks so much! What do you suggest we all do to get the word out?

    1. Frank Lee

      Hello Kim, rustic23, and above persons who posted. Thank you for your support and interests in the EM emissions issue. There is VERY REAL need to publicly address the EM radiation issue as a world-wide social and environmental catastrophe. These technologies were put into place with little or no oversight regarding biological hazards. FCC licensing in the United States has been hijacked by telecommunications companies and corporate interests. Tom Wheeler (the newly appointed FCC chairperson) has been in a revolving door relationship with government and industry for years. >

      For a frightening introduction to methods by which corporate policy has waxed into open assault on private citizens, please watch the excellent documentary film by Josh del Sol “Take Back Your Power”. This can be rented as a gift to yourself for $2.99 on the TakeBackYourPower web site.

      Another good page addressing personal EM protection and good reader comments can be found on ElectricSense in Southern France.

      In terms of getting the word out effectively: It’s very much an uphill battle. There is strong evidence that cellular phone use, video games, and many other pulsed digital apparatus stimulate areas of the limbic system. Particularly the nucleus accumbens which drives the mesolimbic system. I began an Abstract on this subject two years ago, but found that it was way over people’s heads, and most people are not comfortable reading 300 page scientific Abstracts. Long story short: EM emissions at the frequencies chosen for most cellular and DECT phone devices, causes direct addictive behaviors. These behaviors are not initially habitual, but are chemical releases of dopamine and other mood altering chemicals…

      To rustic23: Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’ll offer shielding advice in personal email. It’s not as simple as Less EMF says it is. There are less expensive ways to protect your homes and children. Getting rid of ALL wireless devices and going with hard-wired modems is just the first step.

      1. Noa Assmann

        thanks a lot George, for your support and your help in the support groups. You where till now very helpful for me.
        I think this shows, that those are wrong, who will tell us, that only women and only people who are afraid of radiation suffer from EHS. And that there is no thing like EHS. But this is what happens. Here in Israel, we hear it every day “you suffer from that is not existing. There is no connection between radiation and your symptoms. even talking about my pacemaker cardiologues get angry, when I tell them, that the radiation in the hospital makes my pacemaker going on tachykardie. it is a fight… and so exhausting.
        THanks George for your story
        Noa from Israel

  13. AndersonBM (@AndersonBM1776)

    This Story is a shadow of facts that has long been ignored for the fact as they are starting with the Historical context of the Hitler Phone bridge effect or affect with after 1975 and the church committee the context terms became Pyschotronics or synergnic inter reactions of non Ionizing radiation of those with Dental Amalgam or Gold . Induced Tinnitus

    The issues has become a insult to injury starting with John Kerry in 2013 when he signed the Minamata convention on Mercury yet its ignored by whom it was to have been directed to apply to ,

    Trumps appointee of resigning Fcc Chairmen Tom Wheeler Chairman Ajit Pai:

    I Don’t agree that this new appointee should have been recycled .More over I think a senate review should take place and as I understand one is still required by law given its reinstatement. I will cite the work of Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D. Director, Center for Family & Community Health
    School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley from his own word . To make my point . The GAO in or about 2012 Finally, the General Accountability Office issued a report entitled, “Exposure and Testing Requirements for Mobile Phones Should Be Reassessed” (GAO-12-771: Published: Jul 24, 2012. Google the Context to find report. The report made the following recommendations which have yet to be addressed by the FCC which have been grossly ignored “FCC should formally reassess and, if appropriate, change its current RF energy exposure limit and mobile phone testing requirements related to likely usage configurations, particularly when phones are held against the body. FCC noted that a draft document currently under consideration by FCC has the potential to address GAO’s recommendations . The FCC’s RF guidelines were adopted 20 years ago. Many scientists and health professionals believe these guidelines do not protect the population from non-thermal health risks due to RF radiation exposure. To ensure public health and safety, the FCC should commission an independent review of the biologic and health research to determine stringent RF standards before allowing additional spectrum to be used for new commercial applications. End Citing . The Fcc did create seemingly via admin fiat that was never submitted to the Senate Budget committee for funding or not its never been submitted to direct the investigation agencies congressional chartered for the task of Investigations such as and not limited to as for in the last 3 months NCRP or the National counsel on Radiological protections and Measurement . My Biggest reason for my views is Post 1975 Post Church Committee investigation of an not limited to Cold War Psychotronics post 1947 The Hitler Phone bridge effect or affect. Amalgams and or gold or at best raise the awareness to the underlining issues seemingly ignored post the church committee of 1975 as with hyper sensitivity from heavy metals or synergnic inter reactions of non ionizing radiation. “Psychotronics variations ”. ie the Hitler Phone bridge effect. which would be partly induced tinnitus in a generalist manor The reason I cited the fcc and or the NOI 13-84. As One could get Idea about if one would research The ACES Study on a formal, academic research study into the effects of electromagnetic fields on psychic performance.

    As i my self a read into as I was looking to understand the ideas of control groups and direct and or indirect emitters or device environmental test parameters and telemetry of emitters and the out put for non ionizing radiation and if in fact you had sought to screen the test subjects on synergnic inter reactions of those with medical devices such as Dental Amalgam and or even Gold.To screen for medical device interactions the “Hitler phone bridge effect” or psychotronics and induced tinnitus misdiagnoses mental illness and the cause and effects of distortion of or for natural psychic abilities.


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