Electro-Aware Artists

Welcome to the International Gallery of Electro-Aware Artists on the Refugium website


“How do we render the invisible world of frequencies and electro-pollution into a visual experience? And what would a healthier world look like?”

Click on each artist’s name to read their statement and see more of their Electro-Aware work. This online gallery will continue to grow, so be sure to check back.  My thanks to the artists who have kindly submitted work to this project so far (some of which will also appear in my Refugium book about electrosensitivity, coming in 2015).  

If you have Electro-Aware Art you would like to submit for possible use in this online gallery and my book, please send me a hi-res jpeg of your art along with a brief Artist Statement about the problem of electropollution. Email: goldberg@ncf.ca . Here is the Call for Submissions

-Kim Goldberg

Tom van Campenhout (Netherlands)

A3 drawing on colored paper. © Tom van Campenhout

A3 drawing on colored paper. © Tom van Campenhout


Cat Leonard (Australia)

Thankyou © Cat Leonard

Thankyou © Cat Leonard

Mardel Sanzotta (USA)

Heads Up On Cell Towers © Mardel Sanzotta

Heads Up On Cell Towers © Mardel Sanzotta


Trish Garcia (Australia)

Untitled © Trish Garcia

Technology Refugees © Trish Garcia


Ethna Monks (Ireland)

Switched On © Ethna Monks

Switched On © Ethna Monks


David Dees (USA)

Cell Tower Tanks / Weapons of Mass Stupidity © David Dees

Cell Tower Tanks © David Dees


Dyane Brown (Canada)

Haida Gwaii series © Dyane Brown

The Guardians © Dyane Brown


Floren de Cabo (Spain)

Cutting Edge Technology © Floren de Cabo

Cutting Edge Technology © Floren de Cabo


Jakki Moore (Ireland/Norway)

"Foetus WiFi" © Jakki Moore

Foetus WiFi © Jakki Moore


Bie Erenurm (Sweden)

Landline in the Forest,  film by Bie Erenurm, starring John-Erik Leth

Landline in the Forest, film by Bie Erenurm, starring John-Erik Leth



17 thoughts on “Electro-Aware Artists

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  3. Electric Forester

    Excellent ! Keep up the good work. This sort of thing is just what we need. The sheeple won’t listen. They need to be shown.

  4. Milagros

    This will be actually very good!! You have a fantastic website plus your website can be quite
    inspiring in addition to calm!! Thank you and also sustain this decent work!

  5. Cassandra

    Hi there, You have done an excellent job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends.
    I am sure they will be benefited from this web site.

  6. bit.ly

    We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our
    community. Your site offered us with valuable information to work on. You have performed a
    formidable task and our entire neighborhood will likely be grateful to you.

  7. Awake+Fried

    Absolutely speechless! Brilliant artwork ideas re PMWR (Pulsed Microwave Radiation Sickness & Death). The two most heartbreaking (literally gasped!) are the baby in the womb being microwaved & at the other end of the life spectrum, the full-grown kneeling skeleton with hands raised, almost as if praying & asking God, “WHERE ARE YOU?”

    Have felt that way myself the past 5-months, being vibrated & drone-hummed to death almost non-stop. It wasn’t until a HUGE power surge on Thurs. 9/11 @7:02pm [7+2=9] = 9119 = [a “mirrored 911” from left or right] which that HUGE power surge caused the vibrations to RAMP UP, that I knew in that instant this ongoing bizarre mystery had SOMETHING to do with the power supply. In the days following I found the answer, the most sinister & lethal invention yet, & you don’t even need a “smart meter” for it to occur: BPL aka B-PLC [Broadband Over Power Lines aka Broadband-Power Line Communications] rides along 1930’s-Power Grid’s naked, unshielded power lines/cables & into/through the also-naked/unshielded wall-wiring in your apt./condo/home/office. Even if you turn off the breakers, it doesn’t stop it as the power companies are using everyone’s wiring, neutral [breakers off] or “live,” to transmit microwave frequencies [aka “wireless”] data communications. The USA Power Grid was not built for “data communications transmissions,” so their cables & our wall-wiring cannot handle the overload to the system, to the tune of “Hundreds of Millions Times More” than it was intended for; hence there is “massive” MWR emissions (LEAKAGE) from all the bare-naked-metal power lines & wall-wiring & this is causing the droning hum w/associated vibrations (felt worse near/on/in any metal in your domain: amalgams, metal-framed chairs or coil seat cushions or coil-spring beds, metal shelving, metal roofs, etc.) That is my non-engineer “simpleton’s” version of what I read in an engineer’s report about this “wechnology” (wicked technology).

