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I will add additional electro-safe sanctuaries and potential sanctuaries to this list as I come across them.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the places listed below  are not yet built or open. Others may not be as free from signal as they need to be, or as they once were. This list is simply a starting point for you in your search for safe haven. Most electrosensitive people are finding there is no safe haven anywhere that is ready and waiting to take them. Rather, people need to go out and find or create a safe haven for themselves. 

Facebook now has two groups devoted to bringing people together to locate and create EMF-Free Sanctuaries:

B.C. and Canadian Wireless-Free Zones (Closed Group – you must join to read messages and post):

Wireless-Free Living Communities (Open Group – you can read messages without joining):

And here is a website for people seeking to find (or to advertise) EMF-safe living locations worldwide:

If you know of additional EHS sanctuaries to be added to the list below, you can share them with me by email ( or by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.


BRITISH COLUMBIA: Cedar Rock: Oasis for Quiet Living near Osoyoos, BCA 320-acre property located 50 km east of Osoyoos, BC, on Hwy 3. This sanctuary has not yet been built. It is in the planning stage, and the vision is quite large and impressive. See website for details. Cedar Rock is intended to be a “regenerative community” primarily for people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). But it will also meet the needs of EHS people. There will be no wireless technology permitted anywhere on the acreage. (March 2017: Not yet operational)

NOVA SCOTIA: Forest Hill Retreat – 150 acres of privately owned forested land on Grassy Lake in Forest Hill, Nova Scotia. The owners say the property is suitable for people with Electrosensitivity (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). They are hoping to rent pieces of land to people, who will then set up their own dwellings on it. What the owners say: “An important criteria for our plans is that everybody can afford a life in Forest Hill, regardless of their budget. That’s why we have chosen a form of living that is often chosen in Canada and the US for trailer parks. Everyone who wants to be part of our retreat can rent a piece of land and put their own mobile home, trailer, tent, camper or whatever you need or want on the land. Each lot has access to water, power, the sewer and a road. The lots are spacious and allow the future inhabitants to choose the style of their future home and to create a nice yard according to their desires.” Visit the website for more information and to request a free brochure. 


WEST VIRGINIA: Green Bank, West Virginia (General Information) – Not a formal EHS sanctuary, but a small community that is located within the U.S. National Radio Quiet Zone, established in 1958 to shield the radio astronomy telescopes there from radio interference. Read the BBC News article: “Wi-fi refugees shelter in West Virginia mountains”. Read the article: “Refugees of the Modern World”. See next entry for a specific Green Bank rental property available to EHS people. Visit this Facebook Group before visiting or moving to Green Bank, so you will know how to prepare, and what is available there: “Radio Quiet Zone, Green Bank.”

WEST VIRGINIA: Green Bank EMF-Safe Rentals Jim Reese and his wife live on 5.5 acres of land just one mile from the radio telescope within Green Bank, WV. Jim says: ” Our rentals are on our land. The best place to be for EMF safety in Green Bank is anywhere within two miles of the telescope which is where these rentals are. There is pristine clean air, clean well water, EMF-safe living, organic foods and peace and quiet. Our land is surrounded by many acres of open land.” Here is the website that tells all about what is available and more. Please go to this website before contacting them. Contact Jim by email at: or by phone at: 304-456-4525.

CALIFORNIA: Silent Dome Spa in Grass Valley, California – This “EMF silent house” may soon be complete and taking bookings. Contact the owner via the website for details about availability. The house is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, ten miles south of Grass Valley and more than two miles from any phone masts. All power to the house is filtered. The house has a combination of DC powered LED lights and low EMF emission appliances, with EMF-silent computers. According to the owner: “This home is intended to give EMF sensitives a place to detox from symptoms, to get EM testing, and to meet other sensitives. The long-term goal is to publicize the techniques to cope with this condition, particularly nutrition, clothing, and other healing modalities. When six people occupy the 3-bedroom house, per night cost is competitive with Motel 6.”

COLORADO: EM Sensitivity Research Institute in Rockvale, Colorado – This facility is still in the planning stages. According to the website: “The Institute would be located on a campus of 59 acres of presently undeveloped land in Rockvale, Colorado where the ambient fields are relatively low. Sensitives would travel to the Institute and live in specially built cabins. These cabins will operate on 24 VDC and perhaps 380 VDC, but no 60 Hz alternating electricity. Cell phones and WiFi would not be allowed on campus.” Consult the website for further information, updates, and to contact the planners directly.

ARIZONA: Snowflake MCS/EHS Community in Snowflake, Arizona – According to the website: “A rural area outside Snowflake, Arizona has become a haven for people with severe MCS and electrical sensitivity.  Over thirty people with environmental illness live in specially built or modified homes on large lots.  Thirteen homes are built adjacent to each other, while the rest are scattered over a larger area. The zoning in most areas requires a minimum of 20 acres (8 hectares) for each home, ensuring that the area stays rural.  Land is inexpensive, making such large lots economical. Most of the MCS/EHS homes are connected to the electrical grid, while a few are fully powered by the sun for ultra-low EMF living.”

WISCONSIN: Lynn Knapp has purchased a low-EMF acreage in Southwest Wisconsin and wants to create an electro-safe community for other EMF refugees. Lynn Knapp says: “I have dealt with EMF for 10 years and finally purchased 22 acres in SW Wisconsin that is a safe zone. Feels wonderful there! Looking to create a small community with like folks that are dealing with EMF.” For more information, phone Lynn at 608-794-2619 or email her at .


Beacon Bank Farm in Staffordshire, England – This is a rural B&B in a 250-year-old brick farmhouse with several Yurts located in a nearby wood for an even more rustic living experience. There is no Wi-Fi, and guests are requested to keep their mobile phones off. The owners serve vegetarian meals and are very health conscious. They advertise Beacon Bank farm as a “No Wi-Fi Zone, Low EMF, Low Tech.” Lodging is available for short recuperative holidays from EMR/RF. This is not a permanent living option.


FRANCE: EHS Refuge (White Zone, Next-Up) – Located in the French province of Drôme in southeastern France. The nearest town of any size is Valence. Visit this link for many images of this refuge and specific details on the shielding of the caravans and other living quarters. Watch the BBC News documentary on this EHS Refuge Zone here. As with the following EHS refuge in Italy, everything here is free. (April 2017: Still operating but no longer accepting unknown EHS people due to disruptions in community life and serenity. For information: .)

FRANCE: Pailharès – This tiny village in southeastern France, with a population of just 280, may be the last remaining ‘White Zone’ in France – meaning a community where there is minimal mobile phone coverage and wireless radiation. Electrosensitive people have been moving there in recent years. However, that could change if the local government activates the mobile phone mast recently built on a hill outside the village. EHS residents are currently embroiled in a legal battle with local government.

ITALY: Parc de Carnè – This is Italy’s first EHS refuge. It is located within the Vena del Gesso Regional Park near the town of Brisighella in the province of Ravenna. It opened in 2010, and according to the fact sheet, everything within the zone is free, including the Bed & Breakfast. (April 2017: As with the Next-Up EHS Refuge in France, this Italian refuge may also no longer be accepting unknown EHS people.)

PORTUGAL: Shangri-La is an organic farm and natural retreat in The Algarve of southern Portugal. No wireless devices are permitted or used on the farm, and there is no wireless coverage on the farm. “We have both bed & breakfast and self-catering stays available at the farm,” says Stefan Novellino. Contact Stefano at More information:

SPAIN: Olvera Located in the province of Cadiz, the town of Olvera (population 8,500) became Spain’s first municipality to declare itself “electromagnetic pollution–free” in 2012 by unanimous approval of its city council. NOTE: I do not know if Olvera has actually achieved its goal and removed all cell towers and illegal antennas or is simply working toward it. Elsewhere I have read that there are so many cell towers and antennas throughout Olvera that it doesn’t mean much that they “went wireless”. I would welcome more information about current conditions in Olvera.

SWITZERLAND: Zurich An apartment block has been built in Zurich for people with Electrosensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. The long list of rules for occupants and visitors includes: no smoking, perfumes, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, or other sources of chemical and electro-pollution. Allowable cleaning products are displayed in the lobby. The building, which opened in December 2013 and is believed to be the first of its kind in Europe, is shielded against electromagnetic radiation. 


Mid West Radio Quiet Zone, 200 km East of Meekatharra – Like Greenbank, West Virginia in the US, this is not a formal EHS sanctuary but rather a designated Radio Quiet Zone (since 2005) to shield radio astronomy telescopes from interference. According to the website, “The area has very low levels of radio frequency energy because of its low population and remote location.” So it would presumably be good habitat for electro-sensitive people. However, I have been told by one Australian that this area is a “no go” zone. If anyone has more information, please leave a comment.

Tasmania – Practically the entire island state of Tasmania, located 150 miles south of the Australian continent,  is an unofficial ‘white zone’ since there is very little Wi-Fi or mobile phone coverage outside of Hobart and Launceston. Even power transmission lines are few and far between. Tasmania is famed for its vast and largely unspoiled natural environment. The only relief George Parker has ever known from electrosensitivity in the last 45 years that he has suffered from it was during the three years he and his wife lived in Tasmania and his symptoms disappeared.  

King Valley EHS Refuge, near Wangaratta, Victoria – Bruce Evans would like to establish an EHS refuge on a large tract of rural land in southeastern Australia owned by his family. In September 2014, he issued a call for EHS people (like himself) to come join him on the land. People would initially live in whatever vans, tents or caravans they come with. But long-term stays and the creation of a sustainable community are all possible and part of Bruce’s vision. People can build their own cottages and stay long-term in exchange for helping out on the farm.  (Update: This sanctuary is “on hold” for now. You can contact Bruce directly at or visit his website:


Ricky’s Drift, Western Cape, South Africa – A beautiful organic, non-toxic farm in the Klein Karoo, established by someone who has Electrosensitivity, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and Lyme’s Disease. They offer accommodation for others who need to escape the toxins of modern society. Many photos and all information is available on the website:

228 thoughts on “Sanctuaries

  1. Christel

    Re Australia: they don’t accept immigrants over 55 or so, and you must be employable, not a drain, etc. “Old folks” are welcome as visitors, not immigrants.

  2. Selisha

    Hi Kim, my name is Selisha. You might remember a while back ago I wrote you about my Mom’s severe EHS that has rendered her homeward bound. She tried to find a place in Green Bank but was unsuccessful, and that didn’t prove to be complete cure, unfortunately. I read that you know of some who’ve constructed Faraday cages. My Mom is interested in this. She cannot any longer be in any section of our place without pain. She doesn’t sleep anymore. It is so painful to watch your own Mother suffer so terribly.
    If there is any information you come across as you write your book, it would be so appreciated if you could pass it on to us.
    We looked into the protective suits they make for linemen, but they will not sell to the public. Also, the cost of the suits are nearly $2,000.
    We are not going to give up, though.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Selisha. Yes, i remember you. Sorry to hear your mother’s situation is worsening.

      Some people are using something as simple as aluminum window screen as a shielding material. This could presumably be draped over a bed canopy-style to create a faraday cage of sorts. I think you would want to ground something like that. This isn’t hard. But it is best to consult someone qualified who will come into your home and take readings of various sources of EMFs and look at the whole situation.

      On this page there is a faraday canopy for a bed for $759, so you can see the concept:

      I suspect you could somehow make one yourself for less money – perhaps with the metal window screen mesh I mentioned

      Would anyone else like to comment on this?


        hi! began research on aluminum’s shielding effectiveness in cars and was informed by EMF Safety Network that it’s ineffective against the electricity UNLESS you ground the aluminum. what’s your take on that? Products are so expensive for shielding we need to know how to do it ourselves. Help! and what is the best shielding for el. mag. radiation? Thanks for fantastic site.

      2. Kim Goldberg Post author

        Hi Rustic. What type of electromagnetic radiation are you trying to shield yourself from in your car? RF (radio frequencies from wireless chips onboard many newer vehicles) can be shielded with metal bugscreen. Magnetic fields coming from under the hood (eg, from your alternator) are harder to shield. Maybe someone else reading this will have a good suggestion for that.

