Electro-Aware Art Wanted for Book on EHS


Electro-Aware Art Wanted for Book on EHS

“Making the Invisible Visible” 

by Kim Goldberg

May 25, 2014

I am currently seeking “Electro-Aware” visual art for possible inclusion in my Refugium book and website about people living with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), and the perils of Electro-pollution. I am primarily looking for art from people who are electrosensitive. But I will also consider submissions from others who are exploring this topic artistically.

View the online gallery here.

How do we render the invisible world of frequencies into a visual experience? And what would a healthier world look like? 

A3 drawing on colored paper © Tom van Campenhout

A3 drawing on colored paper © Tom van Campenhout

What To Submit:

Drawings, paintings, photographs, computerized graphics, collage art, cartoons, graffiti, or any other visual art that you can submit as a .jpg for consideration and possible publication.

I am looking for visual art that explores themes such as: electrosensitivity, electricity, wireless radiation, electro-pollution, frequencies, resonance, our electro-sick civilization, or conversely what the antidote to these problems might look like. I am interested in both the nightmare of electro-pollution, and also the dream/vision of a healthier world. You may submit more than one work of art. If the connection to the topic of electro-pollution is not obvious in your work, you will need to supply that connection in your Artist’s Statement. 

Be as creative as you want! You do not need to be a professional artist to submit work. All artists whose work I use in the book will receive a complimentary copy of Refugium in 2015, along with my heartfelt thanks.

How To Submit:

1. Please email your Electro-Aware visual art as a hi-res .jpg to goldberg@ncf.ca (You may submit more than one work of art.)

2. Please include an Artist’s Statement of 300 words (maximum) about the problem of Electro-pollution and how it relates to your work as an artist. Feel free to describe your own electrosensitivity too.

3. Please attach a photo of yourself that can accompany your Artist’s Statement. Any type of photo is fine—a standard head-shot, zany photo, arty photo. 

4. Please include a sentence in your email stating that you grant me permission to publish your art, your artist’s statement, and your photo in my Refugium book and on my Refugium website under the terms specified in this Call for Submissions.

Response Time: 

I will acknowledge receipt of your submission within three days (unless I am away).

In Fall 2014, I will let you know whether I will be including your art in the book (due out in 2015).

If I use your work and Artist Statement on my Refugium website, I will notify you as soon as it is posted.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Submission of work does not guarantee publication.
  • All artists included in the book will receive a complimentary copy of the book as payment.
  • All artists included will be properly credited and acknowledged in the book.
  • All artists will retain their copyright to their art.
  • All artists, by submitting work to this Call for Submissions, are granting me permission to use their work both in my Refugium book and on my Refugium website (http://electroplague.com), with the artist’s ownership being properly identified and credited in all cases. 

Thank you for living a creative and artistic life! And thank you in advance for whatever Electro-Aware Art you may choose to submit to my Refugium project.

I am very grateful to Dutch artist Tom van Campenhout for being one of the first artists to agree to participate in this collection of Electro-Aware Art for the Refugium project.

Kim GoldbergKim Goldberg

Nanaimo, BC


12 thoughts on “Electro-Aware Art Wanted for Book on EHS

  1. Trish Garcia

    I am currently working on a piece that was for my FB page, how long can you wait for me? I would love to enter it! I am electro sensitive. What a wonderful project!

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      I would love to see your piece when it is ready, Trish! So please do send it along to me whenever you have it ready. I don’t have any firm deadline in mind yet. Any time this summer would be fine. 🙂

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thanks Paul! I am pretty excited by the Electro-aware Art I have received so far: https://electroplague.com/electro-aware-artists/

      And I just put out the call a few days ago. Art can often reach people in a way that text can’t. We are drowning in text already. Still looking for more Electro-Aware Artists if you know of anyone who might like to participate, or if you yourself would.

  2. L. Anderson

    Your blog subscription program will not let me sign up either of my emails to receive your blog . . . .

  3. Frank Lee

    Hi Kim,
    I occasionally get a message that your site certificate is not valid. It doesn’t happen every time. I use WordPress for log in, so not sure if this is an issue for other readers. Hope that helps. Thanks.

  4. carolien123

    Hi Kim, what an inspiring initiative! Only just found this blog via Eefje van den Hamsvoort. I know many electrohypersensatives in Holland..how much time do we have to send in artworks? Anyway I’ll try to repost your request. Wish you all the best with your book, let us know when it’s available!. Carolien.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Carolien. If artists could get their work in to me by end of September (2014), that would be really helpful. They just need to email me a hi-res jpeg (to goldberg@ncf.ca) along with a short statement about their concerns about electro-pollution. Thanks! 🙂


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