    The same engineer (Victor Nixon, M.Sc.) said it is the goons behind computers in the Smart Grid Control Rooms who, when they aren’t getting the readings they expect to get, they make a call to whoever, & the power is RAMPED UP with extra juice until they get the readings they want. So I’m thinking that explains the constant fluctuations in intensity of the vibrations & droning hum which range from Nil to Low to Medium to Strong to Skyrocket-Through-The-Roof = the latter causing a hum that literally ROARS as if a dozen airplanes are on your roof, along with VIOLENT vibrations of entire body that even shakes your chest cavity, along with INTENSE feeling of “waves” swarming all around you (microwaves!) >> Imagine how that baby [& it is a baby, btw, not a fetus!] must feel in the womb!

    That latter Skyrocket intensity has only occurred 3x in 5-months, but the 3rd time (2+ weeks ago) it lasted 2.5-Hours non-stop! (10:30pm-1am). It could terrify people if they didn’t already at least understand the source!

    Strong & Medium intensities are also unbearable & they last days at a time. Only Nil & Low modes are somewhat “bearable,” but NONE, ZERO, ZILCH, the way life WAS before late Spring 2014, is what we want back!

    I could go on but this is long enough. Great blog, I only found it earlier today via google! And excellent idea for the image gallery. Glad to see a David Dees in there as he’s had several over the years re CFL bulbs, cellphones, etc. “Cell Tower Tanks”! Boy oh boy, isn’t that the truth! Superb job everyone! Hang in there!

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thank you for stopping by my site and leaving such a thorough comment! This whole issue of electropollution and wireless radiation is certainly poised to become the Number One public health issue of the 21st century.

    2. Shar Z

      Wireless broadband from towers and neighbors using it created vibrations that I can hear if I cup my eyes, as well as feel in skull (deeper and lower since 4G), chest, limbs, whole body. If it is the same thing, you can also hear the signal like a motor on all the time on the lower setting (decimal) on HFE35C Gigahertz analyzer.

      Another person said they feel like an earthquake is in process from wirelessly induced vibrations.

      Do you think it will ever be corrected? We who lived before all this KNOW how it should be here on earth. This is abnormal, at best. Even if people begin to feel it, will they choose to say, so what? Humans are the only species that would do this amazing deadly, destructive communications system, and keep trying to justify it even as people and plants and creatures fall ill all around them. It is mass insanity.

      1. Shar Z

        I meant if I cup my EARS, not eyes. Used to hear the “ocean” of heart and blood moving. Can hear that beneath, but the motor sound is always there in the area we live. It is other places too, but weaker. Could it be digital tv, or satellite? Wish to check the frequency, but those types of meters are expensive.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      It really does seem to be almost everywhere now. The situation is going from bad to worse. But change is always possible. Governments can be lobbied to decommission smart meters, remove cell towers in certain locations, etc. And in fact there are examples of places where this has already happened.

      1. vesalahde

        and too bad radiation can be targeted too, if you know where the cell tower/wifi router is, where the targeted individual is, just set your mobile device sending or receiving data and if targeted person is in between the transmission he/she feels it. Seems like even little kids are doing this in Finland, just to bully each others in schools.


  9. K Anderson

    Landline in the forest, me too! Although I tried and it doesn’t work since radio has long encompassed the earth.
    Now, as for the goons behind the computers in the “smart” grid control rooms. They’ve been harassing me for some time, along with their little network of minions.
    The frustrating thing is they apparently think they can do their “deeds in darkness” without repercussion.
    I’m highly sensitive to all electronics and even flowing/loud water – anywhere a signal can be more easily carried and/or stirred up. I don’t know how they do it but I can hear them. My best guess is from satellite as visual and radio observatories as audio – and that the surveillance network is completely “out of control” – monitoring us 24-7. The idea to push into 5G and beyond is horrifying.
    It’s not until you realize their presence that life become unbearable. And they’ll seem to just “pop out of the woodwork” (our govt, that is). We have seriously overspent on the DOD, AI, etc… they must be bored because now they are testing this crap on us.
    The word I’d like to leave on this thread is that the Lord provides us a way to escape. He has predicted their arrival and it is written in Scripture. It’s not always clear but simultaneously when they come around wanting to “program you”….it’s a good bet this is God’s plan for salvation. A few things I understand on this is that, as Jesus’ return nears, he warns that it will be difficult for pregnant women and nursing mothers. He tells us to pray it doesn’t happen in winter. He also tells us to “not go the ways of the world”. And the one thing that really sticks out in my mind is that more than one “end time” prophecy points to 70 years for Babylon (which is a “worldwide” system). So if you consider when radio, television, etc…were introduced and where we are now…. I do believe He’s coming soon.
    We definitely need to push back on the advancement of 5G but I think like all things in the “matrix” it will go forward despite warnings. Kudos to the countries who are banning cell phones, especially among children.
    I’ve been researching both the “matrix” and the Bible and it’s all written in Scripture. God’s word is true. Unless they dismantle their knowledge base I have serious concern for the state of our country and/or world.


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