      3. Care Leah

        What cleaned up my home, including elimination of the wireless frequencies coupling to the few energized lines we still have turned on at the circuit box was a unique product. It is entirely other than the concept of a simple suppressor. It has been used by industry for decades to save money on transient damage to digital components. It only recently entered the residential market, and more recently still in Canada. And the oscillation comparative studies for how it deals with total harmonic distortion compared to the rest of the junk are prolific and made it clear that it deals with ultra low emfs as well as medium and high ones.
        This sets it completely apart from all the other so called high frequency transient suppressing brands. It is a sine tracking frequency attenuator suppression filter installed in its own two 15 amp circuits or it can share two 15 amp circuits already in use, as it carries no juice itself. An electrician installs it in the circuit box, takes maybe ten minutes. The before and after difference was measurable with more than just subjective feelings, also a Cornet Electrosmog as well as other equipment is literally the difference between feeling awful (before) good (since).
        IN my experience, if you tell people the brand they think you are selling it, but look up Cratus Group in Canada, I think there is a website, anyway.
        I am a cancer conqueror not a salesperson, Kim and Christel can verify this.
        Rep I dealt with:
        Terry Stotyn
        tstotyn at cratus canada dot com

    2. Care Leah

      Her mother is experiencing a straight forward electrical phenomenon, electrical induction by electromagnetism. So she has become an involuntary conductor coupled into the smart grid.
      The frequency conflict is rapidly damaging her delicate low voltage bio-electrical system and causing blood brain leakage that will lead to irreversible harm if she (and her daughter) are not shielded, and soon.
      The smart frequencies do this by overriding biology with artificial higher frequencies taking over bodies.
      BTW, smart meters are easily stopped with lead shielding sheets all around them.
      The more challenging part is being able to know exactly how to face down Hydro when they try to pretend that their right to kill you is greater than your right to defend yourself from them. Stand your grounded ground. Documents for effective removal of smart meters are due in any day now and they to will work just as the correct common law docs for refusal have protected 40,000+, no hassles at all.
      Meantime, there are ways to stop this harm, at least ways for occupants of electrified structures, but not ways to protect the devastating unsustainable impact on the ecosystem – which cannot sustain this impact of microwaves cooking biology for long.
      As for a faraday cage its creation is not difficult to achieve and is not mysterious and usually is very affordable – when compared to websites, far too many of which which exploit this condition and capitalize on it with overpriced materials and gimmicks.
      Aluminum and copper mesh mosquito and other window screen enclosures are available on line by the roll from locations in Canada. They already being used with very good and EMF measurable results, using 1″X1″ or 2″X2″ wooden frames constructed as makeshift boxes around meters, beds chairs, or if money permits on the entire outside of house walls, with REflectix in the attic or if no attic on ceiling. Of course absolutely no wireless must be inside the home, as this would be reflected back to the person inside the Faraday Cage. especially not portable phones, worse than cell phones.
      Faraday Cage. (Actually invented by Ben Franklin in 1755). Blocking RF signals for 2.5 centuries.
      “The reception or transmission of radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, to or from an antenna within a Faraday cage are heavily attenuated or blocked by a Faraday cage.” So the answer?
      Wrap it in a metal mesh.
      If you want to cut down on RF in your home, you can use a grounded or a grounded metallic screen liner. It makes what is called a Faraday cage and will shunt the RF energy to ground, where it won’t harm you. And no, it won’t harm the ground. Just be prepared for no TV or cellular reception inside. Of course, the installation is easier if you do it when you build the house.
      But by metallic mesh this does not mean foil. In the cage you want absorbent metals that will accept a charge and not reflect it. Grounding the cage provides a path for the charge.
      A radar tech told us they use a copper mesh in the walls of radar station buildings. The building will pick up a charge and the grounded copper mesh eliminates the danger.
      Otherwise, you could have a person touch the building and become the ground so the charge goes through them. Common sense and caution are both very much needed to do this part safely and correctly.
      Electricity and bio-electrical biology do not mix, horrific – if you live.

      1. Bruce M

        Lead is less effective and far more expensive than aluminum foil for reflecting microwaves, and is never used for absorption of microwaves either. 1 mil thickness foil (heavy duty kitchen foil) can be laminated to drywall using wheat based wallpaper paste and a Hyde wallpaper smoothing tool to squeegee out the excess paste. The paste is rolled on the wall, the foil is unrolled on the paste from top to bottom,and the excess squeegeed out. Aluminum foil tape laps the seams.
        This can be applied to smooth walls and ceilings with latex paint. Texture must be removed or filled with Murco M100 (drywall mud with wheat starch as the binder instead of chemical soup) or a cleaner gypsum plaster.

        Windows must be covered with 50 thread per inch stainless screen, bonded to the foil. Conductive tape is not needed for microwaves as the capacitive coupling of the tape is sufficient. This will give you about 45-50 decibels of shielding if the leakage at the floor doesn’t limit you. Dirt and is a pretty good microwave sheild (by absorption), but a gap along the bottom of the wall is an issue.

        My own home provides greater than 45 decibels of shielding at 2.4 GHz and greater than 55 decibles at 400 MHz. Testing was limited by transmitter strength- I need stronger transmitters to be able to test the true shielding ability, but window shielding should limit me theoretically to about -60dB at 800MHz. The home is a simple to build ranch home with double wall wood framed construction. But there is extra exterior work involved for window shielding and grounding, sheet metal skirting on the exterior, foil laminate applied under the insulated slab, and welded and grounded rebar in the slab.

        Shield room construction is a very well established field in the electrical engineering field of EMC. I encourage any one considering a “faraday cage” to study this field lest you waste your money and time. For example, a wire or nail that extends both inside and outside through the shield room wall will ruin your shielding for frequencies where the wire is at least 1/4 wavelength or more. So you must use 3m command strips, not nails, to hang pictures, for example. Avoid the use of exotic shielding materials where possible. Aluminum foil is king, more effective than anything else. Where light and air are needed, look first to fine wire mesh. Fine stainless steel mesh can be mounted in aluminum screen frames using the standard vinyl splines. If the mesh is extended past the spline, a foam gasket under the screen, on the frame, can provide a way to have a gap free seal or bond around the screened frame to a metal surface it is applied to. My screen frames have screws every 6 inches. Copper mesh is too fragile and will tear if fine mesh is used. There are special gaskets and “finger stock” materials used to provide bonding, as even small gaps can “blow” your shielding effectivenes. Doors are difficult, but again, the EMC folks have figured all this stuff out for you a long time ago. They just weren’t applying it to homes or rooms in homes.

        Best Wishes,
        Bruce M
        Concho AZ

    3. rustic23

      Sellisha – i hope by now your mom has seen improvement; have you checked out Annie Hopper’s DNRS program that was helped thousands of people get their lives back, myself being one of them. Google it to find amazing video testimonials to her program.- there’s hope! I improved immensely in just 3 days, then have continued working the program daily to insure I don’t have a setback. good luck and let me know of any questions.

    4. Care Leah

      Please see my post. In my experience, the most dangerous risk is to develop and hang on to an identity as sick, even tho you are sick.
      Two things helped me, a smart meter specific suppressor at source and the inclusion of chi lel, the simplified healing branch of qi gong, amazing, regular use of this neutralizes and eliminates radiation and effects.
      Has been reported to maintain normal vital readings during 4000+ rads of radiation dosage.
      Read about the medicine-less hospital in China, staffed by doctors, sounds woo woo, it isn;t, it works. . Luke Chan’s short version of chi lel exercises must be done every single day, short and easy tho, are so accessible to understand and to do, and are at the website
      chi lel dot com

  3. Selisha

    Thanks Leah for the information.
    Do you know right off the companies names you mentioned that sell the screening material for use in a makeshift faraday cage box? I ask because it is so hard finding metal or stainless steel screening; most companies only have fiberglass.

    (My Mom even had a suit made out of Reflectix material, but quickly it would overheat her, she couldn’t walk in it, and she started noticing a metallic taste in her mouth, which alarmed us due to all the warnings long-term they give you about aluminum. So now we know to keep it off her body.)

    My Mom is near the end of her 3-month heavy metal detox. I’m doing Jin Shin Jyutsu electrical energy unblocking flows on her, she’s taking pH balanced water, took many parasite cleanses plus Silver Sol, which kills viruses. We’re covering all the bases for her hypersensitivity. She’s taking coffee enemas for the liver, lemon enemas for the colon, Slippery Elm & Marshmallow, HIGH doses of Vitamin C in case of metallic overload, Algin (similar acting to Chlorella in leaching out heavy metal deposits), Wormwood for parasites egg infestation of the gut, Oregano Oil, Probiotic suppositories to help her digestion processes, and exercising.

    My Mom is trying to be able to make a faraday-type cage portable so she can be in an auditorium where the people have their cellphones with them. We go to several events a year, and she has basically been restricted to the house for a year and a half, and she can’t even go into stores. She missed our friend’s wedding the other day, which really affected her emotionally.
    She is a people-person, and this makes her burden even greater. It’s so hard watching your Mother deteriorate. Her hope is strong, but she truly is worsening, or at least the technologies are intensifying and her inability to form a barrier between them & herself makes her appear to be worsening.
    I’ve been looking & looking & looking for 2 years, spending day & night on the internet, trying to find things that work, but they take such advantage of the unwary online, you’re right. They really count on people not knowing things.

    We even looked into lineman suits, made of stainless steel and rubber, and they really seemed very promising, made so much sense. But they’ll only sell to the power or electrical industries, and the suits are nearly $2,000. I was hoping to find used ones to buy from someone working in the power companies, it they’ll take pity on me. But I don’t know anyone.

    I am just so tired. I don’t know what I’m doing. Not many know anything about EHS, and it’s hard to be taken seriously and get the help you need. I had seemingly stress-related heart pains last year that are getting better nowadays, thankfully.

    I am still determined, in spite of all of this…

    1. Care Leah

      Hi Selisha:
      Secondly don’t forget lead. It is inert and a fantastic shield.
      I take it this is due to a smart meter on your home? Removal docs dues any day, I mean ones which work without any personal cost, lawyers, courts, judges, lawsuits or any wasted time.
      Second: No sugar at all, nor anything which converts to quick sugar.
      Detox is critical.
      Floressence tea at least 3 months of the program.
      If she has metal fillings these are what cause agony too, by interacting with the frequencies.
      I did not see your mention of one of the things that is truly a miracle gentle cleanse – Bentonite clay.
      Nori sushi type seaweed is also good to support the thyroid under assault, no risk of overdose.
      Spirulina, used by those near ground zero Hiroshima, protects the body from radiation overload,
      Correctly designed magnetics are key.
      There are also $50 honeycomb designed insoles – no not the nouveau age junk ones which are a pyramid scheme scam.
      These ones were designed by a physicist who worked with a medical team which endorses these for EMF/EHS/radiation poisoning.
      They are what bumped me to the finish line on kicking “incurable” terminal cancer to the curb.
      The mens’s are the best one’s for all but the narrowest A width feet and can be cut to fit. I an 7 and a half and I bought size 9 crocs and cut the men’s insoles to fit those. At night I put these wonderful medical tools with the dynamic (versus the serene of slow) side up, under my pillow slip, on the top side of the pillow. This stops microwave ringing in the ears and allows deep sleep. They work wonders for many, but only if the person is prepared to drink enough non toxic and alive not demineralized water. Take the figure of one’s weight, divide by two and drink that amount of filtered water – if this is tap water – (but not filtered by reverse osmosis) – per day. Water is what makes even a bio-electrical battery able to operate

    2. Patricia

      Hi Selisha, I am also EMF sensitive and trying to sleep in a faraday cage with mixed results, but I have been taking Perelandra Flower Essences to heal the electrical body and they are helping me, in addition to nutrition, etc. I am so sorry for what you and your mom are going through, there are those who care, everywhere. Light, Patricia

  4. Kim Goldberg Post author

    Hi Selisha. Home Depot sells aluminum window screen in rolls that are 4 feet wide by 7 feet long for $22/roll. Many people claim that is sufficient to block enough RF to make a difference. It’s cheap enough at that price that you could buy some and try it to see if it makes a difference for your mother.

    Also, with your mother being so extremely EHS now, I think you need to own a metering device to measure the strength of RF and EMF she is exposed to. That will help you to identify hotspots and also to know if things you are trying are in fact improving the situation.

    The two frequency analysers I use are made by Gigahertz Solutions in Germany and sold (at least in Canada) by Safe Living Technologies.

    RF measuring devices are on this page:
    I use the first one shown – the HF35C RF meter

    EMF meters (for measuring the lower frequencies) are on this page:
    I use the first one shown – the ME 3030B

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  6. Bruce M

    You’re welcome, Kim.
    Aluminum window screen is about 16 threads per inch. At 800MHz this is good for about -20 decibels (dB) of reduction. Half that at 2GHz, more at lower frequencies. Additional layers are additive, generally, better if seams and other discontinuities don’t line up.

    Low E glass has an ultra fine layer of metal coated on the inside of the double pane glass. This is also sufficient for -20 dB reduction in cellular frequencies and below with an aluminum window frame, with metal siding and roof.

    Before doing any microwave shielding I would highly recommend checking your power line quality with an AM radio near any lamp cord. Tune the radio between stations on the low, middle and high end of the AM band and move the radio near the cord each time. If you hear a 60 or 120Hz buzz, you have some power line arcing causing broad spectrum RF on your power. This will sensitize you to EMFs. You can help locate the source by turning off the main breaker on your house and then doing the same test again. If it’s gone, then the source is in your house. Turn on the main breaker, then turn off the breakers one at a time until you locate the circuit. Then go find out what device is the problem and disconnect or fix it. If the source is outside your house, there is a way to locate it via AM and Air Band radios. It could be from a neighbor, or from loose hardware on a pole up to 2 miles away.

    If your home living areas have magnetic fields over 0.1 to 0.2 milligauss then you likely have some home wiring errors. This can also sensitize you. See Karl Riley’s book, “Tracing EMFs …” to correct this. It can be time consuming but the material cost is perhaps a couple wire nuts or under a dollar. Some people who have ES become so sensitized that they must have 0.006 milligaus or below. That’s achievable but only in a rural setting, unless your area is served by Delta power distribution lines instead of Wye in which case it is normal to be below 0.006 mg since there is almost no ground current and
    all homes are transformer isolated. There is no Delta power distribution in Canada that I am aware of. In Delta distribution, there is no neutral wire, so all the wires are on insulators of the same type. It is usually easy to tell what you have just by looking. (Or by measuring the “background” magnetic fields in the area.) In Wye distribution systems, around 25% of the total power is returned through the earth and aquifers, and no home is transformer isolated. The typical WYE multipoint grounding of power distribution is an engineering abomination, straight out of the late 1800s.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thanks very much for this, Bruce. I am sure many people visiting this page (in addition to myself) will find it quite useful. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us. 🙂

    2. Deirdre Mazzetto

      Hi Bruce!
      I have been trying to figure out why my EHS symptoms persist, even though I am shielded by (mostly grounded) aluminum mesh on all four sides of my house. I get minimal RF on both of my measuring devices, but still have symptoms of tinnitus and some allergic-type symptoms. I have been wondering if the source is magnetic/wiring/etc, but don’t have the knowledge or tools to tackle this problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have a 2 year old, and I am very worried about her health after finding out about EMF’s and my electro sensitivity!

      1. bruce

        For every case where someone has become EHS in a home, even when it is because of a recent addition of smart meters, etc., I have found that there are substantially elevated magnetic fields from wiring errors in the home. Even once the smart meter or other new problem (such as a defective cable/phone service) is removed, people can then not tolerate the home and start improving until the wiring errors are corrected, and high frequency EMI sources are removed.

        A shield fabric or even a complete aluminum screen/foil enclosure will be totally transparent to lower frequency magnetic fields, so this aspect of the problem cannot be ignored. The average home has 1-2 wiring errors, which is the most common source of seriously elevated magnetic fields. The best tool for low frequency magnetic field work in rural areas or Delta power served areas (where levels down to 0.002 milligaus and below are sometimes achievable) is the standard Trifield Meter ordered specially with the 100x external probe option. Last I knew this was about $210.

        In non-urban settings the Radio Shack 12-586 AM/FM radio used in AM is sufficient for troubleshooting high frequency EMI on power lines. It can’t be used in areas where the AM band is full. A simple case of some loose hardware (bolts) on a power pole 1 1/2 mile from a home can cause such bad EMI on home power that almost the whole AM band will be covered with a loud 60/120 buzz, anywhere withing the house. These problems are common, but even more common is HF EMI from equipment within the home,

  7. Care Leah

    The positive news is that I have been give to understand that a we may soon have access to what is used in Sweden, a whole house frequency filter which functions as an RF choke and is used to filter out everything from lightening strikes right down to the side effects from ultra low frequencies. This will not, however, sustain the ecosystem upon which we depend. The entire smart grid is in full violation of all sustainability law.
    As for shielding applications?
    Here is input that came as a surprise to me, sent to me in reply from Jerry Day, regarding his take on the shielding techniques described in posts prior to this one.
    “The shielding described here is only effective against targeted and transmitted EMR from a determined source point (data transmissions).
    The switching mode power supply (SMPS) in digital meters – (which is the transformer-like device used to steal and transform electricity to power the low-power DC digital components in the meter) – disrupts incoming current integrity and causes “dirty electricity” which is not reduced one iota by the shielding described.
    You’ll notice that the proper place for a transformer (such as your camera battery charger) is at the TERMINAL END of the wiring grid (the wall outlet) NOT at the head end or midway.
    When a switching mode power supply is introduced UPSTREAM or MIDSTREAM in the home’s wiring grid it causes electronic turbulence and noise in the wiring. ALL of the house wiring becomes a broadcast antenna for wasted EMR and heat. Appliances and electronics are damaged by poor current sine wave integrity (this has happened to me), electricity is wasted so consumption (bills) go up, and people get all manner of illnesses and symptoms from the EMR
    (I get calls nearly every day from people complaining of these problems).
    Shielding does nothing to prevent any of that.
    Jerry Day”

  8. Bruce M

    It’s true that the conducted radiation of the switching supply in at least some smart meters may be a problematic, 24/7 source of EMI. How much that radiates around the house is certainly an issue, but I have yet so see any measurement or analysis of this. It is unlikely that it is more of an EMI issue than the use of a switching supply in appliances, etc., in the house. Either by AM radio or by other measurement I’d love to read about some data. I doubt the smart meter switching supply is worse at dirtying up the home power than the higher wattage switching supplies already in use in most homes. (Which should be eliminated.)

    Connecting a switching supply anywhere in the house often results in high frequency emissions on most of the house wiring, regardless of mid vs end of line, though it is certainly much worse for the inhabitants if placed on a line which runs around living and sleeping areas. When this must be done (i.e. computer) it is best to run a dedicated line in conduit, fed by an isolation transformer, with a decent power line filter designed for switching supplies (one that has insertion loss data listed in decibels, not a silly capacitor filter), earthed directly near the use point. The connection to the middle of a line as a problem is a bit of a red herring- because any connection of a switching supply is problem if the line isn’t dedicated, shielded and filtered. You can easily confirm this with an AM radio following close to the wiring of the circuit in question. I can’t tell you how many times someone complaining of ES has recently put in some new “smart” appliance like a water heater with a digital time system, which as a cheap power supply which causes high frequency EMI on the entire house wiring. (Easily detected via AM radio on any lamp cord.

    Unshielded wiring in the home is a big mistake as all the wiring will radiate higher frequencies quite effectively. I much prefer wiring in emt conduit with compression fittings, but as a retrofit creating an isolated ground (safely connected to the power co ground via a 24V TVS to clear high current faults) and connected this to foil laminated over drywall ceilings and walls is effective and will also provide shielding froth wiring as well as from external sources. Putty and clay paint conceals the foil, so a totally normal look is achieved. This has proven widely well tolerated for new construction for severe MCS, also, since the foil prevents outgassing of wall components.

  9. Pingback: “Homesick” Update … MCS/ES Safe Housing | Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Thanks very much, Roger, for posting this link to a sanctuary in Austria! I will try to get an English translation so I can add the site to this list on my website. 🙂

  10. Eileen Moses

    February 11, 2014
    Green Bank West Virginia is NOT A SAFE HAVEN. People need to be made aware of this. The Rural Broadband Project has made Green Bank and the surrounding area the nightmare from hell. There is much frequencies radiating from the both the dsl and the power lines. NOBODY is willing to do anything about this. The FCC is the only entity over the DSL/Rural Broadband but if you get a Freedom of Information Act from the FCC their documentation states THEY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO MEASURE this stuff or what to do about it. We have sensitive people here who are leaving and seeking other places to live because the cycles they set this DSL to is mind numbing. It causes headaches, blurred visions, pacemaker problems, sore throats, radiating sweating, dehydration of your skin and lips and it is endless. People need to be made aware that Green Bank is no longer a safe haven for anyone who is sensitive.

  11. ann gillett

    EMS, MCS afflicted readers: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND your looking into ANNIE HOPPER’s “Dynamic Neural Retraining System” created by Annie Hopper/a Canadian, who was a victim of those sensitivities, and having to camp outside, etc. finally putting together an extremely effective program for these sensitivies. My organs were shutting down after 2 years of finding no hope until I just happened upon her program which now is covered extensively thruout the internet. Workshops, DVD’s , manuscript are all available depending on what modality you’re capable of using while being under such duress. I am about 95% healed after following her protocol (healing began within 1st few days!!) So do yourselves a gigantic favor and look into this amazing program rather than going crazy trying to find correct shields, etc. etc which can be mind-boggling and you’re still no closer to being healed! it’s all in healing the brain’s limbic system using mental ‘exercises’ – really a no-brainer!!! any questions about the program please inquire here .

    1. Sylvan Moir,

      Wonderful if people can find cures/solutions for the torment of ehs. (I am ehs too). I worry a bit though that some may then want to think the irradiation of the planet with microwaves is ok.- because they can now stand it and live a more”nromal” life. Ants move away from mobile ‘phones , as do bees, and deleterious effects occur in most of the biosphere which appears to detest these unnatural emanations at fantastically high levels – thousands of billions of times the natural background level. – Just to say : our own personal healing is not the only issue here.

      1. Kim Goldberg Post author

        I agree Sylvan, people’s own healing is not the only issue. However, I have yet, in hundreds of interviews and testimonials, found a single EHS person who now thinks that this radiation is “ok” after they have found a solution for their own electrosensitivity. So personally I think that is a meaningless and truly illogical concern. No one knows better than an EHS person just how toxic this radiation is to all living things. And that knowledge lasts for one’s entire life, even if the person has found a safe way or place to exist. I hear this concern raised a lot – that once a person has ‘saved’ herself, she’ll think this stuff is ok. I doubt there is one case on the entire planet of an EHS person coming to think that.

  12. guitar lessons

    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who has been conducting a little homework on this.

    And he in fact ordered me lunch simply because I discovered it for him…

    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this matter here on your
    web page.

  13. rustic23

    thanks for quick reply…. seems my gaussmeter reads ^^^^ from alternator (front of car/foot well area)….. effective coverage for floor? giron or hopefully something cheaper from hardware store? thanks!

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      It sounds like it is magnetic field you are trying to shield. Many people have problems with that in cars/vans/trucks… depending on where the alternator is positioned relative to the driver’s seat. My understanding is that is is quite difficult to shield magnetic fields – that a magnetic field will pass right through most simple shielding. So I will be interested to any if anyone else can post a useful suggestion for you. And if you come up with a decent shielding system for that, please post about it here. thanks! Good luck. 🙂

  14. Xy

    For what it is worth, I witnessed a hybrid Prius vehicle assessed by a Bau Biologist while in motion, using very sophisticated radiation monitoring equipment. The whole vehicle was very clean, despite the emf design which involves interaction from many dozens of computers and more than one battery. In fact, a veritable power plant is under the aluminum hood and there is wiring under the roof, as well beneath the hatch area. Only one small area on the floor of the back seat had any fields and only of minimal concern. The explanation seems to be that hybrids (this may or may not be true for other electric or largely electronically operated cars) would not be able to function if differing frequency emissions from various car components were not already carefully shielded from each other, since otherwise the resulting frequency interaction would cause a similar kind of frequency conflict to that caused by all unshielded smart grid components and the car would fail to be able to operate. At one point the radiation monitor went to an extremely dangerous level. Turned out to be a smart grid collector hub across the road on a corner where the hybrid parked.

  15. Frank Lee

    A big thanks to Bruce M. Many of your suggestions are spot on. My take on allot of this is that nearly any aluminum bug screen in the window areas would be preferable to having a zero shielding situation. Good quality aluminum bug screen can be installed to replace the typical nylon bug mesh, and many hardware stores have staff that know how to do this replacement. Here’s a good supplier of aluminum mesh in bulk rolls. > NEW YORK WIRE Screen,Aluminum – 36 In W,25ft L – Wire Cloth Screens

    The homeowner can do this with some simple tools and a bit of patience. I would augment the aluminum screens with an EM reducing window film product. 3M company makes a quality product for this, and is readily available on the Net or at hardware suppliers. This is from a post I put up on a different site. > Ghetto shielding for beginners

    It is obvious that shielding effects are taking place in these short videos. Yet this is only occurring in a one dimensional plane. EM fields will still be apparent at the outer edges of the shielding product. It is important to note the demonstration with the woman holding the aluminum screen. Her comparatively low body impedance directs the majority of the RF into her body. This is not something one would want to do long term.

    Remember that the human body is nearly 70% water. This makes the human body a much lower impedance “ground” than ambient air. Ambient air impedance is in the tens of meg-ohms range. Human body impedance is somewhere in the 500-1500 ohm range depending on frequency. This is why it’s not a good idea to ground the human body in a high RF or EM environment. Grounding the body makes the spine into an excellent mono-pole antenna system…

    Also notice the result when the shield is not grounded but left in free space. The bounce-back from emissions behind the shield would be strongly reduced with a wired low impedance ground to Earth. It is important to understand the various shielding materials and processes. Even heavy-duty kitchen foil is a practical solution when cost becomes an issue.

    Shielding RF Radiation with Aluminum Screening

    WiFi Radiation Blocking and Shielding Radio Frequency Radiation with Metal Screen

    Notice the above gentleman’s extremely short low inductance returns to ground. This is partly why he is achieving such excellent results.

  16. bruce

    A Prius is NOT a low EMF car, by any means. The Baubiologist in question was using the wrong piece of instrumentation.

    1. Xy

      There are two distinct grids.
      The real purpose of the so called “choices” program was to incite the public to clamour and thereby to unwittingly “authorize” the introduction of a second separate data mining communications grid, which, unlike the energy delivery system, up until then was illegal.
      Read the Order in Council long form. It refers to a wireless communications grid. All the language is quite different than the constitutional language used to describe and permit the existing energy transmission and distribution system.
      This is NOT an “upgrade” to an existing energy system. It is a new separate data collection communications grid. The smart grid is akin to having cell tower monitoring equipment installed on your home wiring for the sole purpose of data extraction. It is all about removal.
      Think of the energy system as something which provides and delivers energy.
      Think of the smart grid as a system which takes away data.
      That the two separate systems have been conflated in order to create the perception of one system is attributable solely to the mastery of corporate propaganda.
      The smart grid is an entirely separate communications and data collection grid, a global communications grid. The reason the smart monitor constitutes wiretapping is that the occupant is the subject of communications of which they are the object but to which they are not party. The grid’s sole function is to remove data, and to perform analysis, extraction and sales of private data. It has virtually nothing to do with and is operated entirely separately from the existing energy delivery system, contrary to carefully manipulated public perception. Smart corporate interests operate separately from all energy delivery considerations, actions confidential and fully walled off from the energy transmission and distribution system sector called “hydro”.
      MRI equipment, for just one example, must have specially designed rooms which often cost many $100,000s, simply in order to shield the equipment from any and all stray wireless interference.
      Not so for occupants of homes equipped with smart monitors. Indeed, it is not news that there are countless reports after a smart monitor installation, once occupants experience interference with all manner of electronic equipment and the electronics in appliances connected to the same circuitry as is the smart monitor now coupled to their home’s entire wiring system.
      Humans, pets, wildlife, all biological beings, consciously experience unavoidable frequency interference with their own low hertz bioelectrical systems, since uninsulated, unshielded home wiring, unshielded home appliances and unshielded home occupants, as well as all navigational creatures throughout all ecology, are not designed to withstand electromagnetically precipitated electrical induction from frequency conflict. Biologically speaking, the smart grid is not dissimilar in its impact to a slow but almost continuous taser system capable of rapidly polarizing and depolarizing all the body’s nerve “switches” billions of times a second, while subjecting all biology trapped beneath the artificial microwave blanket to what is equivalent to strobe light speed polar switching, creating a electrocution-like effect which triggers slow bioelectrical decline and failure.
      Those in the smart grid industry have zero financial incentive to design network management and communications equipment nodes to be shielded – quite the opposite. Not only do they not care one wit if SMPS spikes and microwave transients interfere with households or occupants, transients increase their profitability. Unlike with hybrid vehicles, not only do sales do not depend on designing in the absence of frequency conflict between incompatible systems, human or otherwise, but rather additional profits are made from transient based measurement, data analysis, behaviour engineering and modification. Those spikes are a method of delivery which in and of themselves facilitate profitable mining of private data for trillion dollar sales to parties inside and outside the country. Transient spikes and pulses, rather than simply being a byproduct of the grid, comprise a core component of the methodology of data extraction. In short, the utilities and manufacturers of smart grid components are incentivized to benefit directly from transient spikes and pulses, and to profit from frequency conflict. They don’t have to give a damn because the utility’s, Itron and Cisco’s profit margins all operate without any need to consider the impact on utility customers, who are apparently deemed irrelevant to profit, perhaps merely collateral damage, an unavoidable by-product of data mining.
      On the other hand, Prius sales are incentivized in a diametrically opposite fashion.
      If emf interaction and the attendant frequency conflict causes systemic failure in a hybrid vehicle, the hybrid manufacturer stands to lose in many ways, not least of which is via countless lawsuits. Certainly at very least the negative impact on future sales for hybrid manufacturers would be almost immediate.
      It is a given that a Prius is not a low EMF car. There are many dozens of computers which operate the many separate systems in a Prius. In order for each one to function at all, it would seem logical that each and every differing frequency field generated by each component within the hybrid vehicle would of necessity have to be shielded from every other potentially conflicting frequency field, in order for the Prius to be able to function at all.
      The explanation offered was that it is a given that the hybrid has many differing EMFs, which is why it is indispensably necessary to the hybrid vehicle design that correct shielding must be used to avoid unintended consequences from conflicting frequency interactions. By design the hybrid manufacturers must anticipate and prevent frequency conflict which would otherwise precipitate multiple computer failure and vehicular disaster.

  17. bruce

    I suggest that you study the electrical engineering field of EMC to gain a better understanding of what levels of shielding and filtering are typically employed for commercial products. It is minimal (less than 20dB typically), due to costs. Unfortunately, -20dB is a not a discernible improvement, typically -30dB is the level that is discernible and ES individual “somewhat better” for a problematic source. This why applying commercial shielding and filtering practice is not successful for ES folks. If it was, it would be an easy problem to solve.

    The Prius has extremely strong lower frequency (below 1 MHz) magnetic fields, as will any electric car, and the shielding of components is only what is necessary for their operation. Shielding of occupants was never a design consideration, nor is it practical to do so for ES disabled individuals. In fact, I suspect that even if it was designed from scratch to be low EMF, I doubt it would be suitable.

    The only low EMF automotive alternative at present is the older, mechanically injected diesels, with the alternator disabled ànd virtually all other electronics and motors disabled. It is possible to achieve below 0.005 milligauss at highway speeds if in addition the steel belted tires and drivechain are degaussed. Vibration is also a major cause of EMFs in a rolling car; the vibration of the driver and occupants within the earth’s field causes a significant AC magnetic field. Of course, there is no such thing as very low EMF driving anymore, due to the endless number of cell towers and power lines parallel to the road.

    Best Wishes,

  18. rustic23

    thank you bruce. question: have just discovered Dr. Havaas site which led to finding the MAGNETIC INSOLES to reduce inflammation i.e. pain, supposedly invented by a physicist. Please inform if this is truly a product that will be beneficial for EMS persons (wonder if less expensive magnetic bracelets, etc. are just as helpful -? ) just read Selisha’s story about her mom and wonder if the soles or whatever magnetic might be beneficial. Furthermore, have heard the earthing products work against you in this country (ok in europe i’ve heard) due to a different elec. grid/whatever. Lots to think about ! Thank you Kim and everyone! hoping for a response asap!

    1. bruce

      Magnet therapy has been around and looking for diseases to treat for well over 30 years. It has some limited use as an anti-inflammatory but will not solve EMF problems. Beware, there are now dozens of companies selling baloney of all sorts claiming to benefit ES.

      Real, measurable reductions in your daily exposures will provide lasting, non-placebo improvements.

      All of the products with claim to neutralize emf effects are work only by placebo effect of their amazing marketing hype, they are utter techno-nonsense.

      1. Curtis Bennett

        People are not EHS, they are effectively being electrocuted by being thrown into an electrical circuit. That is the danger of blanket electromagnetic radiation, EVERYTHING in the EMF is in the wireless electrical circuit. Some people can be more sensitive just due to their orientation of the EMFs.

        When it comes to magnetism be careful in dismissing it because all magnetic fields are not the same. If you removed magnetism from the equation there would be no electricity or any EMF or life itself.

        Due to my background and years of working with an amazing team, I lecture magnetism and EMFs in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. I was also part of the first program lecturing causation linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

        There are not any products that will protect you or your buildings from RF EMFs as applied. Blanket EMFs radiating large geographical areas adversely affects everything. The frequencies are going through you as well as the buildings you live in. With blanket coverage killing the planet sanctuaries are not going to work long term.

        One magnetic design we investigated increased nerve conduction an average of 75% and regrew nerve fiber. While it isn’t a fix for the EMF bombardment, it electrically stabilized people.

        In other thermal radiation imaging application we documented increased circulation, reduced inflammation. Non thermal really means below -496 deg. F, -273 deg. C or called absolute zero. That means it is ridiculous that non thermal effects with wireless exposure can not be seen. Here is a link to the science used for the SAR and below that is a time-lapsed infrared video showing physiological changes with a responsibly designed magnetic field. The video was done without expectations and a spot temperature on the toe.

        The RF EMFs could be stopped because of the Specific Absorption Rate not being applicable to blanket radiation affecting building code compliance as well as much more.

    2. Care Leah

      Rusti – Of course there is a vast chasm between fraudulent new age gimmick, or glorified shunt capacitors. or dangerously high risk earthing gadgets and genuine science based solutions which are actually designed to work. For example: Prairie farmers swore by horseshoe magnets for relief of arthritis. That would qualify as anecdotal reportage. “Anecdotal” is a term often used to try to sort out hearsay from fact, rumour from proof, woo woo from science. However, it’s also used by many in the medical profession to dismiss anything which is not peer reviewed by fellow doctors. I happen to be extremely sensitive to rf. and microwaves, consciously aware that I am a walking fractal antenna, yet determined not to allow electrosmog to do me in or render me chronic. So far, so good.
      A few years ago, after a definitive western diagnosis of stage 3 supposedly incurable terminal cancer, I intentionally circumvented western medical treatment, used eastern meds, natural substances as well as correctly and scientifically designed medical magnetics, etc..
      I was able to “feel” the gradual alteration of my personal ecology as I slowly cured myself – all without any double blind studies. In medical circles what I did qualifies as “anecdotal”. Ironically, oncologists take an oath never to pass on any such anecdotes. In fact, many prefer to believe that all diagnostic tests have to have been wrong and that those who manage to conquer cancer on their own, without resort to western medicine, must have never had cancer at all. For more on this a VERY interesting topic read a fascinating book called “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds”
      My point is that I think it is possible to use one’s mind and natural tools to alter the body’s susceptibility to imbalances within and without, albeit, those without are much more challenging to tackle.

  19. Frank Lee

    Hello Xy: You stated: “Biologically speaking, the smart grid is not dissimilar in its impact to a slow but almost continuous taser system capable of rapidly polarizing and depolarizing all the body’s nerve “switches” billions of times a second, while subjecting all biology trapped beneath the artificial microwave blanket to what is equivalent to strobe light speed polar switching, creating a electrocution-like effect which triggers slow bioelectrical decline and failure.”

    Your above comment is brilliant, and in fact your entire comment is unusual in it’s accuracy. Yet the key point for readers to consider, is that the “Smart Grid” is an quite plainly an extermination device. Contrary to spin-mastering by various media, the data gathering capabilities are not even a political issue, though that is this focus included in the propaganda technique. The data gathering method allows these ghouls and psychopaths to accurately determine the efficacy and process of this fully intended extermination program. When there is no one left to turn the lights on or off, the “smart” device has fulfilled it’s intended purpose. The smart meter program, as well as the massive installations of cellular phone infrastructures, are clearly part of the Agenda 21 eugenics process. These extermination devices are being augmented by geoengineering (weather modification) and HAARP elements as well.

    Most readers will reject the above data, because they have been conditioned to trust in truthful “governances” of their lives, even when overwhelming facts point in the opposite direction. “We the People” are the target of a massive program to reduce Earth’s human populations to less than 500 million survivors. This is no “conspiracy theory”, and there are Department of the Navy, Department of Defense, NASA, and United Nations documents that prove out my assertions.

    I’ve been following the Chemtrail pollution issue since about 2004, and began viewing Dane Wigington’s presentations about 1 1/2 years ago. What’s amazing about Dane, is he’s actually clearer and sharper in his evaluations as time goes on. Dane Wigington is a man on a mission to STOP the insanity of what our corporations and NWO ghouls are accomplishing as I write this post. They are killing us – and NOT softly…

    Geoengineering and HAARP warfare are decimating the boreal forest where I live. Local moose populations have dropped over 73% since 2006. Wolfs are coming down with a morgellon type of fungal mange, and freezing to death in winter. This is advanced terminal history for mankind.

    Please watch the full video “CLIMATE ENGINEERING WEATHER WARFARE, AND THE COLLAPSE OF CIVILIZATION”, and decimate to friends and family.

    If that film isn’t convincing enough, perhaps this one will get your attention. >

    Excerpted from: Chemtrails: An Integral Part Of The Great Starvation

    [“Chemtrails spray 20 million tons of aluminum oxide, barium oxide and strontium oxide on human beings, plants, trees and the water we all must drink. These metal oxides have been linked to several human, plant and animal diseases.
    Aluminum oxide raises the ph level of soil depleting the soil of micro-organisms needed for organic gardening. Trees are dying. Aluminum oxide is an accelerant for forest fires.

    Ozone is depleted by aluminum oxide. Cosmic rays are blocked by Ozone.”]

    Just let the gentle Cosmic Rays into your crown chakra, and you will find the glorious light… Ignore the obvious. It’s so easy… to die…

    1. Xy

      Try this on:
      First of all, we are many, they are few.
      “They” may think that this means that they have a captive market, – but do they? Unlike with real slaves, our chains are largely of our own making.

      Never forget that “they” are causing more and more people to figure out ways to leave the grid behind, that “they” fear the growing dissatisfaction with staying on grid which they themselves have cultivated by using jackboot stormtrooper tactics with customers who are waking up to the end of cheap electricity and want to use the money hydro is after for themselves, while seeking out energy alternatives.
      I have nothing against symbolic protest but gathering in groups holding up signs simply doesn’t offer the same kind of satisfaction as setting aside a few weeks or so of beer/coffee money to build your own solar panels from ultra cheap solar cells, glued to plywood, covered with a sheet of Plexiglas and framed.

      The only reason to bother to focus on what motivates corporations or the elite to do what they are doing is to better understand the agenda in order to successfully undermine it.

      Just because someone wants to make a meal out of you does not mean you have to prepare yourself to be consumed.

      The odds of strategic survival are not furthered by yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre. While it is not difficult to see eugenics as one driving force for global deployment of wireless harm, there are several reasons why I, for one, don’t dwell on this.

      There are simple reasons why those with money never have enough of it: GREED, which, (to be facetious), tends to short circuit, (pardon the pun) if and when corporations kill off their own customer base. Besides, extraction of your privately owned data without your consent fuels a derivatives market built on electricity “futures”, which is a multi trillion dollar market bubble in the making, as is a carbon currency rationing economy and global energy control which eliminates upkeep costs by charging big bucks for every single kilowatt while throttling back the kwh allotment for each household.

      Remember that hydro is very nervous about just how many they themselves have awakened, those who now seek ultra simple, pared down ways to go off grid.
      As soon as ordinary people discover self reliance, corporations have good reason to become concerned, since utter dependence of the customer on the energy the corporation controls is the real commodity in which they trade. The minute anyone discovers options… like Heatex wiring, for instance, and finds out how to safely strings a line of DC wiring along the ceiling for 12 volt lighting,… the second the penny drops that a BBQ is an outdoor kitchen once properly insulated, under cover and correctly used… as soon as someone catches on that maybe that rusty but sold steel plate old second hand wood stove they saw last week at that garage sale may offers heat and cooking options during a prolonged power outage or otherwise, ….when some DYI person installs their own water cistern and/or begins to capture and filter rain water off their roof,….or realizes that am existing wood fireplace also can cook food wrapped in foil as well as burn scrap wood (not salt laced driftwood tho) , … Just as soon as anyone explores barter and trade or finds a small portable 1000 watt generator on a deeply discounted sale, …. when ANYONE figures out that maybe they are not addicted energy junkies after all and realizes that just maybe the utility does NOT really have total power over their lives to act like some crack cocaine dealer…the second anyone catches on that there may be ways to meet their most basic needs, warmth, food, light,love ….. then that is the moment a radical shift occurs, the desire to subvert corporate exploitation of their dependence on electricity.

      The good news is that almost anyone can in some small way create a safe, affordable life, explore DYI solar panels, or an RV style compact DC electrical alternative. A few deep cycle 6 volt batteries can become a storage bank, perhaps renewed by a generator. Once handiness resurfaces, the innovative get busy & embrace the wonders of voluntary simplicity as they kick electricity addiction.

      The options are endless: Home made solar cookers, miniature raised bed greenhouses, even porta-potties, the potential use runs all the way from living 3 seasons off grid in a 2nd hand RV, or, maybe a revisit to the RV model of a tiny home’s compact self sufficient living. Consider one of those “emergency power outage” oven and three burner propane cookers. Why wait for the emergency when you can create alternatives right now?
      How about battery sustained 12 volt refrigeration with those 6 volt deep cycle batteries run in sequence, both running off a trickle feed from a few home built solar panels, maybe a propane wall heater & better night time insulation on winter windows.

      Imagine, once the public catches on, one household at a time, to the fact that going off grid in a compact hybrid way may well be within reach for many who until now only assumed that electrical simplicity was out of reach.

      As soon as anyone locates their inner pioneer, hydro and government policies which shape hydro’s callous indifference begin to lose their grip.

      Isn’t living well the best revenge?
      Isn’t simplicity the real revolution, once government takes advantage of one’s imagined dependence on what Sure there are those who will continue to suffer but won’t de-energize bedroom circuits, won’t relocate a child’s bed to another room away from a s/meter.

      For the rest, the minute the lightbulb goes on, (pardon another pun), those who remain open to endless possibilities realize that the goal is NOT to try to spend countless thousands of dollars they don’t have to try to reproduce the scale of energy they are used to using. It is NOT necessary to try to sustain all the circuits a whole house. Analyze the difference between needs and wants and it soon becomes evident that the goal is NOT to try to reproduce the power plant scale of electrical living they already have on tap from hydro. Quite the opposite. Nor is the aim to adapt to an overly complex wiring system in the dwelling where they happen to live. Forget that.
      Simplicity is the antidote (with the aid of proper professional electrical guidance of course). Some people’s lack motivation to embrace autonomy. Most only need a bit of inspiration to get going.

      The real goal is to get rid of the very same over complex toxic electricity brought to all of us via what has become a non stop source of dirty electricity. And that leaves the choices wide open.

      Even when corporate conspiracies are real, does dwelling on them or reading about them make anyone feel powerful? Is this line of reasoning empowering? Or disabling?
      Does a child’s view of authority (government, corporation, boss, priest, etc) as an all powerful parent figure, whether good or evil, further a sense of self ownership? Does fear offer ways to gain control over one’s own life? Does colluding with self declared but fictitious authorities and acting as if they are either benevolent parents or evil stepparents lead to success? Doesn’t a commitment to make positive choices about how to conduct one’s own life make a real difference?
      Sure there will always be those who seem willing to divide themselves off into one distinct group, and to view themselves as passive, helpless victims, prey for predators. The reality is that if one is willing to become creatively radical there are many alternatives to compounding any feeling of helplessness by resisting any feeling of being overwhelmed.

      Strategically speaking, fear is NEVER a useful tactic for winning. My philosophy is that when anyone, no matter how sincerely, employs the use of fear mongering to preach the inevitability of inescapable annihilation (by smart grid/cell towers, fluoride, GMOs, chemtrails, etc), the promoter is in effect joining forces with the likes of Goebbels and other propagandists.
      When a person promotes this world view to other readers, some of whom may looking for any excuse to give in to the hypnosis of fear and who then in turn will themselves spread this sense of panic far and wide, any strategy to defeat such threats meets a dead end of contagious passivity.
      Whether the fearful intend to do so or not, as soon as anyone indulges emotionally in the promotion of fear, they have begun to allow themselves to become a tool of any corporate agenda by disseminating propaganda which helps corporations to disarm the population and demotivate them to fight back.
      For instance, right now hydro is literally scrambling and has run out of ideas for how to handle as many as 200,000 smarter hold outs. They are at their wits end, unable to defeat contract law used correctly by those who refuse to co-operate with their illegal mandate.
      So when anyone describes any overwhelming scenario of “them against us”, just for the sake of balance, why not include the reality of “us against them”?
      Otherwise, when you give in to fear, that means that the enemy has already gained outposts inside your own mind. You are now being used by them to promulgate dread which only works to create more feeling of impotence which in turn disarms those who might otherwise find creative ways to subvert and sabotage the wireless agenda.
      History has proven time and again that those corrupted by power ALWAYS go too far and in the end they lose the power they are after when it devours them.
      To me, fear is THEIR tool, not mine.
      Why help them by promoting fear, paralysis, inaction, passivity, futility, and surrender?

      1. Paul Vonharnish

        To Xy: Your comments regarding basic functional methods and attitudes to circumvent the “elite” agendas are much appreciated. Whilst your mechanical concepts have validity and efficacy, many persons will find these “solutions” have extremely limited survival appeal. I completely disagree that this sort of mechanical approach is at all sustainable long term. Current environmental issues facing humanity demand much more than some vague methodology concerning grid or EM alleviation. There are significant crises that will trump all efforts as detailed in your treatise.

        In terms of electromagnetic/environmental hazards alone, there will be no escaping the facts which are now before us as a specie. If you would refer to another page on this site, I’ve included a small number of links to environmental studies detailing know multiple species are being irreplaceably damaged by electromagnetic pollutions. Our planet is literally gasping under the onslaught of our self-induced chemical and biological warfare. We (as a specie) have to do more than just sober up to the facts before us.

        This is not an “us against them” situation. Our rapt participation in a failing socioeconomic paradigm, is THE issue to be addressed. Our administrative and executive classes need to be fired, period. They need to be dragged out of their offices and thrown out of power. This is not an impossibility. These people are not “alien”. These are people just like all other people, only they are delusional, dangerous, insane, and we pay them to remain as such.

        It is fools gold to believe we can shuffle off to some wilderness retreat that no longer even exists. The majority of the land (over 70%) in the United States alone, is now considered Federally owned property. Citizens are not allowed to reside on these properties, and they will be shot or arrested for any “trespass”. Farmers are being driven out of business by foreign owned corporations, and we contribute to those portfolio holdings. Our private properties, lands, and personal production are being confiscated at a pen-stroke.

        Even the notion that persons can heat their homes with replenishable energy sources like wood products or bio-energy, is being actively trumped by Agenda 21 imperatives. This is a war against humanity and the citizen public, and these actions are being supported by millions of staff persons who are psychopathic, criminally dangerous, and most likely living next door.

        You mention fear. I have no fear of anyone on this planet. What I do fear, are those persons who believe that they can play hide and seek with the inevitable. Current species extinctions are running at 350+ species lost every day of the week. Our banking and executive classes, along with all Federal government administrators, need to be put down as the sick dogs they have made themselves. There is no future for planet Earth without addressing these very dire situations.

  20. rustic23

    Thanks Bruce – Yes, i’ve tried just a few EMF neutralizing products (Q link, etc) – couldn’t really tell if helped, but have read multi-positive reports of the magnetic stuff thru the years so when came upon the $100.00-physicist-invented-magnetic soles that was connected somehow to Dr. Havaas /long time Canadian EMF researcher i’m hoping that product had something going for it finally. Have you contacted Dr. Havaas for her info/opinion? i wouldn’t think someone of her caliber would lead us astray, do you? 2nd issue – what is your take on the Earthing Products? IHave heard due to our grid that it actually works against us (my severe issues improved 3 days with the sheet then turned around and made them worse once again) – what’s the latest on that as am ready to contact the Earthing Co. but need good solid info to back me up. Thanks!

    1. Xy

      IF the insoles to which you refer are E3 insoles, Anthony Bove is the name of the physicist who designed these insoles. My understanding is that he developed these particular medical magnetic insoles alongside the rigorous scrutiny of a medical team of which he was an associate, a team which endorsed these insoles and only these insoles.
      IF these insoles to which you refer are E3 insoles and IF the list price anywhere else is indeed $100.00, then that price is literally double what the inventor, Mr Bove, expressly insisted would remain the maximum permitted selling price. These were terms which he arranged as just one of the many conditions of his medical insole patent. After costs some of the proceeds were pre-arranged to go toward further medical research and some were to be donated to reputable third world sources in order make the insoles available to those in impoverished countries who would otherwise be unable to ever afford this medically approved design.

      1. rustic23

        Dear XY – your Magnetic Sole information very interesting! I will inquire into these “$100 Mag. soles” (price did seem out of whack!). Do you happen to know where the Bove E3 soles are available? (i know now they are NOT helpful for EMS but since i have Lymes Disease inflammatory conditions am hoping for help for that issue). any info anyone has would be much appreciated. thanks SO much.

  21. bruce

    Earthing has come around again as a popular fad, the last time was about 27 years ago. Just as effective now as it was then. (Not effective for ES.) Easy to do double blind testing (same setup but invisibly not electrically connected to ground), but instead it’s all “marketing” grade research and anecdotal stories.

    There is some research showing that changing the DC magnetic field does change the level at which AC magnetic fields affect cell wall transport of key mineral ions. My own experimenting with this did not prove fruitful, but reducing the magnetic fields (and e-fields) in my home and bedroom did help stop my rapid decline.

    Like everyone else, I’d much rather improve my health so that I could tolerate more EMFs, but on that front my progress has been limited. A magic device which neutralized EMFs would also be nice, but alas, they are all frauds.

    I appreciate the work Dr. Havas has done in publicizing ES. She is a charming and sincere person with training in biology, but her home university has no engineering school, or physics dept., so no one there can help steer her around the questionable technical advice she gets from David Stetzer. I think I’ll say no more about that.

    EMC is a well established field in electrical engineering, and everything that needs to be done to reduce our daily exposures while maintaining most of our conveniences does NOT require new research or basic development. The problem is that EMC is a difficult field, even for engineers, and it seems few want to spend the time to learn how to apply it.

    Best Wishes,

  22. Paul Vonharnish

    Thank you Bruce for your above posts. The companies and persons who recommend “Earthing” products have no clue as to the biological realities inherent in man made EM fields. They are, in fact; exposing most clients and customers to a potentially serious biological hazard. Stray electromagnetic fields in urban areas can expose “grounded” individuals to billions of times more EM emissions than natural ambient. These companies should be sued for fraud and attempted manslaughter. There are no excuses for economic ghouls to sell their techno-junk and misinform the public for personal gain.

    The human neurological and sensory system is by design, an extremely sensitive fractal antenna. That is: The sensory system is sensitive to wavelengths extending from below 4 cycles per second, to frequencies in the gamma range. All biological cells on planet Earth contain fractal antenna functions as well. For more on this, please review the following video. > Martin Blank – EMF & DNA
    Published on Sep 5, 2012

    [“In this, the first of several upcoming posts from the Center for Wireless Safety’s “Wireless Safety Summit,” held in Washington, D.C. last year, Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University Medical School talks about the effects of electro-magnetic frequencies from cellphones and other wireless devices like ‘smart meters’ on DNA and human health.”]

    Key into comments starting at approximately 7:45 into the presentation. This “fractal” antenna process is apparent in all living biological cell functions.

    Receptivity to electromagnetic and cyclic time variations are the basis of all forms of life on planet Earth. It is incompetent and suicidal to alter these extremely delicate fractal mechanisms using any sort of man-made EM field. EM emissions issues are not limited to DNA damage in human cells alone, but the cumulative damages being imposed upon ALL biological life on our planet. Please think about this as you make your next payment on your cellular phone subscription service. Is total extermination a worthy cause for payment?

  23. rustic23

    My utmost appreciation for Paul and Bruce’s insights that corroborate my very limited EMS knowledge after struggling through several years of severe EMF/MCS. After 3 days’ Earthing Sheet use i knew there was something very wrong with that product and haven’t begun using it again. I am very beholden to you both for starting to open my eyes/brain to the evils of devious/faulty marketing which in this case is as you say, Paul, is virtually manslaughter. i will be contacting the company to inform of my feelings; i hope many other informed EMS people will also follow suit. i will be demanding my money back ….. probably about all i can ask/threaten being without substantial finances at this point. again, my huge thanks for your esteemed info on this site!

  24. Paul Vonharnish

    Hello Kim: Thanks for allowing me to post on this great site. The EM emissions problem is getting next to impossible to ignore. Most readers here will not be able to find a place to escape due to financial issues and/or lack of safe housing for the disabled. Never the less, here are some links to web sites that offer high quality “personal Refugium” products. >

    The only reliable way to protect from high frequency (RF) electromagnetic field exposures is to utilize screening or shielding materials that are specifically designed for that purpose.

    Good graphic representation of various (RF) screening materials.

    Shielding Overview – EMFields

    Notes: Silver-net (highest) or Naturell cloth would have the best profile for curtain and bed canopy materials.
    Sterling 20 would appear to have the best blocking model for window films.
    Note that Chromax fabric shielding falls off significantly at high frequency.
    Silver-Tulle would seem to have the best high frequency blocking.

    Extremely low frequency 50 or 60 cycle magnetic induction is much more difficult to protect against. These low frequency radiations produce wavelengths which are very long, thus these types of fields require Giron or MuMetal magnetic shielding or other low frequency plated materials such as Mag-StopTM Plates. There are other company sites which also offer these products.

    Magnetic Field Shielding Materials

    There are many web-sites which supply professional quality window film materials.
    Effectiveness of Window Films from SolarGard:

    Click to access solargard-technical-bulletin-emi-2011.pdf

    Gigahertz Solutions products page:

    Other sites in the US, Canada, Germany:

    EMF Safety Store

    Aaronia – Shielding / Screening, Magneticfield shielding, Screening panels, Shielding foil, Shielding fabric, etc.

    The Aaronia site has provides the most superior spectrum measurements tools and shielding products in the world. Another positive point in the Aaronia pages, are the downloadable data sheets for each product offered. Product sites that do not offer complete information on materials and test data should be avoided.

  25. rustic23

    PAUL – how fortunate we are to be recipients of your amazing expertise. Will be sharing your info with our NEW EMS SUPPORT GROUP here in Asheville (along with other’s here on this valuable site. Hats off to you, once again (not many hats left!)

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Rustic, do you have an email address or contact info for your new EHS support group in Asheville? I know someone who would like to get in touch. Thanks!

  26. rustic23

    KIM – The EMS support group email contact: (Mary Anne) – – -delighted! Definitely Pass the word . there were only 3 people @ the 1st mtg. a few wks. ago but word is spreading. Use me as a reference if wish and fine to also give my email to this person(s). THANK YOU!

  27. rustic23

    I need some feedback on use of magnetic products (bracelet, inner soles) for fibromyalgia pain on an EMS person as just read of someone using it on their head to alleviate EMS symptoms -!! Help!

    1. Xy

      Rustic: Prior to marketing, an organization was originally hired by the US medical team to independently test, image and assess the short and long term effects of E3 products on many seriously disabling conditions, also tested on horses, etc for ten years by co-operating veterinarians, same length of time for testing a prototype for people with problems ranging from microwave sickness to lyme to neuropathy to partial paralysis.
      As I understand it, the E3 biz may be undergoing a change of ownership. There is still some product on the books for various companies on line which have marketed this item. Just google it, they are out there, in the US. Try e-bay – saw it there too, – $49.Better to get the men’s, they are easily trim-able to size with need of only minimal peripheral removal of magnets. The men’s offer more coverage in width unless you are a very small double AA foot – eBay only ships to locations in the US.
      I know this is strictly subjective but I did an absolute ton of research for this and honestly, after two+ years I still love the effect of the insoles on pain reversal and anti-inflammation. The E3 sleeping mask literally changed everything, contributed to return of deep, restful, undisturbed sleep, despite growing horrible readings from nearby smart meters on other homes and despite much less than ideal frequency readings from multiple sources originating from elsewhere.

      1. rustic23

        Hi XY – awoke to 2 differing opinions re: magnetic products , and i respect both of your comments but am now bamboozled about trying it out as i’ve come a long way & am understandably concerned about anything that would be detrimental to my EMS. Would the bracelet be the least toxic to try out if i so chose or is the E3 form only available in the insoles? The fibromyalgia needs tending to but don’t know what to do. CONFUSED….

  28. Paul Vonharnish

    Hello rustic23: Thank you for your comments and support. I’ve been doing this for allot of years.

    In regards to any sort of metal or magnetic device in close proximity to your body. No. I would not suggest any metal, metallic, or magnetic product. Even taking Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, or Copper supplements, can alter biological cell functions in high EM mixed fields as found in urban cities. It is important to remember that all cells in the body have trace amounts of these conductive materials, and that cell metabolism, cell division, and cell-wall communications with adjoining cells, are affected by protein bonds and free electron metals in the body. There’s a fair amount of research suggesting that multi-vitamin and mineral supplements are biologically harmful in present day urban emissions fields.

    There are now over 1 million cellular tower installations in the United States alone. There are over 5 billion cellular phone accounts in present day service world-wide. Now add military sonar and radar, civilian radio and television communications, wi-fi mesh networks, civilian aircraft and shipping radar, GPS ping services, the smart grid, and the list goes on and on.

    I would also suggest to those who wish to wear protective shielding clothing whilst outside: If you are going to attempt to shield RF and cellular tower radiations, you need to wear these metallic garments OVER a thick layer of underclothing, or possibly use some other insolating method. You do not want these metallic shielding garments in contact with your body, as you may be turning yourself into a wonderfully efficient antenna system. Never ground these fabrics against your moist skin, and make sure bed canopies are not hanging right up against your bed. Think about these things, eh?

  29. rustic23

    Paul – I treasure your information. Thank you so very much for Magnetic,mineral info. I’ll heed your advice and pass it on to our newly formed Asheville EMS support group of 3 but already growing. Any advice for our new group is more than welcome.

  30. Xy

    Rustic23 – The link to the medical team website is posted above.
    The only reason I posted the medical website link here is because this particular approach with this particular product is distinctly different, proceeded by years of white papers and hands on experiments, and that may or may not be relevant to others who are sick or suffering.
    To me it is interesting that a group of doctors has participated in extensive studies and only after a decade has endorsed this approach by Bove research into correctly designed use of magnetics as part of an evolving branch of mainstream medicine called energy medicine.
    Normally, based on my own personal experience, my view of mainstream medicine (other than trauma medicine) is fairly jaundiced. If mainstream medicine approves something that alone would usually make me hesitate. In this instance, these happen to be a team of innovative doctors who are aware of and grew fed up with the risks and repeat abject failure of the Western pharmaceutical model of treating symptoms while ignoring underlying causes and imbalances.
    Before I forget, E3 has manufactured no bracelet that I know of.
    As mentioned, just because something is magnetic does not necessarily make it either effective or wonderful.
    There is plenty of new age magnetic junk out there which is churned out without regard for any scientific principles of correct application or bio-healing. My take is that one has to be very discerning and stick with solid evidence and proven solutions
    I gather from reading white papers, etc., that there are specific reasons that Bove emphasized insoles first and foremost, only partly due to the link between the bottoms of the feet and so many organs in the body. At the link is time lapse thermo-photography which serves to demonstrate the effect of the insoles on severe neuropathy, illustrating the return of circulation to a diabetic’s damaged feet in a matter of hours. I saw one video that led to twos wiggling in a paraplegic woman. But I hesitate to sound like this is a miracle when the fact is that what matters is the science behind it, used to cure laminitis in horses and countless other applications. Orthopaedic surgeons in Victoria have for some years now sent people home after surgery with magnets applied to operation sites, used to speed up healing and to assist granular densification of bones.
    Research the link and it becomes apparent that the team of doctors with whom the physicist associate has worked, have overseen every step of this carefully developed branch of what is now established mainstream energy medicine taught by doctors. This team tested each design by Bove for many years. It is worth noting that this approach to energy medicine is now an integral component of continuing education for university medical credits needed by doctors and students alike, and is taught to practicing doctors and to medical students as part of continuing education. IHFGlobal medical team’s members are not alternative medical practitioners. They are mainstream doctors who used rigorous standards and demanded studies and results which took years of indisputable evidentiary material and results from many controlled studies, ten years before the doctors to approve this particular application of magnetic energy protects the bioelectrical system and does not harm it but rather heals it. , which is why it took ten years to gain approval.
    I normally don’t go to mainstream doctors. I am very surprised that this paradigm shift is occurring because I confess I have a very jaundiced view of mainstream medicine in general. As I am certain you know, they refuse to even recognize Lyme Disease as such and tend to balk at anything innovative or new.
    Of course, you will have to decide for yourself how to proceed.

    1. Xy

      PS: Our dog had been diagnosed with advanced congestive heart failure, fluid all around the heart and lungs, put on diuretics, and we were warned it would progress quickly and she would decline, since every year is like 4 years in a dog’s life. Not long afterwards, I took a few of the larger man’s insoles and placed them in intersecting configurations under the cover of my dog’s bed as well as in my cat’s sleeping crate in which he loves to snooze. Both pets changed dramatically in a very short time. Within less than a month our small terrier was able to discontinue diuretics. No other meds either. She no longer has any signs of heart disease whatsoever, in fact acts and runs about like a puppy. Our cat had Lyme disease and severe arthritis. He too no longer takes pain or other meds, goes on long walks with us through the fields and is no longer showing signs of pain or inability to walk or climb stairs. The veterinarian does not really seem interested in why a 14 year old dog no longer has any evidence of heart disease after being diagnosed with advanced congestive heart failure at 11. Nor does there seem to be any curiosity about why tour 14 year old cat no longer has any evidence of what was extremely crippling lyme related arthritis starting from about age 8. Go figure.

  31. rustic23

    XY – your information certainly idicates that the correct magnets are very beneficial for inflammation so i would like to know what other magnets are beneficial (besides the E3 inner soles). Have begun to see “black” magnets, “norso” magnets and something like “neomydium”(?) magnets and am trying to find info re: which are best for people with inflammation (carpal tunnel/the like). Does the E3 innersole consist of any of the above magnets? I’m personally leary of trying the magnets due to my EMS but have several friends minus EMS whose painful conditions could hopefully benefit from the right kind of magnet. Any information is welcome. Thanks!

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  33. Lynn

    The places you’ve listed for one province – one is a temporary stay where folks who are financially strapped might be challenged to afford (nothing long term) & the other place has never materialized. Is there any place that a person can go that shows where a group of people interested in a communal EHS safe haven environment living, or wishing to start one, can be reached? I live in Canada … I would prefer the western provinces. It would be great to connect with like minded people. Any suggestions/leads? I’ve waited for years & so far there’s nothing new in the way of groups organizing in Canada … most folks who are refugees don’t have the funds. Most don’t have money to buy big acreages to offer safe havens to others & have little funds to even try to find a more remote place where they can live off grid or close to off grid. Reality is that it takes money to even buy a piece of freedom (which can be taken from you with another tower or mast or router being installed near you or neighbours moving in who are into technical toys). Where can one run & hide from this toxic world? The cost to even begin to shield is beyond many people & if you rent, you are severely limited to what you can do. Some people have been made sicker from using various shielding out there & who is a biological engineer who understands the electro magnetic radiation issues who can be hired to help people? Who could afford such help? There are people out there selling their services but who is properly trained to set things up safely?

    By the way, my pet suffered neurological damage from smart meters & I had to move because of being in an apt. & being assaulted by the meters (120+ in a small area) plus everyone’s toxic technology all around me. I moved to a place without smart meters but they’re coming & the area is saturated with wireless & hot spots & so on, plus neighbours who are completely unaware of the toxic technology they are using (also big time geo eningeering happening here as well) … no wonder it’s impossible to recover. My pet died … watching what it did to her spoke volumes to me. It’s doing that to us as well, whether we realize it or not. I hope someone out there can provide leads so that I can move (yes, again!) to try to find a safe or safer haven to live in that I can afford.

    People I know have spent thousands for protection & now are on the run because nothing seems to be able to stop this insanity which is coming from so many different sources it’s impossible to shield against everything … even the shielding doesn’t come with guarantees, esp. not with the increased frequencies being implemented now.

    The big favour that the power grid can do is to totally collapse … then there may be some hope. Thanks very much.

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      Hi Lynn. Thanks for stopping by my Refugium site and taking the time to comment. 🙂

      The Sanctuaries movement for electrosensitivity is very much a work in progress. Everybody everywhere is doing what they can and what they need in order to create safe space free from electro-pollution. I am listing everything that comes to my attention. But ultimately everyone must research for themselves (obviously) and decide what is useful and feasible for them. No one can do that work for you.

      One thing is for certain – no one but EHS people themselves will be creating these sanctuaries – no government or public agency. Basically, if a person wants an EMF-Free sanctuary, they had better start looking for a way to create one – either by themselves or with a group of like-minded people.

      Facebook now has two groups devoted to bringing people together to locate and create EMF-Free Sanctuaries:

      B.C. Wireless-Free Zones (Closed Group – you must join to read messages and post):

      Wireless-Free Living Communities (Open Group – you can read messages without joining):

      Good luck!

  34. bruce

    Lynn raises some good points- in particular, the problem of “invasion” of well selected rural property by wireless corps. I ran into that on my own rural off grid property. When I bought the land, there was no cellular signal in my little “hollow”, and I could walk long distances and be seizure free fro the first time in 15 years. By the time my shop building was up a year later, so were two cell towers 5.5 miles away and my health was failing (before I learned about the towers). I was faced with financial ruin if I abandoned the project, so I build the house as a shield room. But my life is much more limited now that I had hoped for when I took on this big project.

    Without some serious political protection for the area, a wireless refuge community would be a very risky proposition. Given the lack of support by doctors (always 50 years behind) and the influence of the communications industry on elected officials, that would be an amazing accomplishment.

    Best Wishes,

  35. Paul Vonharnish

    Hello Bruce, Lynn, rustic23, and other readers.

    Where are we going to move to when there are no more trees, no more animals, no more oceans, no more life left on planet Earth? Our electronic devices and consumption addictions are killing the planet. The corporate/capitalist paradigm is a death trap. We need to crucify our “incorporated” moral codes. Here’s just another nail. > An excellent article on the Green Energy con job.

    The Green Sheen Wearing Thin


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    I’m a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a
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    overwhelmed .. Any ideas? Bless you!

  37. Cynthia & Krysta

    Hello fellow EIs out there,

    My daughter and I just vacated the Snowflake, Az EI community; we were there for 5 months. We stayed on the property of an EI that is minimally on-grid. Unfortunately Snowflake is no longer “safe” for EI’s. We’d like to add information to this site that we did not know about before moving out there so that those looking to go can have some updated information on potential “hazards” before making their final decision to move ; we just don’t want others to get their hopes up as well and sell off- or spend- all they have and move there just to realize it is not as “safe” of a place that they thought it was and have to pack up what little they have left, physically and financially, and once again drive off into the unknown.

    The first Uh-Oh was that, even though we’d been informed that the water was fine to drink, our 2 service dogs and 2 cats refused to drink the well water, even risking dehydration (they have never behaved this way before). We later learned that there is Magnesium something in the water that is not good to drink; this substance is also hard on the wells and on Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems and water softeners in homes. RO water is a must though most of Arizona.

    In our 5 month stay, approx. 90% of the time the air was tinged (sometimes overwhelmed) with smoke, day and night, from forest fires, controlled & permit burns, EI neighbor’s grilling, locals burning garbage, and thick, black smoke and the smell of “burning rubber” coming from town and from a neighboring pig farm.

    There is electo-smog in the area. There are NOT Smart meters… yet; the EIs have been able to ward them off for the time being. There are WIFI signals that cross through there; we were able to find upwards of 20 right in front of one EIs door (being portable we use a “WIFI repeater” on the outside of the trailer that picks up WIFI signals in the area and carries them by Ethernet into the trailer; we recently learned this is bad for EHS people so we are looking to make adjustments to something “safe”); we can view even the pasword-protected signals through computer access though we cannot use them). Some EIs are being severely affected by 2 cell towers in the area- even in the off-grid EI homes. A country road or two North of the EI on-grid community has a whole line of metal electrical towers and lines (not the wooden poles) and in times of higher usage some EI’s are affected by those as well.
    Of the few EI’s homes we entered we were surprised that 3 out of 4 were had mold issues; the mold odor permeates out of their homes when they open their door. Three of us outsider EIs who are clinically diagnosed as mold-sensitive have noticed mold within certain areas of these homes and have reacted to it.

    There is also Fracking going on at St. John’s (about 44 miles East of Snowflake) and there has been rumor that the water sources around the Snowflake area are being affected by it (maybe that’s another reason why our animals refused to drink the water). Also there is a Pot Ash mine 7 miles East of Holbrook (about 27 miles North of Snowflake).

    There are also pollen and ragweed allergies to be aware of for those with cross-over sensitivities.

    Also, as a warning to those on disability income: the Arizona State and County Government programs and medical systems are quite disability UN-FRIENDLY! Changing your information over may take some time, and if you’re on food stamps they do require your finger-prints out here. Getting appointments and prescriptions changed over to this state is also a challenge.

    The one really nice thing about being in Snowflake was meeting the fellow EIs that make up the community; some of whom are the pioneer EIs of the area, some who are currently on the mend (Snowflake has proved safe enough for them), and some who have just recently arrived. There’s such a mix of accents, culture, and backgrounds it’s just amazing… and such an array of sensitivities. And to see most of the people behind the stories we only read about gives a sense of relief… to hear of someone’s harrowing story on paper brings us to tears, but seeing them in person helps to strengthen and encourage us. And some of the Eis have such valuable information they willingly share to help make life more tolerable for the new ones that arrive; trials and errors they’ve faced over the years and things they’ve researched that have proved beneficial. We are grateful for the time spent with them and are glad we have made more friends on our journey. You know how hard it is for EIs to meet together when everyone’s trying to stand up wind of everyone else (just think of the child’s game “ring-around-the-rosy”)? There’s constant movement and it is worth a laugh! We’re so used to moving upwind of non-EI’s it becomes second nature.

    Where we are parked now is not the safest of areas for EIs either, but within 5 days of leaving Snowflake my daughter and I have been getting noticeably better health wise.

    Snowflake must have been a very pristine land at one time, but man has a way of polluting everything he touches so the term ‘pristine” today has become relative or obscured all together. We’re both very sorry to break the news to the hopeful EIs out there who thought Snowflake would be their refuge.

    The saddest thing for us is that it took 3 years to arrive in Snowflake. My daughter and I had to work very hard to get out of wheel chairs from an auto accident, moved in to a 100sq ft. Cargo Trailer (no longer able to tolerate “normal” housing), saved up money and made this trip with some apprehension from our Dr.’s. We really relied on the detailed information in the EI articles about Snowflake and on communications with fellow EI’s in that area. We thought of this as our “final resting place” (hoping to buy land); a place to begin to heal and have a better quality of life and maybe, eventually get off disability and be productive members of society again. Unfortunately, what we got were broken hearts, broken dreams, financially broken and backsliding health wise.

    The post I read last night on GreenBank, WV was extremely helpful; we were seriously considering that area thinking if we could eliminate one sensitivity issue the rest might heal. That post was very helpful in making the decision not to go before spending finances and precious energy getting there. We’re hoping this post will bring the same awareness.

  38. Bruce M

    I’ve met Krysta and Cindy and am sorry that they did not do well in Susie’s yard. As for EMFs, they are their own worst enemies; they were living in a small metal trailer with a digital display/controlled air filter, AC refrigerator, wide screen TV, 2 computers with wireless networking, etc. Krysta was sleeping with her head next to the refrigerator – measured at 8 milligaus. They were cooking on an induction cooktop, which pegged my meter standing outside the trailer.

    Yes, there is a new cell tower 5 miles from where they were staying, and non-MCS homes within a few miles have unsecured home wireless networks that they were stealing access to. These conditions exist virtually anywhere where grid power exists. The background microwave levels in the area where they were staying were about -57 dBm not terrible, nor great. (Too high for me unless the house provides -20dB worth of shielding, which isn’t too hard to achieve.) The background AC magnetic field due to ground current was about 0.030 milligaus were they were parked. (Too high for me but much much lower than their own stuff was generating.) They had no air conditioning, in summer temps of over 100F, even more in their tiny metal trailer, virtually uninsulated, with two people, two cats, two dogs, and a composting toilet.

    We did have several wildfires this summer, but no one else thought there was a smoke problem 90% of the time, even those with severe COPD and MCS bad enough that they cannot regularly drive in a car in town, unlike Krysta and Cindy. There were a few weeks of partial days of smoke from wildfires, but of course that’s a lot more hellish when you can’t close up your home due to heat. Wildfires in all of the Western US in the summer will be the norm for foreseeable future. We are having serious drought. Trailer living is not advised by me in any way because of this, and the EMF exposures of trying to have gadgets and appliances running in a tiny metal box.

    I’m glad they are doing better now that it’s cooler and they are in a different elevation and vegetation. I did try and help them reduce their EMF situation in their trailer and I know they are working on it, as their finances will allow.

    It just shows that no place is for everyone, and that living outdoors in the summer during wildfire season in the SW US without AC or a home with sufficient insulation and thermal mass to close up in the heat of the day is NOT a good idea for people with very serious neurological problems.

    It also points out that for EMF problems, if you don’t educate yourself, you will likely make your problems much worse by squeezing yourself in a small metal box with all your gadgets and appliances.

    Bruce M
    Original Snowflake MCS settler, 25 years ago.
    now living 16 miles east, way off grid

  39. Bruce M

    An important message- The Radio Shack AM radio 12-586 has been changed in design and is now worthless as a poor man’s “near field sniffer” (for detecting radio frequency emissions on house wiring and from gadgets/appliances). If your radio, turned all the way up in volume, is relatively quiet between stations, you have the newer unit which is garbage. The former Radio Shack model 12-467 is currently being sold by an ebay seller for $9. These are fine and are my personal favorite.

    1. rustic23

      Hi Bruce – What are your suggestions for basically homeless people riding around in vehicles trying desperately to settle in a ‘safe’ place. would you be kind enough to share your ‘safe/off grid location or at least some other places that you’d recommend? (so sorry krista tried living in a metal mobile home with all those appliances – we must do our homework to make a move sensible. thanks!

  40. Bruce M

    I don’t think there are any easy answers as far as living in a car or trailer. Regular exposure to running conventional gas/alternator car/truck/van wiring harness in itself is a massive EMF exposure, and about half of the travel miles in very rural areas, there are power lines alongside the road, punctuated by cell towers about every 7 miles or so. Wifi and Wimax have spread to even rural stores and offices, and most of the newer wireless routers are very powerful, resulting in peak microwave levels at -30dBm in virtually every public access office/building. So I am very concerned for people forced out of their homes into cars- their average daily EMF exposure could likely be higher. Anticonvulsant medications almost always reduce reactions substantially for those with ES and should be part of the “emergency toolkit” (warning- those with Porphyria should avoid most of them).

    Certainly you are better off restricting your travel to “outdoor living” times of the year for the area you are exploring, and should NOT try to have appliances other than cooking with a butane stove outdoors, washing clothes in a bucket or tub and a passive solar shower. Forget refrigerators, get a super insulated cooler.

    In many cases I think people are better off correcting their own home wiring and gadget emission problems, shielding their bedroom, educating themselves about how to use meters properly and to reduce their daily exposures.

    For those with secondary OCD and anxiety disorders, it is an especially tough situation as avoidance can aggravate those conditions severely, where they become no longer secondary, creating a catch-22 situation. Blind testing yourself with help from a friend is an important way to determine what you really are reacting to.

    Things like sealed combustion modified propane refrigerators are possible (I have one), glassed in gas cooking in a separate cross ventilated gas kitchen (yep, it works for me), fiber optic connected cell phone (yep), etc are all possible, but are not consumer products.

    There are very few things that can work in a small travel trailer- even 12V PV and lighting must be done with some knowledge or you will have created an EMF problem, as most of the commercial 12V PV charge regulation and LED lighting today uses pulse width modulation (PWM) for regulation of voltage and current and these generate a lot of EMI on all of the DC wiring (dirty power you now take with you on the road). You can’t just use a commercial inverter and have all your normal appliances and equipment in your tiny trailer living space and expect to have a low EMF environment. Modern propane RV units often use PWM to regulate gas flow via solenoid valves in refrigerators and water heaters. Nothing can be assumed to be OK without checking, and that requires a fair amount of education and knowledge.

    Everyone wants simple, inexpensive solutions, myself included, Alas, it’s not so simple to deal with ES. I can barely solve most of the problems in a fixed structure with a generous budget and lots of custom engineering R&D, let alone in a tiny mobile one on a shoestring budget.

    I hope to get some help with writing and videos to share some the hard learned lessons by folks here. I have memory, vision and dexterity problems from my MS, and writing about complex technical matters for those who are not engineers is extremely difficult. An entire field of engineering (EMC), daunting even to many electrical engineers, cannot be readily reduced to a cookie recipe. A great deal of background education will be required.

      1. Bruce M

        You’re very welcome, Kim. I wish I could do more, but my last big construction project seems to have my MS now in chronic progressive mode, with some autonomic dysfunction affecting the HPA axis. Loads of fun. The perfect ultra low EMF home sure helps me function, but is NOT a magic cure for all ailments.

    1. Barb

      Bruce, if typing on a computer is one of your hurdles re writing to share, if you have a way to speak aloud and digitally record what you want to convey and then use one of the online file transfer methods to send me the audio file, I can type a verbatim transcript and email it to you. Similarly, if you prefer to handwrite (legibly!), you could postal mail to me and I could type verbatim and email that to you. I’m not daunted by technical language. I’m ES. I’m in Canada. I have a high level of layperson knowledge and awareness (since 2008). I’m also frustrated that so many people (mis)understand — thinking they can “simply” do X, Y, and Z and that those would only be good things, whereas really doing X, Y, and Z might not matter if they don’t do A and B or X, Y and/or Z might make D and P worse. Are we allowed to give email addresses in here? I’ll try it: barb-at-transcriptionhero-dot-com.

    2. Kirstin

      Bruce, wonderful of you to share. I was just thinking of getting a trailer and this is valuable to me to read this. I thought of not getting an inverter, though, and of using DC current with boat stuff (boat stuff runs DC, I heard) and just doing without (frig, for example). Definitely food for thought. I am trying to get together people to help advise on housing for ES people–interested? Seeking knowledgeable people on range of items, from electric to other topics. There are so many websites on this topic, I would like to expand more into housing help.

  41. Xy

    If injury and harm is the question, carbon and correct magnetics are partial answers.
    I am not chronic – yet. However I am very sensitive, a walking fractal antenna. My ears whistled intolerably at a so called “safe” level of
    -55db for a fluctuation between .001 and .002 microwatts per sq. metre. I remained unable to sleep if exposed to the most minor barely measurable pulses and surges.
    As is done in Europe, where everyone is taking steps to convert every private abode into an emf free (or emf reduced) bunker in which to hide from this covert biological warfare, I tend to agree that staying in place if doable is the way to go.
    As for the studiously ignored forced nomadic life of the emf induced homeless, unless the vehicle is made of fibreglass or aluminium, most are far worse. Cell towers can be the size of a Rubik’s cube. To drive around is to risk all manner of unmanageable exposure levels.
    I have no smart meter. The nearest one is hundreds of feet away, but since they cover miles, there is little attenuation. The nearest cell tower is over 1.25 miles away. I have a monitor and also have had the home professionally “measured”. I was warned at that time that shielding can backfire and ricochet frequencies in unexpected, harmful ways but that anything capable of radiation absorption is a good move. Since then we have stapled uncoated metal insect screen on the outside of all windows and bedroom walls, to measurably improved effect.
    Hard to find but still available here and there are correctly designed magnetic insoles and mask by one company only that is good,which are a primary natural antidote to artificial frequencies. The emphasis here is on the descriptor “correctly designed”, since there is a ton of junk out there which is unable to live up to genuine scientific scrutiny.
    (no I do not sell this stuff) One must drink a lot of clean water. As a bioelectrical “battery” water top up is a prerequisite to using magnetically designed insoles and a sleeping mask when not able to have bare feet on the ground in a clean uncontaminated area. Correct magnetic design matters. These ones are natural bioelectrical rechargers, to this I can attest, – and I am no spring chicken. They were invented by a physicist. Prior to release these products were subjected to rigorous prolonged controlled studies overseen by a medical team for ten years (as well as used in trials carried out by veterinarians, etc).
    I use the mask and insoles to assure protection, insoles when awake and then against the headboard aimed at the top of my head, the mask to assure deep sleep during which the mask design protects the pineal gland and assures melatonin renewal.I can only say that this makes a huge difference for me – which is hearsay, right? It’s strictly my own anecdotal assertion.
    The neighbours a few hundred feet away whose s/meter we are in line with and exposed to could easily afford a carbon sheet placed over the s/meter, but seem not interested in what does not affect them consciously, and somehow they manage to ignore the drastic change in their own once very friendly dogs – no more.
    So we are now saving up for radiation absorbing but expensive carbon sheets (sold by the yard) and carbon paint.
    The other natural antidote to this microwave blanket is (demonized) carbon – the basic building block of all carbon based beings and of all life on earth. Industry uses it for radiation absorption.
    The longer term goal is to put a carbon base paint and/or sheeting coating on all interior walls of the home.
    Separately, I have already had measurable tremendous improvement by us having had installed in parallel to and in two 15 amp shared circuits in the circuit box (it takes no juice itself) an industrial grade emf and rf specific as well as lightning and all around surge neutralizing whole house filter suppressor which measurably stops those dirty electrical pulses and surges, even that originating from wireless sources as well as from over voltages which thanks to the smart grid are now an epidemic on all transmission and distribution lines. The fridge no longer runs all the time, the electronics no longer have low but distinctive surge patterns, the fine electronics which shut themselves off to protect against 65 hertz surges now are able to operate without any frequency interference.
    The day we are able to sever the lines to the house is a day I look forward to. A friend who is terribly EHS said that the biggest favour hydro ever did for her (and this was in a city, cheek by jowl with and surrounded by s/meters) was to physically cut the lines to her home for refusing a s/meter. Her life off grid has become a very healthy one. They got a portable solar system and gen-set and inverter and located all of it well away from living quarters. And that was only after drastically reducing their energy needs, in order to afford this choice. When they move the system will go with them.

  42. Xy

    Forgot to mention the TCM (GTraditional Chinese Medicine aspect – Food is medicine.
    Tons of veggies and plentiful fruit, but absolutely no real or artificial sugar, take fat with oatmeal to slow it down, use no gluten, eat no dairy except goat sourced. Sea vegetables, in judicious amount were used alog with this diet to prevent radiation on mile from ground zero for Hiroshima. Bentonite clay is literally dirt cheap in bulk, absorbs and eliminates radiation from the body.
    And I cannot say enough about Luke Chan’s approach to make easy and accessible the ultra simple daily practice of amazingly healing (and radiation shielding) Chi Lel.
    Search Luke Chan + “101 Miracle of Natural Healing”.
    Search the medicine-less hospital w/ doctors on staff in China which uses just this, chi lel, only to heal even the utterly cirppled. I know, I know, sounds woo woo, but the mind is the single most untapped source of shielding there is.
    One olympic swimmer who now teaches chi lel in Hawaii (forget her name) used chi lel while getting radiation for breast cancer.
    Much to the shock of the radiation tech, her hooked up body vital signs registered no elevation at all to the near killer dose of 4000+ rads of radiation – which was due to her use of chi lel visualization during treatments. Of course she got rid of cancer. All of the foods mentioned above acidify the system and make it far more susceptible to emfs and suffering.

    1. Bruce M

      I’ll only comment on the whole house filtration. High performance filtering of broad band conducted EMI (10KHz -2GHz+ at -110dB insertion loss) has been available since the 1960s. These are very large military type units, made by RFI corp, Lindgren, Genisco, Corcom, etc. The consist of multiple stages of inductive and capacitors. The inductors get pretty big physically as the current increases. I use them on my present home, for my 120 VDC (no AC) and 12VDC supply to the house, which is a shield room. They will not fit in a breaker box, as even a 60 amp unit is much bigger than a breaker box. They require a substantial high frequency grounding system to be effective, and I’ve found that that should NOT be located right at the house, but rather 100 feet or more away because of the imbalance of the Wye power system secondary (the distribution neutral is jumped around the transformer so it is actually not transformer isolated), and also I don’t the injection of that much high frequency energy into the earth right next to the house, since I want a clean, isolated earth grounding system for the house.

      There is no such thing as a high performance, whole house filter that connects inside your breaker box, because shielded enclosures and metal conduit are required to prevent radiation from wires coming in from radiating and being picked up by the wires leading from the filter. This is basic EMC physics. If somewhat sells you on that idea, they are hucksters or just confused or mistaken.

  43. Bruce M

    I’d be glad to provide some technical advice about low emf housing. I can’t help when people start with the geomancer and magical quantum energy baloney as if it was actual science. They are not.

    EMFs are a very well established field of electrical engineering now known as EMC or electro-magnetic compatibility. The physics of it is very well understood, and while it is quite technical, even to engineers, it’s pretty darned Newtonian, not a quanta in sight.

  44. Sofia

    Thank you for your tireless work and the connections you are creating. While we all must be come aware and create as ’emf-free’ environments as possible, I feel the success of any communities will be their ability to ‘detox’ the reactive patterns that all of this electrification has created within our neural networks. I believe this could be best achieved by embracing humility, grace and love on a deep, unconditional level. This will take great practice as we have been raised in a very competitive, intolerant society of extremes. It is that society that has made money king and corporatacray the rule of the day. Wendell Berry’s new book; “Our Only World” and also the book “The Amish Way’ have many things we would do best to embrace and begin to practice. I would be surprised if these EMF-reduced or EMF-free communities succeed unless such interal, conflict reducing practices are worked on consciously and daily by most members. We need to review what brought us where we are (in terms of seriously polluting our planet even down tot he cellular level) and rework the whole system from inside out. Removing ourselves into nature is only the beginning. Interestingly some non-violent groups have long been avoiding electrification. What is labelled ‘progress’ needs more evaluation. Let us be joined by a common commitment to humanity and to reworking our inner nature that has become addicted to quick fixes and convenience.
    Has anyone reviewed more remote places of living like Belize? Just curious. Sometimes it seems it might be more productive just to step out of high-tech nations all together. I will be making some sort of major move soon and I would prefer to be amongst those who are already accustomed to living simply and more in tune with relationships rather than feel like the radical outsider. I would welcome contact with anyone thinking similiar thoughts.
    Many blessings to all on their journey of awareness.

  45. rustic23

    I absolutely agree with your comment, but in order to deal with the atrocities being inflicted upon us we need to use whatever means that works for us to heal ourselves so we can HAVE the strength to help other EHS/MCS persons so we can then attempt to deal with this difficult health situation that’s taking us by storm.. Thanks for your reply!

  46. rustic23

    Thank you, Kim, for your response. I replied before reading YOUR reply which you stated more succinctly than i. Frankly, i wouldn’t be here and be supportive as have been recently to 4 EHS persons if i hadn’t chosen to work the Annie Hopper program in 2011. All my organs were shutting down from EHS with little time to go. It also took NIS (Neurological Integration System) to hone my health condition so i have effective health programs to suggest to others to benefit their lives if they wish. Enuf said, Thanks again.!

    1. Kim Goldberg Post author

      HI Rustic. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Glad to hear that the neural retraining has made a difference for you. It does seem to be of great benefit (live-saving, really) to certain EHS people who are at a certain stage in their healing and who, of course, have already found a way/place to live without (much) signal.

      From the beginning of my research on this project, I have been surprised at the negative response I get from certain quarters in the EHS community everytime I post information or examples of safe places to live or of people who have ‘healed’ themselves or dramatically improved their situation and health and are no longer severely disabled by EHS.

      When I wrote and posted Lucy Sanford’s story (EHS woman who healed herself in part through neural retraining), I never heard the end of it on the EHS support groups on Facebook. I thought it would be one of my most popular EHS stories, because it gives hope that the body can actually recover. But people seem to mistakenly think that such information and stories send the bad message that nothing needs to change out there in the world, that we only need to find a way to keep ourselves safe from it. This makes no sense. Every story of a desperately ill person who has recovered her health by eliminating signal from her life, and every story of a sanctuary that exists for such people, underscores how extremely toxic wireless radiation is for all living things.

  47. rustic23

    Kim – Your growing list of refugiums can only be heartwarming to the EHS multitudes living nomadic lives but due to your receiving negative feedback plus the negative feedback to healing modalities such as Annie Hopper’s i can’t hellp but wonder if many EHS’ers start feeling so negative , so used to complaining, that the effort to heal seems impossible/overpowering. Yes, it DOES take LOTS of effort but anything worth doing does. No, most definitely it doesn’t stop there – it’s only a beginning to be part of a healing path for the entire world. So, i just don’t understand anyone negating it. Thanks for allowing our voices to be heard, Kim.

    1. Alison Price

      It’s especially hard if you’ve-like me- been living out of your car for yrs, you have it so badly. I am one who’s been hopeless for so long because it seems beyond my energetic capacity to do and follow thru on. Add to that a stalker on me. but someone just finally gave me a portable DVD player, battery- operated..which I didn’t know existed- so I can now soon listen to the annie hopper tapes..finally! I’m glad I didn’t give them away because I need it more than most!

      1. Alison Price

        this is the kind of thing, Kim..I run from..too hard to create new passwords and remember any of them.

        if a good comment comes in to my comment, maybe you can just send it to me on fb or email. ??


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